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10 best goalkeeper kits of 2022/23

Everyone loves a good 'keeper kit, don’t they? We’re rounding up the very best GK jerseys around…

best goalkeeper kits 2022/23

It’s a travesty when goalkeeper kits don’t get the attention they deserve.

Lost amongst an endless stream of new home, away and third strips, those crazy folk between the sticks often miss out on the limelight during the kit promos.

This is, of course, a crying shame. We only need to mention Jorge Campos and Peter Schmeichel to remind you how iconic these shirts can become.

The goalkeepers’ union should be up in arms about this shocking lack of coverage. Especially when there are so many wonderful designs out there.

Although most clubs are handed generic brand templates, sometimes the keeper can become the best dressed on the pitch with a lively bespoke creation.

So, this is an ode to the forgotten goalkeeper kits of 2022/23. We’re here to run you through some of the best GK designs you’ll see this season.

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10. Aldershot Town (GK Away)

aldershot town goalkeeper home shirt 2022-23 in black and purple
Image from @OfficialShots.

We’re starting with one from the archives. A classic throwback will never cease to tickle our fancy.

This is a flashback to 1992, a fateful season in The Shots’ history as they were wound up after suffering financial difficulties.

It’s a celebration of the club’s rebirth though. Retro joy in its purest form from Errea with purple and orange, plus a set of thick black cuffs to boot.

9. VfB Stuttgart (GK Home)

vfb stuttgart goalkeeper home shirt 2022-23 in turquoise blue
Image from VfB Stuttgart Shop.

This German Bundesliga outfit has a wonderful set of kits this season, including this crisp, fresh-looking Jako ‘keeper jersey.

The black patterning and thick midriff stripe both help it to avoid unwanted boringness, with the sponsor fitting in perfectly.

The badge is beautifully embossed too. It’s minty fresh and very, very smart.

8. Parma Calcio 1913 (GK Home)

parma calcio 1913 goalkeeper home shirt 2022-23 in black and purple
Image from Parma Calcio 1913 Shop.

It seems like Parma have seriously upped their GK shirt game ever since the legendary Gigi Buffon returned to their ranks.

Errea are back dishing out the classic feels with this one, combining green, purple and black in a ‘90s pattern.

It’s a fun shirt, and what’s goalkeeping without a bit of fun? Madness, that’s what.

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7. IF Brondby (GK Away)

IF brondby goalkeeper away shirt 2022-23 in black and pink
Image from hummel.

A little jaunt over to the Danish Superliga now for a classic colour combo which never fails. Black and pink.

This hummel design features the famous chevrons, including the pattern on a repeated base with flashes of pink, which livens it up wonderfully.

Solid black long sleeve arms stop the pattern becoming overpowering, and also help the GK to feel their arms in the depths of the Danish winter.

6. Mexico (GK Icon)

mexico goalkeeper icon shirt 2022-23 in multi colours
Image from adidas.

OK, so not strictly an official Mexico match shirt for the seemingly eternal Ochoa. But it’s a beauty nonetheless.

Created as part of adidas’ Icon range (also crackers) and in celebration of Mexico’s most legendary ‘keeper of all, Jorge Campos.

Loosely modelled on his bold USA ‘94 looks, this pink, green, purple and yellow dazzler brings in centralised badging and oversized fit. Not quite as oversized as Jorge’s, though.

5. AS Monaco (GK Away)

AS monaco goalkeeper away kit 2022-23 in light blue
Image from AS Monaco Shop.

If you thought the Stuttgart kit was fresh, this is one another level. AS Monaco x Kappa have delivered real quality this season.

The turquoise base has darker elements overlaid, to give it a jacquard-style look. And it works extremely well.

It’s fairly simple, but sometimes in simplicity, that is where the beauty lies. Oof, that was almost poetic.

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4. Cameroon (GK Home)

cameroon goalkeeper home shirt 2022 in purple
Image from

We’re taking a sudden trip from simplicity to downright barmy now. Well, that’s the power of the #1 jersey.

The Cameroon kits from One were pretty woeful, but they’ve done a decent job with the GK shirt. Bus seat vibes are always welcome.

This purple mix-and-match with the loudest badge combo you’ve ever seen, is likely to have André Onana saying O-yeah-yeah.

3. Bristol City (GK Home)

bristol city goalkeeper home shirt 2022-23 in neon multi colours
Image from Bristol City FC.

The inevitable inclusion of a Bristol City x hummel effort from 2022/23. They are certainly making GK shirts their ‘thing’ of late.

It’s another flash of Schmeichel’s iconic 1992 Denmark jaw-dropper this time, with more of a jazzy ‘80s disco pattern doing the work.

The colours are neon, the sleeves are short and the respect from us is most definitely earned. It’s a belter, this.

2. Parma Calcio 1913 (GK Away)

parma calcio 1913 goalkeeper away shirt 2022-23 in light blue and white stripes
Image from Parma Calcio 1913 Shop.

A second inclusion for Serie B’s Parma Calcio and their shot-stopping hero, Buffon.

This bright and breezy Errea effort is a far cry from the retro home shirt, with jutting turquoise and white horizontal stripes lighting up the shirt.

Horizontal patterns are rarely seen on ‘keeper kits, but it’s more than welcome. It’s fresh and modern, unlike the great Gigi.

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1. Vasco da Gama (GK Home)

vasco da gama goalkeeper home shirt 2022-23 in maroon
Image from CR Vasco da Gama Store.

Ahhh, the holy grail of 2022/23 goalkeeper kits. One part of, quite possibly, the finest collection of football shirts we’re ever likely to see.

The subtle jacquard patterning in maroon finished off by green and gold trimmings, it’s simply sumptuous from Vasco da Gama x Kappa.

That badge, those colours. Like the legendary Vasco da Gama himself, we’d sail thousands of miles if we knew there was one of these waiting for us.

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