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Every single Manchester City title-winning shirt (1936-2022)

No history? Nonsense. Here's every Manchester City home shirt to ever win the title.

manchester city title winning shirts

Some younger fans might only recognise Manchester City shirts from the past decade. The truth is, they’ve been doing the business for much longer than that, and their fans have stuck by them through thick and thin. Of course, that makes the past decade or so all the more special.

It’s been another incredible season for Guardiola’s men, even with Aguero leaving not long after (rightfully) achieving legendary status at the club.

De Bruyne could easily be crowned the best midfielder in the world, and a mercurial Mahrez has stepped up to the plate with 20+ goals. Add in a Portuguese Cancelo/Dias powerhouse, and you've got a pretty spectacular cocktail indeed.

Since becoming Manchester City in 1894, the Citizens have now been crowned English champions a total of 8 times, with their first title coming way back in 1936/37.

Their famous shades of sky blue have been with them every step of the way, so we're looking back at every single City home shirt to win the title.

No history? Ahem, this definitely looks like history to us...

Manchester City Kit History: Every Title-Winning Home Shirt

every manchester city title winning home shirt 1934-2022

1936/37 - Manchester City Home Shirt

manchester city 1936-37 home shirt

Coming from relative mid-table obscurity in the 1935/36 season, City finished top of the pile in 1936/37 for the first time in their history, cutting ahead of Charlton Athletic by 3pts. You know what’s even sweeter? Manchester United were relegated that same year! I’m sure today’s fans have had that exact dream. Minus the Charlton bit.

Under the helmsmanship of Wilf Wild, top scorer Peter Docherty (not the warbling, wobbly one) chipped in with 30 goals in 41 league appearances. That City team sounds like it may have resembled the fluid football of today’s side, scoring a massive 107 goals on the run to becoming league champions in 36/37. Incredibly, in the very next season they’d be relegated.

As you’d expect, the kit is a simple number. A white fold-down collar sits atop a sky blue long sleeve, rugby-style jersey. There’s none of this lightweight material stuff you’d get now. Nah, people were made from sterner stuff back then. 

1967/68 - Manchester City Home Shirt

manchester city 1967-68 home shirt

It would be a fair old wait until City could call themselves champions of England again. Thirty years, in fact. Well worth it, though, as the ultimate prize was pipping local rivals Manchester United to the title by just 2pts. And we’ve seen history repeat itself since.

Having escaped relegation the year before, a joint managerial partnership of Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison bounced the club back to the top, with leading scorer Neil Young (again, not the music man) netting 19 goals in 40 games. Francis Lee, Mike Summerbee and Colin Bell were the other high scorers that season.

The shirt design was one which had stood since 1961, featuring a crew neck with contrasting white collar and cuffs. It was simple and clean. Back in 1967, there were no sponsors, badges or otherwise to take up prime real estate on the sky blue, it was all about the club and its true colours.

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2011/12 - Manchester City Home Shirt 

manchester city 2011-12 home shirt

Oh no, another massive wait for a title. Try over 40 years this time, building to the most dramatic climax in Premier League history.

You all know what happened. Needing to beat QPR on the last day of the season, City went into the 91st minute trailing 2-1 and the title was heading to the red side of Manchester. 3 minutes, 2 goals and 1 piece of Martin Tyler magic later, Sergio Aguero was whipping his shirt around his head as the blue moon didn't just rise, but went absolutely bloody mental. Serious limbs indeed.  

That shirt, incidentally, was another Umbro gem which instantly became one of City's most memorable kits. Sure, the design itself is fairly simple, but it will always hold a special place in Citizens' hearts. After all, it's unlikely any other shirt will live through such unbelievable drama. 

2013/14 - Manchester City Home Shirt

manchester city 2013-14 home shirt

Now with a Premier League under their belt, those days in the old Division 2 seemed very far away indeed. This season would not only bring another league title to the blue side of Manchester, but also the League Cup to keep it, uh, "Kompany". 

Manuel Pellegrini was the leader of the pack this time around, with Sergio Aguero facing injuries for most of the season, he could only muster 17 league goals in 23 games (not bad). Powerful midfielder Yaya Toure would knock in 20 goals in 35 Premier League games to cover the gap, though, becoming a cult hero as City pipped an improved - yet slippery - Liverpool to the title by 2 points. 

The shirt would be the first of a 6-year run from Nike, as they looked to incorporate some of the 1967/68 crew neck contrasting into the 2014/15 design. A fairly clean, plain shirt but we’re sure City supporters would agree, it looked pretty sharp on big Vinnie Kompany as he hoisted their 4th top-flight title aloft.

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2017/18 - Manchester City Home Shirt

manchester city 2017-18 home shirt

Some people might have assumed City would go on to dominate English football right away, but they had to wait until 2017 to snatch the title back from Chelsea’s grasp. Oh, and they won it unlike anyone else had before. 

Having missed out on silverware in his first season, Pep Guardiola clearly decided it was time to step on the gas. It meant they’d rack up a record-breaking 100pts in the league, scoring a mammoth 106 times in the process. Aguero (21 in 25) and Sterling (18 in 33) were the main hitmen, with other goals coming from almost everywhere in Guardiola’s free-flowing side.

The shirt wasn’t quite as exciting as the football being played at the Etihad that year, Nike opting for the 1967/68 style again with modernised white piping around the crew collar and side vents. There is a subtle geometric pattern running throughout the shirt, which enhances the fit. That’s all good when you’re built like Kyle Walker, I suppose.

2018/19 - Manchester City Home Shirt

manchester city 2018-19 home shirt

Well, well, well. Things are certainly getting a little easier for the blue side of Manchester by this point. 2018/19 was the time for it to all come together, culminating in a domestic treble. FA Cup, League Cup and back-to-back Premier League titles, bagged. It required 98pts and another 95 goals to do the job.

Guardiola had his team ticking at this point, offloading any deadwood and bringing in talent like Laporte and Mahrez. Retaining the title was anything but straight-forward, however, with a rampaging Liverpool chasing every step of the way. Guess who scored the most for City? That’s right. Aguero, again. It’s 21 in 33 this time around, but a magical Bernardo Silva would take home their Player of the Season award.

The 2018/19 kit featured a lovely little single-button collar, with a dimmed gradient effect shoulder pattern. One of the better, more lively creations from Nike during their tenure, a tenure which would end that very season. Ilkay Gündoğan certainly looked very dashing in it. Ahem.

2020/21 - Manchester City Home Shirt

manchester city 2020-21 home shirt

Another City side, another title. They were finally beaten to it by Liverpool in an extremely odd 2019/20 season but they won’t mind, they got it back. It wasn't smooth sailing all the way, but the special team didn't deserve anything less. 

For once, Sergio Aguero was a bit-part player, but he’ll still leave as an all-time City legend. With Guardiola often opting for his famous ‘Pep Roulette’, happy to employ any of his backlog of incredible talent as a false no.9, City still dominated opponents left, right and centre. The crazy thing is, only one player scored more than 10 league goals: Ilkay Gündoğan.

The shirt that saw all of this madness? Erm, it resembled the bottom of a swimming pool. Puma’s effort placed at #36 on our ranking of Premier League shirts for 2020/21, and we definitely preferred the design of the away shirt. Still, it was something different and has now won a league title, so we couldn't care less about any naff swimming pool jokes. 

Above everything, it's another piece of Manchester City history.

2021/22 - Manchester City Home Shirt

manchester city 2021-22 home shirt

We’re losing count. It’s one more in the bag for this incredible City side, and they didn’t even need Aguero magic to manage it. Well, only a touch of Gündoğan magic.

The entire season was a two-horse race once more, with Klopp’s dynamic Liverpool team pushing them close to the title. One single measly point was the difference after 38 hard-fought games.

Pep’s rolling goal machine saw three players reach double figures in the league: Riyad Mahrez, Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling. With all of them performing at the top of their game throughout.

The title-winning sky blue shirt? Fairly nondescript, if we’re honest. It managed a mid-table finish (21/40) in our 2021/22 Premier League shirt rankings. But then again, it’s apt that it honours that legendary Sergio moment from 2012.

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