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20 best Spanish La Liga kits 2023/24

Step into the sunshine and drink in the best kits that Spain’s La Liga has to offer. Here are 20 shirts that we love.
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best spanish la liga kits 2023/24

We can almost hear the dulcet tones of Guillem Balagué, as we scan through all the 2023/24 La Liga kits.

Valenthia, Barthelona, Rayal Mareeth. Yeah, we’re getting right into the Mediterranean spirit over here.

We’re picking out the best shirts in Spain, from giant teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona, but we're also shining a light on minnows such as Cádiz and Girona.

Our Jude has made the big move down to southern Europe, which means that La Liga can now do no wrong in our eyes.

Mix up the Sangria and get prepared to sip on some tasty shirts…

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20. Barcelona Away

barcelona 2023-24 away shirt in white
Image from FC Barcelona.

It’s hard for anything to be bad, when it’s been inspired by Johan Cruyff. This Barcelona away shirt is not unlike the great man’s famous turn: simple and clean.

Based on the famous white shirts of the 1970s and ‘80s, the cuffs play host to those legendary ‘blaugrana’ colours.

Have there been better efforts from the Catalan giants? Yes, of course. But we’re still enjoying its simplicity.

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19. Valencia Away

valencia 2023-24 away shirt in dark blue with white stripes and orange
Image from Valencia CF.

Pop a bit of Duran Duran on and transport yourself back to the ‘80s, because Valencia have gone full neon for their change strip in 2023/24.

Bright orange is used for the sponsor and Puma logo. Alongside our old favourite, the irridescent club badge, which has a beautiful bronze tinge to it.

We reckon the young fans will love this one, as Valencia look to light up the pitch during their away trips.

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18. UD Almería Away

ud almeria 2023-24 away shirt in black
Image from UD Almería.

German giants Dortmund have proven time and again that yellow and black is a killer combo. La Liga’s UD Almería seems to have taken note.

Their 2023/24 away effort is a Castore creation which features a beautiful base pattern. But it’s the yellow trims that set this one off.

One thing is for certain, they’re going to look good as they go down swinging at the Bernabéu this season (sorry, UD Almería fans).

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17. Real Betis Third

player wearing real betis 2023-24 third shirt on pitch
Image from Real Betis Balompié.

The hummel ‘Denmark’ template has been a heavy feature throughout 2023/24. This is a great example of how to use it effectively.

The subtle green trims nod towards Real Betis’ powerful colour palette, whilst the grey and black combination works together in a thin striped pattern.

Wherever you see the colours of Betis x hummel, you just know Isco-ing to be a cracker.

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16. Granada Away

player wearing granada 2023-24 away shirt in blue
Images from Granada CF.

Yes, it’s a template. Don’t hate us. We had to include it, as it’s one of the best uses of a template we’ve seen from this season’s La Liga outfits.

Gold trims will always make us turn our heads and take note (see #1 in our 2023/24 Premier League shirt ranking). This strip blends dark blues and golds, effortlessly.

In our view, Granada ‘CF’ should now stand for Granada ‘cool fashionistas’.

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15. Girona Away

female and male players wearing girona 2023-24 away shirt in white and light blue
Image from Girona FC.

We now cast our eye over to Catalonia’s lesser-mentioned football club, Girona. Their Puma away shirt doesn’t try to steal the limelight either. And we like that.

A gentle speckled effect runs over the white base, neatly coupled with thick sky blue collar and sleeve ends.

Dutch journeyman Daley Blind will be pulling this on in 2023/24, and we’re far from blind to this shirt’s hidden beauty.

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14. Rayo Vallecano Home

player wearing rayo vallecano 2023-24 home shirt in white with red bolt
Images from Rayo Vallecano.

The bolt is back. This twist on Rayo Vallecano’s sash has featured for a few consecutive seasons now. It’s yet to bore us.

Like Girona, this is another club living in the shadow of giants. But Umbro have stepped up their design to elite levels using branded retro yellow trims.

Ohhh Bebé (yes, he’s somehow still getting a game), we’re fans of this superb flash of lightning.

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13. Real Betis Home

three players wearing real betis 2023-24 home shirt in white with green stripes
Image from Real Betis Balompié.

The second of three Real Betis shirts that have made it into our top 20 ranking. This time it’s the unmistakable green and white of Los Verdiblancos’ home kit.

Including a diamond pattern and split striping is a genius move from hummel, it breaks up the solid lines in a superb and simple way.

It’s almost as exciting as Denílson with the ball at his feet, circa 1998. And he had more tricks than a clown’s suitcase, that lad.

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12. Atlético Madrid Away

player wearing atletico madrid 2023-24 away shirt in blue and white
Image from Club Atlético de Madrid.

Bold. Unusual. Surprising. We’re used to seeing Atlético Madrid in red and white with a hint of blue. But a blue and white half-and-half? Madness.

This shirt is wonderfully balanced. Its royal blue and crisp white reverses smoothly for the badge and sponsor. Nothing is fighting for airtime.

In a refreshing change of events, there will be something other than Diego Simeone turning the air blue this season.

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11. UD Las Palmas Home

player wearing las palmas 2023-24 home shirt in yellow on pitch
Image from UD Las Palmas.

There’s only one thing to do if your football club sits in the beautiful sun-soaked city of Las Palmas. Make your shirt bright and beach-ready.

With subtle ‘dunes’ running through the base yellow, it’s backed up by glints of light blue on the details.

If this design doesn’t make you wish you were on your jollies, the Gran Canaria tourist board is there to remind you.

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10. Cádiz Third

male and female wearing cadiz 2023-24 third shirt in green
Image from Cádiz CF.

You may not know, Cádiz is the original home of the Spanish Navy. And this one certainly came out of the port with all guns blazing.

A smart, dark green base containing feint pinstripes is the perfect canvas for lavish gold details. Macron continue to impress us this season.

They may need to look at changing their nickname after this release though, as The Yellow Submarine just became, The Green Machine.

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9. RCD Mallorca Away

players wearing mallorca 2023-24 away shirt in black
Images from RCD Mallorca.

Another slick use of Nike’s 2023/24 template, you can file this shirt firmly under ‘things you love to see’. Plus, looking a little Leverkusen-y never hurt anyone.

Like a dangerous snake’s skin, combining thick black and grey horizontal stripes with red keylines is a strong statement. These colours come with their own warning.

We’re not sure how much bite RCD Mallorca will have on their travels in La Liga, but their avid fan base will follow them all the way.

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8. Athletic Bilbao Away

three players wearing athletic bilbao 2023-23 away shirt in bright blue
Image from Athletic Club.

When your club is nicknamed “Los Leones” (The Lions), you can be damn sure of one thing, your kit is guaranteed to have lions on it.

Castore have done a fantastic job with the light blue away strip of Athletic Bilbao, on which the obvious highlight is the repeated lion pattern.

You have to enjoy this one. Unai Simón says, you have to enjoy this one.

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7. Celta Vigo Home

players wearing celta vigo 2023-24 home shirt in light blue
Image from RC Celta de Vigo.

Celebrating their centenary, the Celta fans have been delivered a gem this season. A sky blue home shirt packed with intricate details.

To help honour the 100-year anniversary, adidas have toned down their branding, which adds to the classiness of the overall look.

The home strip includes the lyrics to the club’s new anthem, written by Spanish rapper C. Tangana. Stick it on now. Honestly, it’s a banger.

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6. Sevilla Away

players wearing sevilla 2023-24 away shirt in red
Images from Sevilla FC.

We’d love to one day see a ‘Seville orange’ kit. But for now, we’ll certainly settle for a crimson swirly one.

An interesting pattern makes this Castore strip stand out, with hints of gold thrown in. The wrap-over collar is sublime too.

We can confirm, most Sevilla supporters are saying this is definitely more Gudelj, than bad-elj.

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5. Real Madrid Third

three players wearing real madrid 2023-24 third shirt in black
Images from Real Madrid CF.

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about them, did you? It looks like Los Blancos are flipping it on its head, and going all black this season.

Known the world over for their footballing elegance, Real Madrid’s third strip backs up that claim. Classy. Smooth. Sophisticated.

The stitched RMCF on the collar. Yellowy-golden detailing. Bellingham running the show like prime Zidane. Please, grab us some popcorn.

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4. Valencia Home

male and female players wearing valencia 2023-24 home shirt in white
Image from Valencia CF.

La Liga sides, please take note. We want more sand-themed kits. This Valencia home shirt has a subtle pattern and sandy trims that we’re loving.

Inspired by the Mediterranean and the laidback Valencian lifestyle that us Brits crave so much, it’s a simple design by Puma that ticks every box.

Valencia is home of the actual Holy Grail and whilst this isn’t quite there in shirt collecting terms, it’s a very tidy effort.

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3. Real Betis Away

hector bellerin wearing real betis 2023-24 away shirt in green
Image from Real Betis Balompié.

Ahhh, now we understand why the fashion-conscious full-back Héctor Bellerín has re-signed for Real Betis. It’s because of this.

Delivering another slice of retro, hummel continue to turn out fun kits. And they don’t come much more joyful than this. A bright green polo with sublimated chevron pattern.

If you’re saying that you won’t buy this for your collection, you’ve got to be Joaquín?

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2. Cádiz Away

male and female player wearing cadiz 2023-24 away shirt in black and gold
Images from Cádiz CF.

A special kit for one of the smaller teams in La Liga, Cádiz. A club playing on their hometown’s neoclassical and baroque architecture? More of that, please.

Shimmering, outlined club badges make up an incredible repeat pattern on the black base of this Macron shirt. Golden details top it all off.

This once booming, beautiful port city now boasts another piece of classic design within its ranks.

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1. Real Madrid Home

jude bellingham wearing real madrid 2023-24 home shirt in white
Image from Real Madrid CF.

A team that’s no stranger to the #1 spot, their home shirt is our favourite design of the La Liga 2023/24 season.

Clean, classic and pure Real Madrid. Adidas haven’t tried too hard, but they’ve added enough detail to ensure that the Spanish giants look as sharp as ever.

The navy piping used throughout is sublime, with hints of gold that only Los Blancos could wear with confidence. A sublimated pattern adds a certain depth to the Madrid white.

Courtois. Militão. Kroos. Bellingham. Vini Jr. It’s difficult to think about anything other than a trophy-winning season for this iconic side. Hala Madrid!

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That’s what we think of La Liga’s shirt game this season. We’ll be keeping our eyes firmly locked on the Spanish action!

To get the lowest prices on the shirts you’ve seen here, or any other La Liga kits, compare deals with us and save cash this season.

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