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Top 20: World Cup 2022 kits

Bring in the experts! It's time for us to pick the 20 best World Cup 2022 shirts. This is going to be fun...
Author Image of Kevan Thorpe


one year ago


Top 20: World Cup 2022 kits

We’ve already been treated to this season’s new football kits, but now we’re blessed (sort of) with the first ever winter World Cup.

And yes, that means more lovely shirts to get our mitts on. With 32 countries competing in the 2022 tournament, we’re only interested in the best 20 here.

Thanks to our troop of friendly shirt fanatics who’ve united once more, with @kit_geek, @TheKitmanUK, @knockmedownes, @WinksFootball, @kitforbrains and @ThePedronator picking their must-haves and waxing lyrical about them.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck into those glorious designs…

The best World Cup 2022 shirts

20. Wales (Home)

wales 2022 home kit in red
Image from FA of Wales.

It's Wales' first World Cup since '58 and I'd imagine their kit back then was quite similar to this simple yet effective beauty.

On first glance, a classic red and little more. But on closer inspection the jagged line styling and subtle green lining on the side and collar really give it a shape and style. I love how the badges complement it perfectly too.


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19. Netherlands (Home)

netherlands 2022 home kit in orange
Image from @OnsOranje.

There really aren't many home shirts I'm a huge fan of this tournament, Japan the easy winner, but then naming my 2nd and 3rd it was hard.

But I've always had a soft spot for the Dutch orange and I know this is more gold, but as Goldmember says, "I love gold!"

- @WinksFootball

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18. England (Away)

england 2022 away kit in red
Image from England FA.

For me, that collar brings back amazing memories of Euro '96. And it's one of Nike's smartest England efforts in recent memory too.

The solid red looks sharp and helps that Three Lions badge pop out of the chest. Like the red of '66, let's hope it's a shirt which goes down in history...


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17. France (Away)

france 2022 away kit in white
Images from France Football Federation.

It’s a beautiful shirt that sees a white jersey with a subtle all over graphic pattern inspired by traditional Toile de Jouy fabric.

It features images such as the Arc de Triomphe, Clairefontaine and the cockerel from the crest. This classy kit is completed with blue shorts with white socks.

- @TheKitmanUK

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16. Portugal (Home)

portugal 2022 home kit in maroon and green
Images from Nike.

I'm a huge fan of trying something different and Portugal have done exactly that. Fitting, for what may prove to be CR7's ultimate WC showdown.

The diagonal split is eye-catching in colours that always seem to work for the Portuguese, throw in the shorts and socks combo, and it's a very neat package indeed.


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15. South Korea (Home)

south korea 2022 home kit in red
Images from Korea FA.

The South Korea badge makes any of their shirts look good.

The shoulders/sleeves give, what should be a simple shirt, lots of character. The collar is a yes from me as well.

- @knockemdownes

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14. Denmark (Away)

denmark 2022 away kit in black
Image from hummel.

At first glance Hummel’s design for the Danish national kit is a sleek, monochromatic antidote to the current penchant for colourful, jazzy shirt designs (we’re looking at you, Belgium).

Behind the design though, is a message that goes beyond aesthetics. Hummel have paired-back details, including their logo and the Denmark badge, in protest against Qatar’s human rights record, to reduce their visibility at the highly criticised tournament.


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13. Australia Home

australia 2022 home kit in yellow and green
Image from Nike.

Smart design, I'm fond of Australia. I always keep an eye out on their releases and I like this, also their away is decent too.

Love the colours, but unfortunately it couldn't get near my top 3 aways, as the away shirts for this World Cup outshine the homes by miles.

- @WinksFootball

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12. Brazil (Away)

brazil 2022 away kit in blue and green
Image from Nike.

And this was hard, as it could of been any of Japan away, Argentina away or Germany away.

I told you the away shirts for this World cup are winners but my pick is Brazil, baby. Look at those sleeves. It's crazy good.

- @WinksFootball

Shop Brazil Kits >

11. Senegal (Home)

seneagal home kit in white
Image from Puma.

I believe it is important that a kit stands out from others, the Senegal home shirt ticks that box for me.

Their Puma home shirt really gives us something different with its yellow chevron with green and red trim, paired with collar and cuff details in the same three colours, it provides a unique look for The “Lions of Teranga”

- @kit_geek

Shop Senegal Kits >

10. Belgium (Away)

belgium 2022 away kit in white
Image from adidas.

A thing of beauty, the badge is SPECIAL and as I like to say, #badgeporn.

It's such a smart design but has flair, the fiery colours down the side and on the sleeve shout at you. I cannot wait to see Belgium wear this in the World Cup.

- @WinksFootball

Shop Belgium Kits >

9. Germany (Home)

germany 2022 home kit in white and black
Image from adidas.

I have a theory that Germany are one of the most successful teams in history because they always dress like champions.

And if looking good could win a World Cup then Die Mannschaft would be lifting the trophy this year already.

The thick, central black stripe set on an ultra crisp white background with the German flag collar detail as a final flourish is sehr gut.

- @kitforbrains

Shop Germany Kits >

8. Brazil (Home)

brazil 2022 home kit in yellow
Image from Nike.

We love the subtle all over jaguar print pattern but the standout feature is the area around the blue button which is designed to emulate the Brazil flag. Great touch!

- @TheKitmanUK

I wasn’t sure about this shirt when it was first announced. Maybe it was because of the new Nike template but the more I see it, the more I love it.

The jaguar pattern is beautiful and the colours are lovely and bright.

The collar and cuffs are a delight but, oddly, my favourite part of the shirt is the use of a blue button on the collar to create a mini Brazil flag.

- @ThePedronator

Shop Brazil Kits >

7. Mexico (Home)

mexico 2022 home kit in green
Image from adidas.

A template that seems to have been used a lot by Mexico but one I’m not tired of yet!

The badge is spectacular and the green and red combo is a fantastic one.

- @knockemdownes

Fans of tradition rejoice! Mexico has spun their roulette wheel of home colours and landed on a vibrant shade of green for this year's shirt, after experimenting with black and pink in the past.

Teamed with vivid red detailing and feathered headdress pattern on the torso, El Tri will make an impact no matter their results.

- @kitforbrains

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6. Argentina (Away)

argentina 2022 away kit in purple
Image from adidas.

Another cracker of a shirt from adidas, the Argentina away gives us a colour that will be unique in this World Cup, so automatically stands out from the others.

With its use of indigo / purple then thrown into the mix a graphic which takes influence from the “Sol de Mayo” on the national flag, it all results in another shirt that gives us a unique pattern. A truly wonderful, unique shirt.

- @kit_geek

I wasn’t sure whether I loved or hated it at first but I’m well and truly on the love side now.

The purple ombré flame effect at the bottom isn’t too much, even though it sort of looks like a school disco shirt.

- @knockemdownes

After what seems like decades of rather staid blue or black away shirts, Argentina have really gone to town on this effort.

The introduction of purple to the palette is said to be a nod towards gender equality, while the fiery graphic is inspired by the Sun of May on the national flag, also seen in gold as a little motif on the back of the neck.

Whether the South Americans will be able to add a third star above the crest this year remains to be seen, but this shirt radiates confidence.

- @kitforbrains

Shop Argentina Kits >

5. Ecuador (Away)

ecuador 2022 away kit in blue
Images from Subside Sports.

One that might have slipped under the radar is the Ecuador away shirt. We love the dark blue base colour with the blue geometric pattern on the front.

We really like the silver Marathon logo and Ecuador badge. There’s also a number of small but nice touches that appear on the shirt.

- @TheKitmanUK

Everyone loves a giant killer at the World Cup, and Marathon and Ecuador have slayed some of the bigger players before a ball has even been kicked.

A beautiful bespoke design for La Tri, this shirt has hidden depths, for example if you peek at the inside hem on the shirt you’ll find ‘Ecuador’ written in six languages.

A nod to different regions of the country sits on the inside of the neck, plus there’s even a little surprise on the reverse of the crest…

- @kitforbrains

These World Cup football shirt lists will be dominated by the usual big brands like Nike and adidas (not you, Puma), and rightly so, as they have produced some superb kits.

However, with this Ecuador away shirt, Marathon deserves to be near the top of these lists.

The shirt is just superb! The white accents really pop on this deep blue shirt and I love the Ecuadorian colours on the cuffs.

But it's the front design, using Ecuadorian patterns and symbols, that really makes this shirt.

- @ThePedronator

Shop Ecuador Kits >

4. South Korea (Away)

south korea 2022 away shirt in black and colour pattern
Images from JD Sports.

South Korea are team that always deliver the good when it comes to kits. Pick a World Cup they have been in and their shirts will be right up there with the best.

Their away this time is their stand out shirt, the Nike design gives us a graffiti element to the black shirt, and the use of blue / red and yellow works well in reference to their national flag and the Taegeuk symbol, showing a balance of heaven (Blue) and Earth (red).

- @kit_geek

Our favourite away kit of the tournament is the South Korea away kit!

Absolutely love this with the all over red, yellow and blue pattern on the black base of the jersey. The Kitman will definitely be adding this to the collection!

- @TheKitmanUK

So much colour going on here! It’s either an artist’s dream or nightmare. I love it.

The white badge works really well and I love how the pattern goes on the back too.

- @knockemdownes

Shop South Korea Kits >

3. France (Home)

france 2022 home kit in dark blue
Images from Nike.

Nike’s kits for the World Cup have been hit and miss for many fans and kit lovers, however the France home shirt is one of the few that is proving popular for all fans.

The return to darker shade of blue really works for the French team, something that I regard as stand out for the reigning world champions, the gold detailing works well with the darker shade of blue and helps give this shirt a classic feel and helps make the shirt stand out from others.

- @kit_geek

It’s simple but elegant.

We love the subtle oak leaves pattern on the sleeves whilst the gold coloured Nike logo and FFF crest really pop on the navy base. White shorts with red socks take this kit to the next level!

- @TheKitmanUK

As much fun as wild patterns and bold colours are, truly great design is reductive.

Stripping away all extraneous tinsel distils a shirt to its essence, and that’s what Nike have done perfectly here with the France home shirt.

A rich shade of blue, accented with gold details creates an exquisitely luxurious feel.

- @kitforbrains

Shop France Kits >

2. Mexico (Away)

mexico 2022 away shirt in beige pattern
Image from adidas.

Patterned shirts are definitely one of the themes of the 2022 World Cup kits and the Mexican away kit is one of the best in my eyes.

The Aztec inspired pattern in the shirt in a deep red really works well and is one of the shirts that we will see well after the events of the World Cup has ended.

Paired with green shorts, it improves the overall look of the kit in balance with the colours of the national flag of Mexico.

- @kit_geek

Just superb. Design, colours, badge, all spot on.

IF ONLY the design was on the back as well, then it would be one of the best World Cup shirts I’ve ever seen. Right at the top of my wish list!

- @knockemdownes

Easily my favourite away shirt and I can't wait to own it, the print and design is stunning and daring and I love a shirt that stands out.

I don't really need to write much, because the shirt talks for itself.

- @WinksFootball

The best football shirts are the ones that incorporate details from the countries culture and history.

So, this adidas effort with a wonderful all-over Aztec-inspired pattern depicting the serpent God Quetzalcoatl fulfils that brief perfectly.

The colours are more muted than the home, rounding out what is arguably the tournament’s best duo.

- @kitforbrains

Shop Mexico Kits >

1. Japan (Home)

japan 2022 home kit in blue
Image from adidas.

Adidas have delivered across the board for their countries at the World Cup and the Japan home shirt is up with their best.

The design of the shirt is something very different but remains very Japanese in style. The subtle use of a flock of origami cranes is a wonderful detail to the shirt, and good use of the red as a side trim gives an overall balance to the shirt and its design.

I believe this will be one of the most popular designs of this tournament.

- @kit_geek

For us the best home kit at the 2022 World Cup is the Japan home kit made by adidas.

We love the all over subtle graphic inspired by origami cranes as taken from the JFA badge.

- @TheKitmanUK

Japan hardly ever miss when it comes to their shirts.

I really like the design but would like it more if it was on the back too. The new adidas logo works really well.

- @knockemdownes

Easy winner in my opinion, I've now had both stadium and authentic version and both are amazing and worth your pennies.

The origami detail stands out so clearly as you can see. Such a beautiful shirt and my number 1.

- @WinksFootball

What a shirt! Even if you weren’t a football fan, adidas have done a superb job of making the shirt instantly recognisable as being Japanese.

The origami design is beautiful and strikes a great balance of really standing out without being garish. The colours also really work well together.

- @ThePedronator

Shop Japan Kits >

Not feeling any of these? Well, it’s each to their own! You can check out our full range of international kits or even head back in time with our collection of retro international retro shirts. 

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