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6 incredible women's football shirts all under £20

No, you don’t need an eye test. You probably just won’t believe how cheap these shirts are…

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Just in case you hadn’t noticed, women’s football shirts have really taken off in recent years. 

The excitement around the 2019 World Cup certainly helped things along, especially since some of those designs were way better than the men’s shirts. Looking at you, Germany

After the impact of that wonderful tournament, we’re now in a position where some women’s shirts are far outselling the men’s. Not only is this fantastic to see, it also points to something we’ve known for a while: there are loads of cracking deals on women’s kits out there. 

Since it’s International Women’s Day, it seemed like the perfect time to celebrate the rise of women’s football. So, I’m running through 6 incredible shirts you can get your hands on today - and they’re all available for less than £20. Just let that sink in for a moment. 

Nigeria 2018 - Women’s Home Shirt

Price: £10

Image from Nike.

Wait, wut? This is one of the greatest football shirts of modern times, available for just a crisp £10 note. Or, you know, 1000 pennies. 

Whichever way you look at it, this is a stone-cold “Naija” bargain. Alright, so the 2018 World Cup feels like a lifetime ago, but that outstanding chevron print is still as eye-popping as it was three years ago. It’s some serious zig-zag goodness. 

It’s a ridiculous price on a ridiculously good shirt. I won’t be angry if you don’t end up going for it, just very, very disappointed in you. No pressure, then. 

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AS Roma 2019/20 - Women’s Away Shirt

Price: £17.99

Image from Nike.

Death, taxes and beautiful Roma shirts. I mean, for a shirt we literally named the best on the planet, £17.99 is all kinds of silly. 

AS Roma’s 2019/20 away shirt still looks just as beautiful as ever, and here you can actually get it without any obscuring sponsor logos. Instead, the fantastic lightning bolt graphic is exposed in all its glory, flashing across the shirt in homage to the Roman God of the Sky, Jupiter. 

I could sit here swooning over it all day, but instead I’ll save you time and just pop in a link to actually get one. I’ll keep any swooning to myself. 

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Brazil 2019 - Women’s Home Shirt

Price: £10

Image from Nike.

For a measly tenner, I’m not sure anyone can really turn down the canary yellow of Brazil. It’s just too iconic. 

It’s arguably the most famous colour palette in football, so everyone should have at least one Brazil shirt in their collection. This smart effort from 2019 keeps things very simple, but you don’t need any bells and whistles to sell something with the Selecao’s crest on it. Another absolute steal. 

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England 2019 - Women’s Away Shirt (Player Issue)

Price: £15

Image from Nike.

Right then, let’s get one thing straight. The Lionesses have much better shirts than the men’s side, and this shirt is undeniable proof. 

Worn at the 2019 Women’s World Cup, this is the best England shirt we’ve had in years. That sensational rose pattern is way better than anything else we’ve seen recently, so it’s pretty mad you can get the player issue version for just 15 quid. 

Let’s be honest, it’s exactly what you need ahead of the Euro’s this summer. You can even save yourself a fiver and go for the replica home shirt instead. Or, ahem, just get both of them. 

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Juventus 2018/19 - Women’s Home Shirt

Price: £8.99

Image from adidas.

Not sure I even need to talk about this one. The price is just completely insane. 

8 English pounds and 99 shiny pennies, for a Juventus shirt. Pfft, I’m just gonna leave it at that, to be honest. 

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PSG 2019/20 - Women’s Third Shirt

Price: £15.99

Image from Nike.

PSG are probably the most stylish club on the planet right now. You’ve got the Jumpman collabs, a gorgeous colour palette and Kylian Mbappe looking cool no matter what he does. It all just… looks pretty damn good. 

Their 2019/20 third shirt is no exception, which you can now get for a smidge under £16. Not too shabby at all. 

Instead of a mini Michael Jordan, though, here you’ve got the retro Nike Futura logo throwing up some serious nostalgia. The design takes inspiration from the 1989/90 away shirt, so it’s a stunning blast from the past which celebrates 30 years of Nike. It’s been a match made in Parisian heaven.

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Want more? It’s a good job we’ve found loads of other women’s shirts for less than £20, then. Seriously, some of these deals are blowing my tiny mind. 

Ben Hyde

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