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The 10 best pre-match football shirts 2020/21

It’s usually all about the latest match shirts, but what if you want to be different? We’ve got some beauties in our list of best pre-match training tops.

barcelona southampton and arsenal shirts with 10 best pre-match football shirts 2020-21 title

The home, the away, the third. You’ve got them all. And sometimes, you just wish clubs and brands would throw it out there a little more with the new season’s designs.

If you’re thinking about mixing it up alongside this season’s latest kits, maybe it’s time you added a pre-match shirt to your collection. Pre-match shirts are great, the reason being is that it’s where designers don’t necessarily follow club colours and rules. This leads to some amazing creations.

We’ve selected our favourites for 2020/21 from what’s been released into the market, in no particular order and without further ado, here we go…

1. Barcelona pre-match shirt 2020/21

Image from Nike.

Can you see Griezmann if you stare at it cross-eyed for long enough? This kaleidoscope-inspired shirt from Nike keeps well within Barca’s traditional colour range, only offering it a strong twist, quite literally.

The standard team sponsor sits across the midriff with a secondary sponsor on the back, with Catalan shades running through a ‘slipped’ armband to complete the look. As dazzling as a Messi dribble.

2. Arsenal pre-match shirt 2020/21

Image from adidas.

The first of two London entries on our list, this shirt adds to the fact that Arsenal have already excelled with their home 20/21 release. It’s clear for all to see, their pre-match design is as slick as Aubameyang across the Emirates’ turf too.

It’s a mean look from adidas which includes tints of crimson and paint brush strokes of black, mixed so well that we are ignoring the bold (and needless) ‘Arsenal’ printing down the sleeves

3. AS Roma pre-match shirt 2020/21

Image from Nike.

As expected, another mesmerising number from Nike and AS Roma. This release toys with the Giallorossi traditional colourway, whilst entwining them with an intriguing 3D gradient box pattern. It really is as brave as going into a 50/50 with Daniele De Rossi himself.

This is going to sell quickly, so get your hands on it today, take to the garden and pretend you’re a Roman hero warming up for the Derby della Capitale.

4. Juventus pre-match shirt 2020/21

Image from adidas.

In the same vein as the Arsenal adidas pre-match shirt, the Juventus colours are sprayed across this shirt in a classy way. Monochrome works. Add a dash of gold and it really works. Del Piero trotting around in golden boots is certainly testament to that formula.

It’s odd how the print on the Arsenal shirt shoulders, which we weren’t a fan of, seems to somehow work on the Juventus version. Cristiano is going to look good in this, no surprises there then.

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5. Club America pre-match shirt 2020/21

Image from Nike.

Mexican food is spicy, Mexican shirts from Club America tend to follow that same description. Las Aguilas have stomped the top of our charts before, with their vibrant shirt releases of recent years. This pre-match piece of art is no different.

Taking the overhead outline of the Americas, it incorporates gigantic C and A lettering and cleverly avoids a sponsor inclusion. This keeps it from being too busy. It’s different, but it’s incredible. Excuse us while we get one, right now.

6. Hearts pre-match shirt 2020/21

hearts blue 2020/21 pre-match shirt on white background
Image from Umbro.

It’d be fair to say that Scottish football sometimes slips under the radar. Hearts are here to make people notice it once more. The Heart of Midlothian maroon is long forgotten with this Umbro creation, which looks a bit like Picasso has had a pop at painting Tetris.

The blues are vibrant and the design is brave, to say the least. A classic rounded collar and contrast sleeves complete the look perfectly. As the Scots would say, it’s pure dead brilliant.

7. Inter Milan pre-match shirt 2020/21

Image from Nike.

It wouldn’t be a complete list without an entry from at least one side of Milan. Internazionale’s pre-match effort is another corker this year, it’s as if someone’s taken a hammer to the zig-zag stripes of the new home kit, but the result is far from a DIY disaster.

Overall, it sticks closely to the Nerazzurri colours. The yellow hue of the long-standing sponsor, Swoosh, badge and off-centre armband all add powerful contrast, much like a combo of Materazzi and Figo in the same team.

8. Southampton pre-match shirt 2020/21

southampton grey and pink 2020/21 pre-match shirt on white background
Image from Under Armour.

We honestly don’t know what the hell is going on here, but that’s the allure of the Saints’ latest warm-up effort. Is it Spiderman-inspired? Is it stained glass? Whatever it is, we think Under Armour have made it interesting enough to make anyone stand out from the crowd.

The badge is the only thing which will make you think ‘Southampton’, with various hues of blue mixed with dots of salmon pink throughout, wait... Is it inspired by the fish at the docks?

9. Tottenham Hotspur pre-match shirt 2020/21

Image from Nike.

Yes, Nike again. They’re nailing it this year with their pre-match stuff. So much so, that we can’t ignore this effort which comfortably competes with their north London rivals Arsenal. Although, we can’t help but see the reloading of staples?

Diagonal shades of dark to mid blue, with dashes of contrast yellow give it a bold look. It gracefully steps away from any notion of boring white Spurs standards. Plain navy sleeves help to stop the pattern from overpowering. When Son flies past, the colours should mix nicely into a blur. 

10. Everton pre-match shirt 2020/21   

everton white and blue 2020/21 pre-match shirt on white background
Image from Hummel.

This is arguably better than the new home shirt for us. We love Hummel here at FOOTY.COM and they’ve produced some top gear in their first year with Everton, including this fresh and clean looking pre-match top.

Sticking with club colours, albeit a lighter blue, the white sleeves add a simplicity to a well-worked vertical block styling on the main. If big Neville Southall was around now, this shirt may have made him look somewhat slimmer during the warm-up at least.  

Honourable mention: RB Leipzig pre-match shirt 2020/21

rb leipzig grey and yellow 2020/21 pre-match shirt on white background
Image from Nike.

Absolute carnage. We couldn’t make our mind up on this one, it depends which mood you wake up in I suppose! We had to give RB Leipzig’s shirt a mention because it’s classic Marmite. One thing is for certain, it’s brave.

Red Bull are an old hand when it comes to PR stunts, Felix Baumgartner and all that. Could they be pulling another cracker off here? This shirt will definitely get talked about. I mean, we couldn’t help ourselves could we?

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