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8 best goalkeeper kits of 2020/21

Everyone loves a good goalkeeper kit. Well, we’re rounding up some of the very best…

best 2020/21 goalkeeper kits

Goalkeeper kits don’t often get the attention they deserve.

Lost amongst a relentless cascade of new home, away and third strips, the men between the sticks usually take a backseat during the pre-season kit promos. This is, of course, a real crying shame, since you only need to look at Jorge Campos and Claudio Taffarel to see how iconic these shirts can become. 

The goalkeepers’ union should up in arms about this inexplicable lack of coverage, especially since there are still so many wonderful designs out there. Although most clubs are often handed generic templates, sometimes the keeper is actually the best-dressed man on the pitch. 

So, this is an ode to the forgotten goalkeeper kits of 2020/21, and I’m running you through some of the best designs you’ll see this season.

8. Northwich Victoria - 2020/21 Goalkeeper Home

Image from Northwich Victoria.

Northwich Victoria have been doing some very special things summer. We recently named their stunning home shirt as one of this year’s best non-league kits, and now they’ve followed this up with a truly sensational keeper strip. After all, we don’t want the man between the sticks getting a serious dose of “kit envy”, do we?

Let’s just hope he’s a fan of The Charlatans, because that unique graphic was originally created to celebrate their North by Northwich festival back in 2018. Created by local artist, Dave Draws, the sprawling pattern depicts the local area, ensuring this is a keeper kit unlike anything else you’ll see this season. Lovely stuff. 

7. Arsenal - 2020/21 Goalkeeper Home

Image from adidas.

There’s nothing wrong with a template when it looks as sharp as this. Arsenal’s new goalkeeper kit isn’t as inventive or unique as everything else in this list, but it’s fair to say they’ve really made the most of the AdiPro20 design. I guess you can’t really go wrong with a black colourway and crisp white logos. 

Okay, so it’s pretty much identical to what Real Madrid, Manchester United and so many other European giants, but none of those other clubs really come close to touching this. It won’t win any prizes for originality, but this rounds off yet another fantastic selection of adidas Arsenal kits. A partnership made in kit heaven. 

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 6. Port Vale - 2020/21 Goalkeeper Home

Image from Port Vale.

Yes, Robbie, this entertains us. The striking new Port Vale kits have divided opinion more than Brexit and The Royal Family combined, and the goalkeeper certainly wasn’t left out of all the media hype. I mean, just look at the poor chap’s face, even he’s not sure whether to be embarrassed or completely over-the-moon. 

Designed in collaboration with Robbie Williams, the mind-bending “V” pattern creates one of the boldest shirts of the season. Vale have had their fair share of interesting kits down the years, but I’m not sure even the iconic Kalamazoo kits from the 90s were quite as experimental as this - so take that!

The trippy pattern obviously stands out well against the gold colourway, while the sponsor actually slots into the whole thing rather nicely. I just feel for the opposition, really, since there’s gonna be a load of dizzy players out there. 

5. Everton - 2020/21 Goalkeeper Third

Image from Everton.

I’m not sure I’ll ever grow tired of black and gold football kits. I don’t care if Barcelona, Ajax and a bunch of other clubs have all done the same thing, these colours always look incredibly classy. Just as Liverpool did last year, Everton are wowing us with a keeper strip which looks smart enough to wear to a dinner party. A fancy one. 

Featuring the same soundwave graphic as the home and away, this third-choice keeper kit rounds off a really strong collection from hummel. Let’s just take a break to gaze at it for a while, and wonder why Everton are saving their best kit just for little ol' Jordan Pickford. Either way, it’s beautiful. 

4. Bristol City - 2020/21 Goalkeeper Away

Image from Bristol City.

WARNING: sunglasses required. Nobody does keeper kits quite like Bristol City, and this away number is popping with more colour than a family-size pack of Starburst. This is every bit as fun, colourful and wild as every great goalkeeper shirt should be, sending us all back to the 90s in a rainbow-tinged flash. 

Following last year's sensational keeper strips, hummel are continuing a tradition of vibrant designs, eye-popping colours and essentially breaking the internet. The chain-link pattern looks awesome in all those different colours, and this shirt would match up perfectly with a couple of glow sticks and some glittery face paint. It’s almost rave o’clock.

3. Forward Madison - 2020/21 Goalkeeper Home

Image from Forward Madison.

Forward Madison just never miss. I’ve never seen them play, I couldn’t name a player, and I keep having to check what league they’re in, but they’re quickly becoming one of my favourite clubs. Their new goalkeeper kit is just as beautiful as we’ve come to expect, becoming the latest entry in the growing “black and gold club”. 

After last season's pink flamingo-inspired masterpiece, this time hummel have gone for a more subdued style which goes down the floral route. The pattern is clearly very easy on the eye, but it also reinforces the fun, exuberant character this fresh new club are becoming so famous for. Like I said, they never miss.

2. Fluminense - 2020/21 Goalkeeper Home

Image from Umbro.

Sweet, sweet nostalgia. For me, the very best goalkeeper kits all came back in the 90s, during a time when Jorge Campos and Jose Chilavert would regularly test our retinas. Umbro have done a smashing job of tapping into that nostalgia over in South America, releasing a collection of keeper strips which even Jorge himself would be proud of. 

Although the likes of Santos and Gremio are using the same design, this sensational template looks particularly impressive when drenched in the colours of Fluminense. Sitting atop a white colourway, this distorted, abstract double-diamond graphic is emblazoned in shades of claret and blue, and I can’t help thinking how well this would work for someone like West Ham United. 

These bright pops of colour, geometric lines and general craziness send me right back to 1992-93, when a red-nosed Peter Schmeichel wore a similar design for Manchester United. A welcome blast from the past. 

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1. Bristol City - 2020/21 Goalkeeper Home

Image from Bristol City.

There was only ever going to be one winner. 

Bristol City’s home keeper kit is full-throttle disco, a glimpse at what a hummel-inspired Saturday Night Fever might look like. Well, someone better cue The Bee Gees, because this has got me dancing over to the checkout while I eagerly open up my wallet. And, no, I’m not even a Robins fan. 

Just as importantly, this is yet another gem inspired by one of Peter Schmeichel’s iconic kits. This time, however, it’s a love-letter to the greatest shirt he ever wore, inspired heavily by the Denmark strip worn at Euro 92. The insane colours and bold chain-link pattern make a grand return, but everything’s been freshened up with a 2020 twist. 

I don’t care what happens on the pitch, this sensational masterpiece will already go down in history as one of the greats. Now we just need Bristol City to sign Kasper, and we’ll have finally cracked the secret to time-travel. 

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So, there you have it. Those are the best goalkeeper kits of 2020/21. If you think I’ve missed someone off, then don’t shy away from letting me know what you think in the comments or over on Twitter. 

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