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Best Premier League kits 2022/23: every shirt ranked

A new season can only mean one thing: new Premier League kits everywhere. We’re ranking every 2022/23 home and away shirt from worst to best.
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one year ago


best premier league kits 2022-23

Oh, you glorious Premier League kits. Welcome to the party. Every year, we can’t help but get incredibly excited at the prospect of fresh new designs.

It seems that the summer is a constant drip feed of the good, the bad and the downright U-G-L-Y. Yet somehow, we love talking about every single thread of them.

Who will Newcastle United hand their wooden spoon to? Following the infamously dismal ‘giant 4’ shirt.

Who will kick Spurs’ mind-bending, swirling galaxy design from last season’s number one spot?

There’s only one way for you to find out. Dig in and take a hike through our ranking…

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39. Tottenham Hotspur Away

tottenham hotspur away shirt 2022-23

Purple and green should never be seen, and this is living proof. Looking like a training top gone wrong, this Spurs shirt couldn’t be further away from the brilliance of last season’s effort. Cheers, Son’s crying. Nice one.

It’s just a bit blocky and thrown together in our opinion. The central badging is the only thing we’d keep from this hot mess. We need to move on, we simply can’t hurt our eyes any longer.

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38. Leeds United Away

leeds united away shirt 2022-23

Hi-vis shirts are a rare breed and there’s a reason for that. This ink-blot calamity from adidas should tell you everything you need to know about avoiding them. Leeds' American overhaul has well and truly begun, because this is LOUD.

The sponsor and the badges are trying their utmost to fit in, but it all feels a little ‘square pegs, round holes’ for us. If Raphinha could wear it, he may have got away with it. Bamford, not so much.

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37. Wolverhampton Wanderers Home

wolves home shirt 2022 23

Right, let’s have a game of spot the difference. Can’t see it? Oh, it’s a new sponsor! And that’s about it. Even Conor Coady won’t be seen laughing in it, as he's forced a move to Everton just to avoid wearing this almost identical replica of the 2021/22 shirt.

The gold and black colour palette often rescues Wolves, and it’s worked to some extent again. The club badge and Castore logo are both solid, with the new sponsor not asking too much. Wolves are mid-table, but this is relegation fodder.

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36. Leicester City Home

leicester city home kit 2022-23

It seems that Leicester aren’t likely to hit the heights they once knew, and that goes for kits too. It looks to us as though adidas have gone safer than the big hands of departed legend Kasper on this season’s effort.

The floppy, chunky collar looks cheap and the thick trims don’t help either. The saving grace is the hint of gold, but that’s not enough to turn this one around. There'll be no Vardy parties happening in this outfit.

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35. West Ham United Home

west ham home shirt 2022-23

It’s a brave designer that groups together a turtleneck collar, thick cuffs and weird ‘scratched paint’ shoulders. Very brave. Inspired by Bonds’ 1992/93 shirt, we reckon an exact remake would’ve been the better option. We'll give them points for trying something different, at least.

It may be European football again for The Hammers in 2022/23, but unfortunately this shirt won’t scrape into the top half of our table. Even Moyes himself couldn’t improve this with his miracle touch.

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34. Everton Away

everton away shirt 2022-23

With a repeated pattern straight from the Rorschach test, this Everton effort is as bold as it is odd. It all feels a bit overpowering, with the lively pink base and blue accents piled on top. Palermo pink, yes. Everton pink, no.

We’ve got absolutely nothing against hummel trying something crazy, we’ll go as far to say, most of the time we love it. But unfortunately, this is a misfire from their often brilliant catalogue. If Twitter is anything to go by, it doesn’t look like Toffees’ fans are too happy either.

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33. Tottenham Hotspur Home

tottenham hotspur home shirt 2022-23

How do they manage it? Somehow Spurs’ home shirt can outbore itself, year upon year. It’s almost some kind of weird talent, really. Had he signed, James Milner would’ve been right at home in this one.

Almost zero to report on this, except reasonably nice trims and a hope that its plainness will lead to a frankly crazy away design. We were wrong, the away is a car crash. Unlike last season’s #1 ‘galaxy’ shirt, which was simply a work of art. Mmm.

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32. Liverpool Home

liverpool home shirt 2022-23

There were massive highs and huge lows for LFC last season, and unfortunately the Anfield faithful will be seeing a fairly stooping low with this year’s home shirt. Nike template. In red. Sigh.

True, both ‘YNWA’ on the sleeve and the ‘97’ on the neck are lovely touches. But they’ll need to pull something out of the bag again, much like they did with last year’s wonderful, creamy away number.

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31. Aston Villa Home

aston villa home shirt 2022-23

The claret and sky blue of Aston Villa is always a slightly tough sell. It’s something of an acquired taste which is saved for Villa, West Ham, Burnley and Scunthorpe fans. Castore’s first effort for the Villans is ‘meh’, especially when you hold it up against Kappa’s diamond from last season.

The chevron background is a nice addition, but the whole shirt in general feels like they ran out of time in the design room. Either that, or they were getting paid more by Newcastle for their kit. It’s ‘OK’. That’s about all we can muster.

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30. Aston Villa Away

aston villa away shirt 2022-23

The two Villa shirts will finish next to one another in our ranking. That’s mainly because this is a straight reverse of the home colours, with an added ‘90s lost-and-found PE shorts feel. Keep it quiet, but we do actually like the nostalgic feel that material gives us.

Again, there’s nothing majorly offensive about this design, and we do like how the maroon sits on the sky blue across all of the details. We can’t see Villa fans fighting to get their place in line at the club shop, mind.

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29. Brentford Home

brentford home shirt 2022-23

We didn’t particularly like this Brentford home kit in our ranking for last season, but this time we’re concentrating on the fact that they’re keeping the same design for consecutive years. A first time in recent Premier League memory.

With their small bid to help tackle the cost of living crisis for their fans, we can only applaud Brentford. Those simple stripes from Umbro will start to look a little better, when you know you’ve saved some cash.

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28. Leeds United Home

leeds united home shirt 2022-23

Real Madrid they are not, but Real Madrid they will try to look like. Well, Real Madrid from last season anyway. This adidas shirt is almost a carbon copy of Real Madrid’s 2021/22 home shirt. And it’s still not bad.

Leeds United home shirts do have the struggle of being plain white, but the navy/yellow collar, cuffs, badge and sponsor all match up in a tidy manner here. It’s not as exciting as Bielsa-ball, but a bit like Jesse Marsch, it’ll do for now.

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27. Fulham Home

fulham home shirt 2022-23

Just like Leeds, Fulham’s home kit often suffers from washout syndrome. Like many kits this season, the focus is on detailing around the collar and hems. This time, the focus is on the subtle ripples of the River Thames.

Those red waves are the only things which separate it from Leeds' home shirt. We don’t think this’ll excite the Craven Cottage faithful this year, so they’re going to need to see a few more masterclasses from the main man Mitrović.

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26. Brighton Away

brighton away shirt 2022-23

Now we’re venturing into more intriguing waters, which is apt for Brighton. Brighton’s crimson away kit bears resemblance to the Lionesses’ away shirt, and that’s definitely a reason to like it. The heatwave hasn’t quite landed in Brighton, but it’s warming up.

The thick black trims and collar don’t do anything to distract from the main event, and it all works fairly well. It’s also good that Brighton have avoided throwing any blues or yellows into this mix, that could’ve been mayhem.

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25. Everton Home

everton home shirt 2022-23

We were expecting big things from the Everton x hummel partnership, and maybe that’s why we’re a little underwhelmed. Although, the geometric background pattern inspired by Prince Rupert’s tower is a nice touch.

A thick, white crew neck with legendary chevrons makes it a clean look. Even with the sponsor taking a serious Stake in real estate on the front. If he was still there, Richarlison wouldn’t be sending up any flares for this one.

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24. Newcastle United Home

newcastle united home shirt 2022-23

OK, so the only way is up for Newcastle United, who finished bottom of our ranking last time out. That rise feels oddly fitting, following their recent money-spinning takeover.

This season’s shirt is much safer from Castore, but it still has enough to pique the interest. The trims match up well and it honours their 130th anniversary with Geordie simplicity. Plus, there isn’t one massive ‘4’ in sight. Win.

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23. Chelsea Away

chelsea away shirt 2022-23

We’re moving into a world of simple ideas now, and Chelsea’s away kit uses a hoop pattern in a clean and fun way. Hoops are fairly rare, but for us they’re usually spot on. The turquoise strips contain the same pattern as the home shirt collar.

This Nike template hasn’t been used to its maximum this season, but this Chelsea shirt is a good effort. And we already know, Marc Cucurella’s bouncy locks look particularly slick against light blue and white.

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22. Brentford Away

brentford away shirt 2022-23

Although they kept the same home shirt to save fans money, we do see a new away shirt from Brentford this season. This Umbro effort has thick trims (but avoids the horrible WHU turtleneck) with a full teal base, and it’ll run on a two-year term from 2022-24.

The shirt harks back to Brentford’s ‘80s and ‘90s era, with a wonderful example of the castle badge making a return, a castle that represents the fortress, Griffin Park. Brentford fans will be hoping that no teams are able to penetrate their defences this season.

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21. Newcastle United Away

newcastle united away shirt 2022-23

Purple and gold, often reserved for the finest chocolate bars. Not now. Newcastle United have taken on the mantle, and they’re rocking it. The subtle sleeve detailing is inspired by the gigantic Leazes Stand at St. James’ Park.

Since their mega-money takeover, Newcastle fans have certainly been experiencing something of a ‘purple patch’. This sharp design by Castore will suit them on that level. Howe-ay the lads.

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20. Wolverhampton Wanderers Away

wolves away shirt 2022-23

Hallelujah, praise the shirt design gods! Castore x Wolves have attempted something different for their away shirt. The base colour (which we have no idea what to call) is easy on the eye, and the gold, geometric Molineux-inspired patterning through it works well.

The sleeve sponsor is a little garish, but we’ll let that slide for now. Hey, those betting sponsors won’t be around for long anyway. It isn’t ground-breaking, but Wolves have taken some steps to recovery from their, ahem, ‘howler’ of a home shirt.

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19. Brighton Home

brighton home shirt 2022-23

A cracking, simple effort from Brighton x Nike for their home shirt. Bringing the sunshine in line with Brighton itself, blasts of solar yellow run through this well-balanced design. It’s bright and it’s breezy. It’s very Brighton.

If we had one comment about this shirt, it would be that it just makes you happy when you look at it. Much like picturing Tariq Lamptey’s friendly little face, you can’t help but smile at what’s been created.

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18. Chelsea Home

chelsea home shirt 2022-23

Stepping away from their nauseous zig-zag effort from last year, Chelsea have opted (amongst many others) for simplicity. This one is a decent, one-button, jazzy-collared use of Nike’s key 2022/23 template.

The lion-laden collar that we mentioned relates to Chelsea legend Ted Drake, the gaffer who guided them to their first top-flight title in 1955. For us it’s a solid effort, a lot unlike Romelu Lukaku’s pressing skills.

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17. Nottingham Forest Home

nottingham forest home shirt 2022-23

Macron in the mix once more, this time for Premier League new boys Nottingham Forest. On their return after more than 20 years, it’s their Garibaldi red that takes centre stage, but it’s the beautiful sleeve, collar and vent combo that catches our eye.

The Trent Bridge is the inspiration, with a sublimated pattern transferred straight from the ironworks. It’s a perfect example of heritage in shirt form, but the Forest fans will be hoping they don’t see similar results to 1998-99.

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16. Crystal Palace Away

crystal palace away shirt 2022-23

Their lively yellow design from 2021/22 did well in our ranking, and it’s more of the same for this interesting shirt. The red, blue and white colour symmetry is perfect, with the central squiggles adding depth.

Now getting their foot in the Premier League door, Macron have pulled this one out of the bag. The embossed eagles across the sleeves are wonderful, with Cinch making shirt sponsorship blending look, well, a cinch. The Eagles have landed.

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15. West Ham United Away

west ham united away shirt 2022-23

A far cry from their home shirt, this relatively plain effort on the surface hooks us in with its vibrant East End-inspired trims. The patterns relate to the 100-year old slipway at Thames Ironworks. It’s packed with culture.

The black base makes the trims work and the whole thing is a bit like West Ham on the pitch, it’s solid until they need to throw some flair in at the right points. We just hope Jarrod can still slip by full-backs unnoticed with those eye-catching sleeves.

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14. Fulham Away

fulham away shirt 2022-23

This one leaves an enjoyable lingering taste in the mouth. Minty fresh. The block pattern is a modern twist inspired by the brickwork of one of the oldest grounds in England, Craven Cottage. The navy washed-out style works well with the mint green.

Fulham are back and they’ll be trying to bring their 2021/22 Championship flair to the Premier League. This playful kit is going to help them look good doing it.

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13. Nottingham Forest Away

nottingham forest away shirt 2022-23

By any stretch, mixing yellow and blue is a toughy. But when you throw in an intricate sublimated Trent Bridge pattern (similar to the home shirt), it might even be enough to make Jesse Lingard stop dancing and have a good stare.

Nottingham Forest fans will be hoping they can stay up this season, but when they’re on their travels, they’re going to light the place up in this outfit. Regardless of the result.

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12. Manchester United Home

manchester united home shirt 2022-23

Collars are back, and they are BIG. This one is another cracker, with a triangle pattern running along it. The shield-style badge is back, and Man Utd fans will be hoping that it returns a (large) slice of 1999's on-pitch quality along with it.

Without a doubt one of the Red Devils x adidas’ better efforts in recent memory, this one will go down well with fans. It’s as smart as Erik ten Hag’s footballing brain, but it’s a shame they don’t have another Eric to pop this collar in style.

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11. Liverpool Away

liverpool away shirt 2022-23

Yes. A marble design! OK, so it’s not quite as good as Spurs’ last season, but it’s still very interesting. Like the current success of Liverpool FC, this one is likely to make a fair few people sick. But we’re loving the boldness of it.

The psychedelic design is lashed in little colours, giving head swimming results. In a year where simple has worked, here is one which won’t settle for the norm. Warning: don’t let Firmino smile when he’s wearing this one, we’ll all go blind.

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10. Manchester United Away

manchester united away shirt 2022-23

If adidas were hunting for 1999 vibes this season, they’ve most certainly found them. Manchester United are digging deep to find form from wherever they can, and they may well find it with this clean cracker.

Using beautiful collar, trim and shoulder detailing, this shirt has a fantastic balance which will bring back fond memories of OGS, stroking clinical finishes into bottom corners across Europe. Man Utd fans will be hoping Martial can find just a slither of that OGS finishing this season.

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9. Manchester City Home

manchester city home shirt 2022-23

Now we’re talking. Everyone loves a retro rethink and Manchester City have pulled off the unimaginable here. Sky blue mixed with maroon. An ode to City’s fearless ‘60s sides and club legend Colin Bell, in particular.

The round neck and central badges are something we’ll see a bit more of in 2022/23, and to be completely honest, we’re on board. The sleeve detail finishes off the solid body of the shirt perfectly. Another W for City.

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8. Southampton Home

southampton home shirt 2022-23

Part one of an exquisite duo from Southampton x hummel this season. We love to see inspiration from days gone by, and this one is straight from the ‘80s playbook. It has centralised badging to modernise, along with a geometric pattern from St.Mary’s on the white panels. Delicious.

It’s so good that we’re happy to overlook the fact Sportsbet tried their hardest to ruin the vibe. Chevrons, black accents and collar. We Tella you something, this is most certainly a banger.

Shop Southampton Kits >

7. Crystal Palace Home

crystal palace home shirt 2022-23

Macron are stepping up the heat for the Eagles here. Part of a quality duo this season, the Palace home shirt has once again discovered a (Z)a-ha moment when reinventing the plain stripe. Much like Puma did last season with their sash/stripe design.

The ‘squiggles’ continue through the full set of jerseys, but on the home shirt they help to effortlessly merge two difficult colours together: red and blue. The thick trims that continue the colour palette are majestic. It’s an intriguing idea, and we’re enjoying it.

Shop Crystal Palace Kits >

6. Manchester City Away

manchester city away shirt 2022-23

Talking about sash stripes, here’s an excellent example. Puma have been hit and miss with Man City since their partnership began, but this season’s duo is sublime. Plus, it’s a double-edged, retro spin for this away design too. Woo!

A lot has been said about the Citizens ‘stealing’ AC Milan’s colours back in the ‘60s, but we’re sure nobody minds when it looks like this. This design commemorates the red and black of the title-winning 2011/12 season. Yep, that’s the one. Agueeeeroooooo!

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5. Bournemouth Home

bournemouth home shirt 2022-23

Oof, some return to the big time for Bournemouth. These zig-zags are one sneaky step better than Man City’s sash stripes for us. Umbro have shown that their thick collaring (see: West Ham) can actually work well, when used properly. This is a bolt from the Bournemouth, for sure.

Never mind the brilliant design, this club is getting extra points in this ranking because they offer a sponsor-free version (removing Dafabet) and also shirt alterations for fans who may have accessibility requirements. Superb stuff.

Shop Bournemouth Kits >

4. Arsenal Home

arsenal home shirt 2022-23

We’ve got a soft spot for collars, and this is one of the finest we’ve seen in a long while. It’s chunky, it’s unapologetic and it has bloomin’ lightning bolts on it. Smashing stuff.

Three stripes running across the shoulders with one button is a smart look. Stick JVC on this and they can have our hard-earned money this second. It’s another sensational adidas release for The Gunners.

Shop Arsenal kits >

3. Bournemouth Away

bournemouth away shirt 2022-23

Here we go again, what a return for The Cherries. Much like Brighton and Southampton, Bournemouth are focussing on their seaside heritage. It’s a far cry from England’s south coast, but this one wouldn’t look out of place on a Miami beach.

As we mentioned earlier, extra points for the sponsor removal and accessibility options. But design alone here is more than enough. Palm tree leaves in a tonal background, Jacaranda purple, Baja blue. Ahhh, we can almost feel the sand between our toes. Beautiful.

Shop Bournemouth Kits >

2. Southampton Away

southampton away shirt 2022-23

Bold Is Brave, that’s the slogan for this release. And they’re not wrong. It takes a brave design team to attempt something like this. Some will hate it, some will love it. And we’re firmly in the camp of the latter.

This wouldn’t look out of place in a classic J-League collection, with the wavy backing representing the power of the Southampton docks. This is as eye-catching as a James Ward-Prowse free kick, curling effortlessly into the top corner.

Shop Southamption Kits >

1. Arsenal Away

arsenal away shirt 2022-23

Oof, it’s black and gold done right. So, so right. Arsenal x adidas have nailed it again this season with their releases, and this one tops the pile for us. The sublimated grey ‘AFC’ pattern slipped into the background is a sensational way to add depth to black.

Following the base colouring with gold accenting is a solid move, including the most beautiful Gunners badge we’ve ever seen. This takes the gold medal, all day long. Arsenal have been busy in the transfer market, and they’ll be hoping their season turns out even half as good as this.

Shop Arsenal Kits >

There you have it, that’s every release for 2022/23. If you’ve seen any Premier League shirts that you like in our list, grab one for less at FOOTY.COM. We compare top retailers to bring you the lowest price.

If you’re going for nostalgia, take a look back at our 2021/22 Premier League shirt ranking or even shop for retro Premier League kits too!

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