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What football shirts could look like without gambling sponsors

Welcome to our obscure window into the future. Things are about to get weird.

football shirts with edited gambling sponsors

The football shirt world is approaching a watershed moment. A big one. Maybe. 

Yep, English teams could actually be banned from using gambling sponsors, and several clubs have ditched them already. The government has left us waiting an age for their decision, so we’ll just stay right here on the edge of our seats. 

In the meantime, the likes of Preston North End, Nottingham Forest and Norwich City have all dumped the betting logos ahead of 2021/22. After finding out what fans think of it all, we’re now pondering one very important question: what could football look like without gambling sponsors?

Welcome to our window into an obscure future, as we look into who might replace the huge number of betting logos out there. Yep, it's very silly indeed. 

Retro Sponsors

The lovely guys over at the Football Shirt Collective have already proven that shirts look better with classic sponsors, and those with gambling logos are certainly no exception. 

Who knows? Maybe we’ll strike gold and see a return of these iconic logos, but sadly I won’t be holding my breath on this one… 

Wolves x Doritos

wolves 2020-21 home kit with doritos sponsor

There’s just too much Tangy Cheese goodness here. I can’t imagine touching this without getting dusty Dorito fingers - and that’s possibly the highest praise I could ever give. 

Newcastle United x Newcastle Brown Ale

newcastle 2020-21 home kit with brown ale sponsor

I mean, this would send the internet into meltdown. This logo simply makes every single Newcastle shirt 1000 times better. I’m no mathematician, but that number isn’t meant to be an exaggeration. 

Let’s be honest, it’s the greatest Premier League shirt sponsor ever

Southampton x Draper Tools 

southampton 2020-21 home kit with draper tools sponsor

When their deal with LD Sports bit the dust, there were (pretty wishful) cries for Southampton to rekindle their Draper Tools relationship. Inevitably, they struck a deal with a betting company instead, but the nostalgia here is downright irresistible - even if they've got a shiny new logo.

#BringBackDraper, let’s make it happen. 

Car brands

After betting companies, car brands and retailers are already the second-most common Premier League sponsor. So it stands to reason that more manufacturers might step in to fill the gap, right?

Just spare us from any more ugly Chevrolet logos. Please. 

West Ham United x Audi

west ham 2020-21 third kit with audi sponsor

Since they play in the London Stadium, maybe West Ham will go for a logo that looks kinda Olympic. The Audi brand logo is obviously one ring shy, but you can see what I’m getting at here. Maybe. 

Crystal Palace x Volkswagen

crystal palace 2020-21 home kit with volkswagen sponsor

Huh, I guess Crystal Palace could keep playing in a giant “W”, after all. It definitely beats playing in a huge “L”, you’re just asking for memes if you do that. 

Wolves x Bentley

wolves 2020-21 away kit with bentley sponsor

Ahhh, finally. Definitive proof that there’s absolutely no saving this Wolves shirt. 

You can try to doll it up like a Bentley, but we can still see how downright ugly it is underneath. Sorry, Wolves fans, this is still the worst football shirt of last season, the betting sponsor has nothing to do with it. 

Food companies

Ask me basically any question, and the answer will probably be “food”. What are you thinking about? Food. Plans for the weekend? Food. What are your hob -? Let me stop you right there, it’s food. 

Who should sponsor football shirts? Food, food and more food. 

Fulham x Dominos

fulham 2020-21 home kit with dominos pizza sponsor

They’ve been sponsored by Pizza Hut in the past, so maybe we’ll see Fulham dive back into the world of stuffed crusts and, um, pineapple-related arguments.

Yeah, I know, this doesn’t look as good as the Hut’s logo, but pizza on football shirts is never a bad thing in my book. So long as it doesn’t stain.  

Watford x Kellogg’s 

watford 2020-21 home kit with kelloggs

Anyone else got a sudden craving for Honey Loops? 

The Kellogg’s logo has always been pretty easy on the eye, and it just works perfectly with Watford’s colours here. After all, nobody’s interested in fibre or nutrition, we care more about how snazzy the cereal box is. Hm, at least I do. 

Bristol City x Skittles

bristol city 2020-21 goalkeeper kit with skittles sponsor

Oh, yeah. I can taste the rainbow. Nothing else really needs to be said here. 

This would be the best Skittles advert ever. And I don't say that lightly. 

Entertainment providers

They say you’re never more than 5 feet away from some kinda streaming service. 

It’s probably only a matter of time until they make their mark on football shirts, so maybe this is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. In fact, other entertainment providers might fancy getting in on the act...

Burnley x Disney

burnley 2020-21 home kit with disney sponsor

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Burnley. A “Disney Dyche” is exactly what the world needs, especially if it involves some kind of cheesy musical number (with jaunty dancing, of course). 

Give me Chris Wood powering home a header, bursting into song and then asking if he’s the fairest of them all. It’s a Disney film from my nightmares, and it absolutely needs to happen. 

Leeds United x Amazon Prime

leeds united 2020-21 home kit with amazon sponsor

Did someone say “Season 2”?

They’ve already given us a cracking documentary, so perhaps it’s time for Leeds and Amazon to go one step further. Maybe they’ll forget the drones and just ask Luke Ayling to deliver everything instead. That guy never seems to stop. 

West Ham United x Nintendo

west ham 2020-21 home kit with nintendo sponsor

Just imagine if this happened. Ridiculous.

If they popped a little Mario on there I’d probably lose my mind with excitement. Especially since the Fiorentina version was proven to be a whole load of phooey. Come on Nintendo, give the people what they want. 

Local Companies/Bands

Ah, this might just be the dream scenario for many fans. Local shirt sponsors have always been so much more than a logo - they genuinely improve the connection between fans and their club. 

Unfortunately, they’re also something of a dying breed, especially in the higher reaches of English football. Maybe a ban on gambling sponsors will save them from extinction and we’ll see something like this… 

Nottingham Forest x Boots

nottingham forest 2020-21 home shirt with boots sponsor

Step aside, Football Index - your time is up. Thanks to that whole farce, Nottingham Forest have already got a new sponsor, but we can't stop thinking about how well they'd work with Boots.  

Not just because of their cracking meal deals, either. The Boots logo looks fantastic, they’re a Nottingham company, and this constantly reminds players what they’ve got on their feet. Basically, this is too perfect for it to ever actually happen.  

Coventry City x The Specials

coventry city 2020-21 home shirt with the specials band logo

The Libertines. Super Furry Animals. Uh, Wet Wet Wet. 

Local bands on football shirts just work. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Coventry City sponsored by The Specials. Throw in another 2-Tone design and we're onto a winner.

Newcastle United x FOOTY.COM

newcastle 2020-21 third shirt with sponsor logo

I’m sorry, we just had to. I know it’s shameless, but I apologise for exactly nothing.

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