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Manchester United 2019/20 kit reviews - updated regularly

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Manchester United 2019/20 kit reviews and leaks - updated regularly
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Manchester United 2019/20 Home Kit Review 

Released: 16/05/2019

It’s fair to say the new Manchester United home kit has somewhat divided opinion. Since its official release back in May, a quick scroll on Twitter will show you that some fans absolutely love the treble-inspired detailing, while critics have been quick to disregard this as a cheap tribute to Ole Gunnar Solskjær. History FC and all that.

Image from adidas.

Personally, I think this is a nice shirt. Even as a United fan who loves a bit of nostalgia, I certainly haven’t been blown away by the design, but there’s no question that this is a vast improvement on last season’s kit (although that’s not really saying much). 

This is a cleaner, crisper Manchester United shirt, with the entire design drawing inspiration from that famous victory 20 years ago. The new crest is obviously the standout feature here, with the large crest clearly mirroring the classic 1999 Champions League kit -- as well as the 2006/07 home shirt

On the sleeves, the minutes of United’s dramatic late goals at the Nou Camp can be found just above the cuffs, each enclosed in a small Champions League-themed black box. Further down, you’ll find the words “Treble Winners BCN_26.05.1999”, while the key dates of that season are also printed on the inside of the shirt.

Image from adidas.

For me, these details ultimately seem a little ham-fisted and forced, so I’m thankful they’re small enough not to detract from the overall design. While it seems adidas’ heart is very much in the right place here, in an ideal world this detailing would be a little more cryptic and inventive, rather than turning the shirt into a well-referenced Wikipedia entry. 

Strangely, the new kit also seems to have been released one year too late. Since the treble-winning campaign was 98/99, surely this tribute shirt should have been used in the 2018/19 season to mark the 20-year anniversary. Somewhat ironically, this kit will now be worn on Thursday nights instead of Europe’s elite competition, though adidas certainly can’t be blamed for that.

Treble nostalgia aside, I’m actually a huge fan of the clean and simple look they’ve gone for. 

The fabric of the shirt takes on a subtle honeycomb-esque pattern, with the tiny hexagons used to add a bit of depth and texture to the overall design. The ‘ghost’ adidas stripes on the shoulders fit in with this subtlety, which makes it all the more frustrating that it’s ruined by that hideous Chevrolet logo.

FOOTY.COM Rating: 68/100

This is a decent Manchester United shirt. It’s certainly nothing spectacular, but it also won’t ever be labelled as one of the worst adidas have ever produced. In short, I don’t begrudge forking out fifty quid to get my hands on one. For more opinions, check out our video below!

Manchester United 2019/20 Away Kit Review

Released: 12/07/2019

If you thought the home shirt was divisive, then that’s nothing compared to the new Manchester United away kit

I mean, you’ve got to applaud adidas for their daring here. This is the sort of design we rarely see at any sort of football club, let alone somewhere as prominent as Old Trafford. Unfortunately for both the German brand and for us fans, the gamble hasn’t really paid off. 

Image from adidas.

The new shirt is completely immersed in a strange snakeskin-style pattern, which is supposedly inspired by the street art of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. After working in that part of the city for a number of years, I’ve got to say that I’m personally struggling to see the resemblance, although that might have something to do with the bizarre “savannah” colourway. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against the colour beige. In fact, beige is probably the perfect reflection of how poor United were last season. But when it’s combined with that lizard-like pattern, the overall result is a football shirt which is just plain ugly. Not to mention the fact that “savannah” is perhaps the most un-Manchester word I can think of. 

Now a “gravy” colourway, that’s something I could really get behind.

Image from adidas.

Of course, there are a few redeeming qualities here. The monochrome crest is a particular highlight, while the standard adidas template keeps things looking moderately smart. However, putting my club loyalties aside for a moment, you just can’t escape the basic unattractiveness of this design. Well, it’s not so bad if you just keep your eyes closed. 

If this was United’s third kit, perhaps the reaction wouldn’t have been as big. Manchester City and Liverpool have just released equally adventurous shirts (which are also equally as terrible), but the fan reaction has been much more subdued since brands have a greater license to really experiment with third strips. 

Home. Away. Third. I guess it doesn’t really matter, this is a disappointing Manchester United shirt either way.

FOOTY.COM Rating: 54/100

While younger fans might love the adventurous snakeskin-like pattern and bold colourway, this is about as ugly as Manchester United shirts get. In fact, the design is so bad, if United were to have a successful season and miraculously win the title, there’s no doubt in my mind it would become an instant cult classic. I might buy one just in case.

Manchester United 2019/20 Third Kit - Leaks

manchester united 2019 third shirt leak
Image from Footyheadlines.

Man United’s third shirt is set to take an interesting direction, mimicking some of the ideas of England Women’s new away kit. Like England’s kit we are getting an all-over rose pattern. However, for United’s 3rd kit the pattern isn’t quite as intricate.

The black base and pale red details form a decent colour scheme, but as usual the overall aesthetic is ruined by the sponsor. With all red details and a more refined pattern, this could have been a real stunner of a shirt.

Where Can You Buy the New Manchester United Shirts?

The 2019/20 Manchester United home and away shirts are both available to buy online today, while the eagerly-anticipated third strip should be released at some point over the next few weeks. 

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