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20 best Italian Serie A kits 2023/24

Say “ciao” to the best looking kits in Serie A. We’ve done the digging and we’re here to tell you all about our 20 favourite shirts.
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best italian serie a kits 2023-24

We’re flicking through Gazzetta dello Sport, sipping on coffee and thinking about Serie A football kits in all their glory.

Today though we’ll be ignoring the huge, flapping shirts of the ‘90s. And we’re focusing on the best shirts of the 2023/24 Serie A season instead.

There have been incredible releases from the usual suspects like AS Roma and Fiorentina, through to clubs less talked about, such as Genoa and Frosinone.

A beautiful country with a beautiful game to match. It’s only right that they’ve blessed us with some beautiful kits too.

Dress cool, hop on your Vespa and join us for an unforgettable trip around Italy

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20. Inter Milan Away

three players wearing inter milan 2023-24 away shirt in white
Image from Inter Milan FC.

This Nike template is getting a good workout this season, and Inter Milan have used it nicely with their ‘broken sash’ away effort.

Blue and black, the club’s instantly-recognisable colours, split the fresh white base. Neat badge work merges in alongside a pixelated break for the sponsor.

Not quite eye-catching enough for the runways of Milan Fashion Week, but it’s worth a mention nonetheless.

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19. Juventus Away

female players wearing juventus 2023-24 away shirt in white and pink
Image from Juventus FC.

Pink is a shade that Juventus often flirt with. This season, they’ve gone with a pastel, horizontal stripe design. It’s fresh, just like the Italian Alps that inspired it.

Due to the fact that the stripes aren’t solid, it means the colours aren’t too overpowering. And we love how light and breezy it looks.

Shift the cardigans to one side, this is an Old Lady’s pastel pink outfit that we can all get on board with.

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18. Udinese Home

udinese 2023-24 home shirt in black and white
Image from Udinese FC.

Macron are doing some incredible work this season, and they’ve churned out another cracker for Serie A’s northernmost club, Udinese.

Inspired by the kit worn by Zico and his teammates during the early ‘80s, it looks excellent. We loved the similar style that was used on Germany’s 2022 home shirt from adidas.

Their iconic Zebretta badge returns, with hints of green adding to the overall look. For us, it’s an obvious (Isaac) Success.

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17. Bologna Home

bologna 2023-24 home shirt in blue and red
Image from Bologna FC.

A shirt made by a hometown manufacturer with an embossed club badge repeat pattern? It’s something rarely seen. But we’re here for it, 100%.

Crimson and dark blue is a colour scheme we associate with elegance, perfect for a shirt which will be worn in the many restaurants of beautiful Bologna.

Saputo Italian cheese fills the front, which is apt for the city that invented bolognese. This one’s definitely saucy in its own right.

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16. Fiorentina Home

male and female players wearing fiorentina 2023-24 home shirt in purple
Image from Fiorentina FC.

Ahhh, I Viola. The constant providers of outfits that make us swoon. This season’s Kappa ever-purple home shirt is another superb effort.

We have a 100-year-old washing error to thank for Fiorentina’s choice of home colours, and we’re thankful every season. It’s a palette which always works.

Lilies are woven throughout like DNA, and 13 of them are placed in the collar to remember tragically lost captain, Davide Astori. A lovely touch.

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15. Hellas Verona Away

two players wearing hellas verona 2023-24 away shirt in yellow and blue
Image from Hellas Verona FC.

Boca Juniors show time and again that blue and yellow is a combo that can’t go wrong. This fairly simple but stylish Hellas Verona shirt fits the bill.

For some unknown reason, Joe Jordan models the third kit having scored 1 goal for them in 1983/84. Luckily though, he stayed away from this clean design.

A smart band wraps the chest, but the standout feature is the Verona skyline positioned above both cuffs. Bellissimo!

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14. Genoa Home

player wearing genoa 2023-24 home shirt in red and blue
Image from Genoa FC.

Red and blue makes a return now with Genoa’s 2023/24 home shirt. And it just about ousts Bologna’s home creation up in 17th place.

A sea-inspired release from the coastal club, a wave-like sublimated pattern runs through it. That’s coupled with the anniversary message “From the beginning, for forever. 130.” on the neck.

Sometimes called ‘Il Vecchio Balordo’ (The Old Fool), they’re not out here to fool anyone with this one. It’s excellent.

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13. Bologna Away

bologna 2023-24 away shirt in white with blue and red stripes
Image from Bologna FC.

Unlike The Thunderbirds that brought it to fame, the sash is back. It's used perfectly by Bologna on their white away strip.

We think it’s fair to allow this sponsor to split the joyful red and navy stripes, mainly because they’ve kept the colour simple and they make Italian cheeses.

The central badge adds a calm balance to the whole setup; they'll be hoping that Marko Arnautović’s temper follows that same trend.

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12. Frosinone Third

model wearing frosinone 2023-24 third shirt in blue holding team scarf
Image from Frosinone Calcio FC.

Small town. Small team. Big heart. Back in Serie A with a bang, this Frosinone third kit is made by Naples-based sportswear company Zeus. And God-like it is.

Combining fashion and football effortlessly (like every true Italian does), this large collared retro look pops in a sort of ‘crushed velvet’ blue with yellow accenting.

To add the cherry on top, they even launched it with a full-on fashion show at their stadium. Stylish.

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11. Lazio Home

lazio 2023-24 home shirt in light blue
Image from Lazio FC.

Mizuno shirts are an extremely rare sight in today’s game. Now in their second year with Lazio, like Ciro himself, they’ve finished this one off with aplomb.

The main highlight is the embossed eagle that spans across the chest, catching the light and proudly flashing the history of Lazio for everyone to see.

A simple v-neck collar and cuff combo rounds off a neat home shirt. This one’s ready for gladiatorial battle at the Stadio Olimpico.

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10. Napoli Third

player wearing napoli third shirt in black and gold
Image from Napoli FC.

Yep, it’s us banging on about black and gold again. Sigh. We’re still not bored of this timeless colourway, and we’re glad that Napoli aren’t either.

Emporio Armani’s sportswear label EA7 is still knocking out stylish threads for the Italian Serie A champions, and this Napoli third immediately caught our eye.

A slick tonal print runs through the chest and shoulders, creating depth as deep as their squad. Let’s just hope they’ve left enough space on the back for ‘Kvaratskhelia’.

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9. Lazio Third

lazio 2023-24 third shirt in white
Image from Lazio FC.

Who said white shirts are always boring? Well, we’ve seen a lot of them that are. This one however, like underfloor heating, is a triumph of Roman design.

The ‘L’ pattern, both embossed in the base and printed on the cuffs and collar, represents the 50-year anniversary of Lazio’s first Scudetto title. A genius use of Roman numerals.

You could tuck this beauty into a pair of tailored trousers, pop a blazer on and amble carelessly around Rome. It’s that smart.

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8. Hellas Verona 120th Anniversary

model wearing hellas verona 120th anniversary kit 2023-24 in blue and yellow
Image from Hellas Verona FC.

OK, so it’s not technically a home, away or third release. And there were only 500 of them created. But we can’t ignore something this good.

As one of the oldest clubs in Italy, Hellas Verona have chosen to honour their earliest kits by bringing back a half-and-half design in blue and yellow.

Yeah, so it could have done without the hoards of sponsors. But we love the giant badge and the neatness of the whole package.

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7. Roma Away

male and female models wearing roma 2023-24 away shirt in white
Image from AS Roma.

Part of a special trio for 2023/24, the AS Roma away shirt is somehow the “worst” of the lot for us. Yeah, they’re that good.

We’re sure of one thing, adidas knows how to nail a brief when it comes to crunch time. This beige number with intricate Roman patterning does that. And some.

The badge stands out and the black lines break it all up, like a prime Daniele De Rossi picking out interceptions in the middle of the park.

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6. Napoli Home

man surfing wearing napoli 2023-24 home shirt in blue
Image from Napoli FC.

We’re back in Naples and it’s wonderful. The Tricolore flag pattern has been used so well on Italy shirts before, it’s only right that the champions of Serie A should adopt it.

White piping helps to break up the base blue, but this shirt doesn’t need anything else for us. It’s simple, clean and Napoli through and through.

We’re just hoping that Victor Osihmen couples this up with a matching Tricolore face mask, that’d be something special.

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5. Fiorentina Third

four players wearing fiorentina 2023-24 third shirt in purple
Image from Fiorentina FC.

The lilies are back in action and exactly like Roma’s trio of 2023/24 releases, Fiorentina x Kappa aren’t messing around. Ooof.

It’s a bizarre third kit, in the sense that it’s only a slightly darker purple when compared to the home shirt. Ah well, if it looks good, then do it anyway, right?

The floral pattern is off-centre and runs down the shirt, with hints of red to make it stand out. Everything on this helps deliver a fresh look.

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4. AC Milan Away

fikayo tomori wearing ac milan 2023-24 away shirt in white with red and black stripes
Image from AC Milan FC.

Olivier Giroud can make anything look good. But he doesn’t need to use his alluring charms to sell us this one, it’s already beautiful.

I Rossoneri’s white away kits are iconic and this one joins those prestigious ranks. The red and black vertical stripes are crisp, overlaid on a repeat pattern which uses features of Milan’s badge.

While AC Milan look to be staying at the San Siro for the time being, it’s the away trips we’ll be watching closely, thanks to this jersey.

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3. Roma Home

three players wearing as roma 2023-24 home shirt in red and orange
Image from AS Roma.

There’s just something about this mix of colours, isn’t there? Adidas have picked up the AS Roma baton that they dropped 30 years ago, and hit the mark at the first attempt.

The dimly-lit, werewolf-style promo video. The no nonsense Lupetto badge. The perfect collar and cuff matching. Wonderful stuff.

Let’s hope that if they do end up finding a shirt sponsor for this season, that it’s a welcome comeback for Barilla pasta.

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2. Fiorentina Away

three players wearing fiorentina 2023-24 away shirt in white with purple flowers
Image from Fiorentina FC.

Now for the best of the lily-laden trio from I Viola. Their away design delivers a masterclass in how to balance club colours and lively patterns together.

Sketched lilies in an off-centre sash make this a piece of art, rather than a simple football strip. And that’s because they’re outlined in purple, and not filled solid.

It doesn’t try too hard and it’s effortless. It’s basically the opposite of Sofyan Amrabat.

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1. Roma Third

as roma 2023-24 third shirt in black
Image from adidas.

Our winner takes inspiration from the famous Roma ‘ghiacciolo’ or ‘lollipop’ kit of the late 1970s. Those red, orange and yellow gradients truly are still a sight to behold.

A twisted cuff pattern is incredibly unique, with a black base that allows the shirt to show off its ‘lollipop’ features. It’s all topped off by alternating adidas stripes.

The classic Lupetto badge from 1979-1997 is brought back to life too. With a matching surround, of course. Classic.

This is a seriously clean shirt with enough of a firepower to propel it to our #1 spot. We can’t wait to get our hands on this.

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So, that’s our opinion on the best shirts from Serie A this season. We’re looking forward to seeing them all in action!

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