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Top 7 pink football kits for your shirt collection

Start looking pretty in pink. We’ve picked out the best pink shirts at the lowest prices to add to your collection today.

selection of the best pink football shirts

Not many clubs look pretty in pink. 

In fact, pink football kits have historically been very hit and miss. You only need to look at 2008 Oldham or 2011 Juventus to see how badly things can go wrong, which is probably why only a small handful of clubs currently use it as their home colour. When done right, however, the end result can be absolutely sensational. 

While giants such as Juventus, Real Madrid and Manchester United have all been known to pink things up in the past, the first club that springs to mind is obviously Palermo. They’ll always be considered the masters of pink, and pretty much every single one of their designs would be a stunning addition to any shirt collection. 

Unfortunately, a lot of these beautiful shirts are quite tricky to get hold of, especially if you’re after one of the more iconic designs. To kick-off the brand-new FOOTY.COM Collectors Club, I’m running through all the best pink football kits you can actually buy right now, and I’ve even found where you can get the lowest price on all of them...

1. South Korea - 2020 Home Shirt

Best Price: £69.95

Image from Nike.

This needs to be near the top of every football shirt wishlist right now, regardless of whether you’re looking for something pink (or, you know, red). Only recently made available for purchase, the brand-new South Korea home shirt is absolutely magnificent, bursting with the kind of unique creativity which we’d usually associate with Nigeria. 

Without question, this is one of the best football shirts of 2020, and it’s unlike anything else you’re likely to have in your collection. The wavy red pattern isn’t just a glorious trippy masterpiece, it’s actually based on elements of the Korean flag, resulting in one of the most vibrant international shirts I’ve seen in the past few years. 

Gradually fading out into a lovely gradient pattern, the pink and red colourway looks truly fantastic alongside the black trim. This is a new release (so still at its initial price), but it’s worth every single penny to get one before they all sell out. Trust me, they will. 

2. Everton - 2019/20 Away Shirt

Best Price: £15.00

Image from Umbro.

What an absolute bargain. Everton’s 2019/20 away shirt is undoubtedly one of the most underrated designs of the season, and the chance to bag one for just £15 is an opportunity too good to turn down. Unless you’re a Liverpool fan, in which case this is the last thing you should be buying. 

The two-tone salmon sash just looks so damn smooth, like delicious pink cream cheese smeared in a gorgeous pattern. Okay, so the Angry Birds sleeve logo might be a bit of an off-putter, but the use of navy here (and on the sponsors and crests) really pops out of the shirt and brings the whole thing together beautifully. 

Everton have always been a prime example of how pink shirts can be hit and miss - they’ve certainly had a few disasters down the years. But this one is absolutely bang on the money for me, so I’m surprised it hasn’t really received the attention it deserves. 

3. Palermo - 2007-08 Home Shirt

Best Price: £99.99

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

This is probably one of the best Palermo kits ever made, so it’s great to see there’s still a chance to get hold of one. I think pretty much any Palermo home shirt would be worth your hard-earned cash, but this is definitely near the top of the list if I had to choose just one.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the club’s pink origins, this colourful Lotto number is nothing short of a salmon-filled delight. The bright shades of pink dovetail magnificently with the strong black accents on the side and shoulder panels, while the gorgeous gold trim adds a touch of class which really sets it apart from other designs. 

Classic retro shirts will always be more expensive than new releases, but this should be the number one choice for anyone desperate to add some Palermo to their wardrobe.

4. Palermo - 2016/17 Home Shirt

Best Price: £32.99

Image from FOOTY.COM.

If you’re after a slightly cheaper Palermo shirt, then may I direct your attention to their rather lovely 2016/17 home shirt. The trademark pink colourway is, of course, there in all its glory, once again accompanied by classy black and gold accents on the collar and cuffs. It’s very, very classy indeed. 

Palermo and Joma have served up some absolute beauties together, and this is certainly up there as one of the best for me. It’s beautifully clean and simple, while the lack of a sponsor lets you soak up all of that glorious pink without any distractions whatsoever - with just the slightest dash of black on the shoulders. Good job it’s payday, I’m gonna have to get one now. 

5. Juventus - 1997/98 Centenary Away Shirt

Best Price: £299.99

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

This Juventus “Centenary” shirt is one of the best pink football kits of all-time. The Old Lady actually played in pink before donning their famous stripes, so the return of this colourway was undoubtedly the best way to celebrate the club’s illustrious history. 

While Juve have had their fair share of pinky stinkers, the adidas design in 1997 was fortunately bang on the money. Brought to life by that sensational black collar, the shirt features gold lettering to mark the anniversary, while the fact they won Serie A that year only helped to cement its iconic status. 

Zidane, Del Piero and Inzaghi all pulled this on throughout Juve’s road to glory, and it’s a particularly rare design oozing with irresistible Italian class. This is one for the serious collectors with a bit of cash to burn, since the eye-popping price tag obviously reflects its sheer rarity.

6. Manchester United - 2018/19 Away Shirt

Best Price: £32.48

Image from adidas.

This is a Manchester United shirt which undoubtedly splits opinion. Their 2018/19 pink away shirt was dismissed by some, ridiculed by others, while a select few hailed it as the best strip of the new adidas era. I’ve got to admit I wasn’t a huge fan at first but, following that unforgettable night in Paris, it’s a design which has certainly grown on me. 

Supposedly a nod to the “Football Pink” section of the Manchester Evening News, this mellow shade of pink is unlike any United shirt which came before it, with the pale colour accented by a slightly deeper shade on the cuffs and shoulder stripes. The monochrome badge matches up with the shorts perfectly, so it’s just a shame that the hideous Chevrolet sponsor wasn’t given the same treatment, to be honest.

Anyway, this lovely little shirt should hold very fond memories for any United fans out there and, for just over £30, it’s not a bad deal at all. Besides, you won’t have any other United shirts quite like this one. 

7. Loja CD - 2018/19 Goalkeeper Shirt

Best Price: £29.99

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

I just had to. You might love this, hate this or feel like you need to throw up a little. Either way, this infamous Loja CD shirt will always raise a few smiles, and it’s one of these fun novelty shirts every collection should have. Go on, I dare you.

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