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Best Premier League kits 2022/23 (so far): every shirt ranked

A new season can only mean one thing: new Premier League kits everywhere. We’re ranking every 2022/23 home and away shirt from worst to best.

best premier league kits 2022-23

Oh, you glorious Premier League kits. Welcome to the party. Every year, we can’t help but get incredibly excited at the prospect of fresh new designs.

It seems that the summer is a constant drip feed of the good, the bad and the downright U-G-L-Y. Yet somehow, we love talking about every single thread of them.

Who will Newcastle United hand their wooden spoon to? Following the infamously dismal ‘giant 4’ shirt.

Who will kick Spurs’ mind-bending, swirling galaxy design from last season’s number one spot?

There’s only one way for you to find out. Dig in and take a hike through our ranking…

NOTE: new shirts will be added as they’re released, so keep checking back to find out where your club finishes!

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7. Wolverhampton Wanderers Home

wolves home shirt 2022 23

Right, let’s have a game of spot the difference. Can’t see it? Oh, it’s a new sponsor! And that’s about it. Even Conor Coady won’t be seen laughing, when he’s forced to wear this almost identical replica of the 2021/22 shirt.

The gold and black colour palette often rescues Wolves, and it’s worked to some extent again. The club badge and Castore logo are both solid, with the new sponsor not asking too much. Wolves are mid-table, but this is relegation fodder.

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6. West Ham United Home

west ham home shirt 2022-23

It’s a brave designer that groups together a turtleneck collar, thick cuffs and weird ‘scratched paint’ shoulders. Very brave. Inspired by Bonds’ 1992/93 shirt, we reckon an exact remake would’ve been the better option. We'll give them points for trying something different, at least.

It may be European football again for The Hammers in 2022/23, but unfortunately this shirt won’t scrape into the top half of our table. Even Moyes himself couldn’t improve this with his miracle touch.

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5. Tottenham Hotspur Home

tottenham hotspur home shirt 2022-23

How do they manage it? Somehow Spurs’ home shirt can outbore itself, year upon year. It’s almost some kind of weird talent, really. Had he signed, James Milner would’ve been right at home in this one.

Almost zero to report on this, except reasonably nice trims and a hope that its plainness will lead to a frankly crazy away design. Much like last season’s #1 ‘galaxy’ shirt, which was simply a work of art. Mmm.

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4. Liverpool Home

liverpool home shirt 2022-23

There were massive highs and huge lows for LFC last season, and unfortunately the Anfield faithful will be seeing a fairly stooping low with this year’s home shirt. Nike template. In red. Sigh.

True, both ‘YNWA’ on the sleeve and the ‘96’ on the neck are lovely touches. But they’ll need to pull something out of the bag again, much like they did with last year’s wonderful, creamy away number.

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3. Newcastle United Home

newcastle united home shirt 2022-23

OK, so the only way is up for Newcastle United, who finished bottom of our ranking last time out. That rise feels oddly fitting, following their recent money-spinning takeover.

This season’s shirt is much safer from Castore, but it still has enough to pique the interest. The trims match up well and it honours their 130th anniversary with Geordie simplicity. Plus, there isn’t one massive ‘4’ in sight. Win.

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2. Manchester City Home

manchester city home shirt 2022-23

Now we’re talking. Everyone loves a retro rethink and Manchester City have pulled off the unimaginable here. Sky blue mixed with maroon. An ode to City’s fearless ‘60s sides and club legend Colin Bell, in particular.

The round neck and central badges are something we’ll see a bit more of in 2022/23, and to be completely honest, we’re on board. The sleeve detail finishes off the solid body of the shirt perfectly. Another W for City.

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1. Arsenal Home

arsenal home shirt 2022-23

We’ve got a soft spot for collars, and this is one of the finest we’ve seen in a long while. It’s chunky, it’s unapologetic and it has bloomin’ lightning bolts on it. Smashing stuff.

Three stripes running across the shoulders with one button is a smart look. Stick JVC on this and they can have our hard-earned money this second. It’s another sensational adidas release for The Gunners.

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There you have it, that’s every release so far. If you’ve seen any Premier League shirts that you like in our list, grab one for less at FOOTY.COM.

If you’re going for nostalgia, take a look back at our 2021/22 Premier League shirt ranking or even shop for retro Premier League kits too!

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