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Liverpool 2019/20 kit reviews and leaks - updated regularly

Want all the latest thoughts and info on Liverpool’s kits for the 2019 season? This is for you.

Liverpool 2019/20 kit reviews and leaks - updated regularly
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Liverpool 2019 20 Home Shirt - Review


New Balance have replicated the approach they took for Liverpool’s 2017/18 kits, by taking direct inspiration from a kit design of the past. This time round they’re channeling Liverpool’s home shirt from Umbro used between 1982-85, and there are a number features which echo that early 80s design closely.

liverpool front of kit
Image from New Balance.

The most obvious one is the use of thin white pinstripes, a design which hasn’t been seen since on a Liverpool kit since the 80s (if you don’t count the faux pinstripes of the 2017 kit). These pinstripes start part way down the chest, mimicking the look of the ‘82 kit, whilst the choice of colours for the sponsor (white), manufacturer logo and crest (gold) also match the old kit.

An easy-to-miss detail is the signature of Bob Paisley on the inside of the neck. The legendary Liverpool manager would’ve turned 100 in January, and it’s a subtle, tasteful tribute from club. As with other Liverpool kits of recent years, there is also a small symbol on the back of the shirt honouring the 96 people who died in the Hillsborough disaster.

liverpool bob paisley detail
Image from New Balance.


Although the new Liverpool home shirt borrows a lot of ideas from their 1982 kit, there are some notable diversions. The cuffs of the shirt feature white detailing covering only part of the circumference. In a great example of attention to detail, the cutout of the white detailing mirrors the cutout of the New Balance logo.

liverpool cuff detail
Image from New Balance.

Another deviation from the ‘82 shirt sees an absence of any horizontal line across the top of the pinstripe section.

Perhaps the most striking difference however is in the collar. The 2019 home shirt opts for an understated crew neck design as opposed to the more in-your-face v-neck look. I don’t mind the change, as it helps give the shirt it’s own identity from the ‘82 design.

liverpool squad photo
Image from New Balance.

It’s great to see New Balance stick with a relatively dark shade of red too, a move which seems to have been very well very well since the switch was made a couple of seasons ago.

However despite many good decisions I feel a bit short changed with the number of pinstripes. If you look back at the kits The Reds had in the 80s, most of the shirts had at least 9 stripes, if not several more. I would’ve liked to have seen more than the 7 we are getting with the new kit, though this is admittedly a pedantic suggestion.

Lasting impression

liverpool kit photo
Image from New Balance.

If this is to be Liverpool’s last home kit with New Balance, they can walk out with their heads held high. After starting the relationship with some forgettable kits, brand and club have combined very well over the past few seasons and this kit is no exception to that improvement.

I’m a big fan of incorporating retro features in combination with fresh design choices, and this Liverpool kit does exactly that with a good balance of each. It would’ve been easy to simply replicate any old pinstripe design, but it’s great to see attention to detail with the colour choices as well as the placement of the pinstripes.

liverpool kit women's squad photo
Image from New Balance.

However as much as I like the balance between retro and modern features, I still find the empty space at the top of the shirt jarring. It reminds me of one of my least favourite shirts of 2018, Arsenal’s home kit. This Liverpool shirt is nowhere near as disappointing as that, but it still looks funny to me to have the main body / pattern of a design cut off prematurely with such a straight line just above the crest.

Still this is easily one of my favourite Liverpool shirt since the adidas days, and one which has every chance of being memorable if paired with a trophy or two.

Liverpool Home Shirt 2019/20 Review Score - 81/100

Liverpool 2019 20 Away Shirt - Leaks

Pictures of Liverpool’s new away kit have leaked, and unlike our earlier prediction New Balance are not going down the yellow route.

liverpool away kit photo

Instead, a more contemporary white, silver/blue colour scheme has been adopted with a glitchy pinstripe-esque design incorporated into New Balance’s 2019/20 template. My first impression is that the kit falls into the trap of trying to do too many things at once, and that the template works much better for the home kit given the links to the 80s designs. It’s also controversial to see any use of blue, and even though it’s a relatively sparse use of the colour the obvious connotations will likely rile a portion of the fanbase.

As always leaked pictures fail to tell the true story, so as we see more official pictures we’ll be able to get a better idea for what exactly Liverpool fans can expect from their away kit.

Liverpool 2019 20 Third Shirt - Leaks and Rumours

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