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90s goalkeeper kits - top 7 crazy shirts for collectors

The 1990s was an incredibly fun time to be a goalkeeper. Unless you hated bright colours and patterns, in which case it was probably pretty rough.

90s goalkeeper kits

Goalkeeper kits are sadly considered a mere afterthought nowadays, but things were completely different back in the 1990s. 

This was a decade packed with SEGA Mega Drives, Tamagotchis and loving orange soda, while the stunning array of football shirts seemed to get baggier by the day. Tiny players like Gianfranco Zola would often look like they were parachuting down the wings, exuberant patterns and colours billowing around them in the wind. 

However, even such fun, colourful outfield shirts paled in comparison to those worn between the sticks. Goalkeepers would take to the field looking like a Fresh Prince x adidas collab, drenched in downright insane colour combinations and patterns which made us all feel just a little bit queasy. Seriously, don’t stare at them for too long. 

Yes, the shirts worn by Campos, Seaman and many others were ridiculously over-the-top, but they also happen to be absolutely fantastic. I’m running through the best 90s goalkeeper kits you can buy today, since you definitely won’t have anything else quite like these in your collection…

1. England 1995-96 Goalkeeper Kit

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

Let’s start by bringing football home. Euro 96 wasn’t just a summer of scintillating action on the pitch, and the UK actually played host to some of the strangest keeper kits you’re ever likely to see. Not wanting to feel left out, England and Umbro soon had David Seaman dressed up like some sort of moustached lollipop.

Although the away shirt looked like someone had chucked up a bunch of Starburst, it’s always been notoriously difficult to get hold of. Fortunately, you can still bag yourself one of the glorious home keeper kits, which doesn’t cause quite as much nausea and actually incites much happier memories of that tournament. 

Of course, none of these iconic 90s kits really come cheap, but this is an ideal choice for anyone getting into ITV’s “Euro 96 Revisited” this month. Or for anyone with a particularly impressive moustache.

2. Liverpool 1995-96 Goalkeeper Kit

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

This is living proof that not all templates are dull. Similar designs were worn by Newcastle and Rangers, but that really doesn’t make this fantastic Liverpool keeper kit any less special. 

The colours are pure insanity. The pattern is as chaotic as they come. Above all, this is exactly what great retro football shirts are all about. When compared to Liverpool’s classy black and gold keeper shirt from 2019/20, this exuberant number feels like a completely different world, bursting with more colour than a pack of Gelly Roll pens.  

Worn throughout the Reds march to the FA Cup final, this shirt would ultimately endure Wembley heartbreak at the hands of Eric Cantona. Still, I’ve gotta say David James did his best to pull this bad boy off, and the same goes for the purple and turquoise away shirt he was subjected to.

3. Manchester United 1993-95 Goalkeeper Kit

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

There’s nothing more terrifying than an enormous, angry Dane screaming his lungs out at you, but it’s kinda hard to take them seriously when they’re dressed up like a Smash Hits cover. 

Peter Schmeichel showed off more than his fair share of colourful kits throughout his career, but this 1993 Manchester United shirt may just be the pick of the bunch (not counting his Euro 92 Denmark kit). Displayed in bright shades of blue and yellow, the jagged, abstract Umbro pattern is nothing short of remarkable, especially alongside that incredible black shield crest. 

Coming complete with the Sharp Viewcam sponsor in red, this shirt serves as a reminder of just how good the Umbro/United partnership really was. Worn during a double-winning campaign under Sir Alex Ferguson, this extravagant beauty brings back memories of the beautiful glory days… and I can only hope it’s not too long until they return.

4. Holland 1994 Goalkeeper Kit

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

Edwin van der Sar has recently been tearing up the internet by showing off some of his old shirts, and I only wish that Ed de Goey was doing the same thing. This is the outrageous shirt worn during USA ‘94, where the Dutch marched into the quarter-finals before coming up against Brazil. What a game that was. 

Fortunately for us, this keeper shirt was packed with just as much flair, adventure and downright audacity as the action on the pitch. While the Brazilians lit up North America with their irresistible samba football, the Dutch once again added their own dash of colour and character to a World Cup tournament. 

I mean, it looks a little bit like someone’s laid cheestrings over an elaborate jigsaw puzzle, but this is a particularly rare shirt you’d be lucky to have in your collection. It will cost a fair few bob, mind.

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5. Argentina 1996-97 Goalkeeper Kit

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

As far as shirt templates go, this is certainly one of the silliest I’ve ever seen. It’s hard enough to picture a five-a-side team rocking up in one of these, nevermind one of the world’s greatest footballing nations. 

However, during qualification for the ‘98 World Cup, that’s exactly what Argentina did, with poor Carlos Roa standing between the sticks like an X-ray of Popeye. Although, to be fair, this shirt was every bit as eccentric as he was, so maybe this was actually a match made in heaven.

Clearly based on the human torso, we’ve since seen similar designs from CD Palencia and, more recently, SC Braga, but neither of those shirts have this sensational 90s charm. It might be a tad pricey, but just think of the savings you’d make on your gym membership - by getting one of these, you’d never have to workout ever again!

6. FC Nurnberg 1990-92 Goalkeeper Shirt

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

This classic early 90s adidas template is just about as mind-bending as they come, with the Three Stripes coming up with their very own carnival fun house. The bizarre graphic serves up the kind of optical illusion you’d usually find in some sort of kaleidoscope, messing with our minds like this is the end to a Christopher Nolan film. 

Of course, the fact it’s a template doesn’t make it any less strange and trippy, but it does mean it’s not completely unique to FC Nurnberg. The design was most famously worn by Germany at Italia ‘90, but getting hold of a retro World Cup-winning shirt is always going to be pretty difficult, so going for a more obscure team definitely isn’t a bad way to go.

7. Brody Acapulco 2019 Goalkeeper Shirt

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

Okay, I cheated a little. But this is the closest most of us will ever come to owning one of those memorable Jorge Campos shirts.

If I was going to buy any shirt on this list, this would almost certainly be my number one choice - especially since it comes with a much more reasonable price tag. While keeper kits actually from the 90s will cost you more than a pretty penny, this throwback to Mexico’s infamous USA ‘94 is a great option for collectors on a tighter budget. 

Brought to life by Classic Football Shirts, this stunning effort has been used by Campos’ hometown club - Mexican third division side Brody Acapulco. With his name and number proudly emblazoned on the back, this is quite simply an astonishing love letter to one of 90s football’s biggest legends, and you’ll even find him featured on the club crest!

Packed with more colour than a packet of fruit pastels, this is an incredible design which is more than a worthy entry to any shirt collection. I’m nowhere near cool enough to pull it off, but I actually think I’ll have to get myself one now… 

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