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5 best retro shirts to wear for five-a-side

It’s time to get back out there. More importantly, it’s time to show off some shiny new retro shirts.

best retro shirts for five a side

Listen closely, folks. The five-a-side pitch is calling once again. 

Up and down the country, teams are already showing up a man short and arguing over who’s going in goal, while others are itching to show off some shiny new football shirts. After so long away from that glorious astroturf, you probably want to step out there wearing something awesome.

Well, nothing turns heads quite like a retro classic, but having someone yank on your £150 original can be absolutely heartbreaking. Since five-a-side is so fast, physical and downright knackering, you might feel far more comfortable wearing an official remake instead. No crying over bobbles here. 

Since there’s just nothing better in life than playing football, we’ve picked out some of the best retro shirts to wear for five-a-side this summer. Just don’t show up in a full kit or anything. That’s never a good idea. 

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1. Barcelona 1982 Home - Score Draw

Price: £18.75

Image from 3Retro

Perfect for: the dazzling playmaker

It’s not really hard to see why Score Draw shirts are great for five-a-side. Just look at that price. 

Barcelona’s 1982 home shirt is up there with the most iconic designs of all time, thanks largely to a diminutive Argentinian you might’ve heard of. This is actually available with Maradona’s number 10 on the back, though I’m gonna assume you can’t quite emulate what he did out on the pitch. 

Diego clinched both the Copa del Rey and Spanish League Cup in his debut Barca season, receiving a standing ovation at the Bernabeu in the process. This shirt is a little piece of Maradona history, which isn’t bad at all for under £20. 

2. England 1990 Third - Score Draw

Price: £30

Image from 3Retro

Perfect for: the stylish maestro

Oh, yes. This should be right at the top of your wishlist, especially with the Euros just around the corner.

Of course, the fact it was only worn once is absolutely scandalous, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming the perfect shirt for beer gardens, festivals and, yes, games of five-a-side. The iconic diamond pattern stands out just about anywhere, to be honest. 

This is possibly the best England shirt ever made, and deserves to see way more action out on the pitch. Yes, I still maintain that England would’ve won Italia 90 if they’d worn this in the semis, so don’t let your five-a-side team make the same mistake. Nobody wants to see any tears. 

3. AC Milan 1988 Home - Score Draw

Price: £40

Image from 3Retro

Perfect for: the elegant defender

Marco Van Basten. Ruud Gullit. Frank Rijkaard. And those are just the Dutch players to wear this AC Milan classic. You’ve also got Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, Roberto Donadoni and… I could probably do this all day. 

Arrigo Sacchi’s famous side was jam-packed with glittering superstars, a far cry from watching your mate Simon trip over the ball at Powerleague. Again. Still, wearing the Rossoneri’s iconic home shirt will definitely inject a bit of quality and grace into your side, even if you spend most of your time getting pushed against the walls. 

Besides, slide tackles aren’t usually allowed at five-a-side. Maldini would’ve loved it.

4. Inter Milan 1992 Away - Score Draw

Price: £40

Image from 3Retro

Perfect for: the proper showboat

Let’s face it, Inter Milan just don’t do bad shirts. When it comes to Score Draw remakes, you’re actually a little spoilt for choice, and going for the classic Nerazzurri stripes definitely isn’t a bad move here. 

However, I’ve gone for something that falls into the illustrious “different gravy” category instead. Inter’s 1992 away shirt features a graphic that could leave the opposition gaping or, at the very least, distract them as they’re about to pull the trigger. 

It’s not even about the trophies they won or the players who wore it, this is just a sensational remake of a sensational design. Oh, and at just £40, now you don’t need to worry quite so much about getting it a little muddy. 

5. Juventus 1993 Home - Score Draw

Price: £30.00

Image from 3Retro

Perfect for: the quiet conductor

Mmm, Danone. The yoghurty sponsor just slots in perfectly here, serving up a black and white masterpiece which is just oozing with class. Hey, it might even be too classy, especially if you play for a team that can’t string two passes together. Like me. 

But this isn’t a shirt for the showboats or the leg-crunchers. No, this is a shirt for the guy who’s quietly the best player on the pitch, spraying passes around with seemingly no effort whatsoever. He doesn’t track back, he doesn’t tackle and he doesn’t even sprint - but, my word, he can play

You know who you are. This isn’t just a shirt that won the Uefa Cup, it’s an elegant design for the elegant player, most probably paired with some Copa Mundials or Puma Kings. Proper no-nonsense style.

Football is finally back and we’re all itching to get back out there, even if we’ll all be a little sore in the morning. We even have a massive range of retro Premier League shirts to get you going! FOOTY.COM lets you compare prices on shirts, boots, and basically everything else you need to restart your season.

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