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Best Euro 2020 kits - every shirt ranked by the fans

Yes, this is more important than the actual tournament. Fans have voted for their favourite Euro 2020 shirts!

best euro 2020 kits

It’s crunch time at last. 

Football’s finally coming home, so brace yourselves for a summer of wall charts, penalty heartache and chucking beer absolutely everywhere. Before all of that, though, there’s the small matter of deciding who’s got the best kits. 

Since we take this very seriously indeed, we unleashed the EurosVision Shirt Contest upon the world and let fans vote for their favourite Euro 2020 shirts. Now all the points have been dished out and counted, it’s time for the nail-biting results. 

This is every single home and away shirt at Euro 2020, ranked from worst to best by you lovely people. We’ve even tallied the scores up for each country and crowned an overall winner, so let’s find out if anyone’s getting the dreaded nil-pwa… 

Euro 2020 shirts - ranking every country

Lines are now closed. The votes have been counted.  The tension is absolutely killing us, and so is all the sarcastic commentary. 

Nevermind the Henri Delaunay trophy, this is what the teams really care about. They just want to be told they’ve got the best shirts in the tournament. Uh, and we needed an excuse to pull together a snazzy EurosVision scoreboard. Obviously. 

So, we’ve tallied up the points given to each shirt and found out which country has claimed the greatest prize in football. Here’s every country at Euro 2020, ranked by how good or naff their shirts are (chosen by you lovely folk):

scoreboard showing the results of the vote

Yes, we might suspect a smidge of tactical voting here, but we honestly couldn’t care less. England have roared to EurosVision glory, smashing runners-up Scotland and third-placed Finland completely out of the water. 

You heard it here first, England have the best shirts of Euro 2020. And the fact we ran this vote from the UK has absolutely nothing to do with it. Nope. Not a darn thing. 

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Euro 2020 kits - every shirt ranked worst to best

So, England have been crowned champions of the EurosVision Shirt Contest. It’s coming home and there’s absolutely nothing the rest of Europe can do about it. Uh, apart from giving us nil-pwa in the actual Eurovision. Sigh. 

But which shirts racked up all the douze points? After asking fans to dish out points to their favourite designs, we’ve now ranked every single Euro 2020 shirt from worst to best. 

48. Turkey - Away Shirt (38 Points)
47. Switzerland - Away Shirt (54 Points)
46. Czech Republic - Away Shirt (90 Points)
45. Slovakia - Away Shirt (90 Points)
44. Hungary - Home Shirt (110 Points)
43. Russia - Home Shirt (130 Points)
42. Switzerland - Home Shirt (136 Points)
41. Poland - Away Shirt (142 Points)
40. Czech Republic - Home Shirt (150 Points)
39. Ukraine - Away Shirt (176 Points)
38. Denmark - Away Shirt (186 Points)
37. Russia - Away Shirt (188 Points)
36. Turkey - Home Shirt (192 Points)
35. Ukraine - Home Shirt (196 Points)
34. Finland - Away Shirt (204 Points)
33. Hungary - Away Shirt (206 Points)
32. Spain - Away Shirt (214 Points)
31. North Macedonia - Away Shirt (278 Points)
30. Poland - Home Shirt (282 Points)
29. Belgium - Away Shirt (332 Points)
28. Austria - Home Shirt (342 Points)
27. Sweden - Home Shirt (364 Points)
26. Austria - Away Shirt (392 Points)
25. Spain - Home Shirt (408 Points)
24. Italy - Away Shirt (410 Points)
23. Wales - Away Shirt (496 Points)
22. Portugal - Home Shirt (508 Points)
21. France - Away Shirt (564 Points)
20. Netherlands - Away Shirt (758 Points)
19. Germany - Home Shirt (758 Points)
18. Croatia - Home Shirt (810 Points)
17. Wales - Home Shirt (866 Points)
16. Scotland - Away Shirt (888 Points)
15. Portugal - Away Shirt (904 Points)
14. Denmark - Home Shirt (950 Points)
13. Croatia - Away Shirt (994 Points)
12. Belgium - Home Shirt (1084 Points)
11. France - Home Shirt (1198 Points)

10. Sweden - Away Shirt (1338 Points)

Oh, yes. If anyone’s on the hunt for Pinstripes of the Year, then you can close your extremely niche competition and hand Sweden the trophy right now. 

This is dark, moody and just slightly mouth-watering. Hmm, not sure I’ll ever get over the fact we won’t see Zlatan wearing it at the Euros. A shirt fit for a king... um, or a lion. 

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9. North Macedonia - Home Shirt (1342 Points)


In the time it took us to run this vote, North Macedonia have released a new home kit, caused a load of outrage, publicly apologised, and then switched back to their old shirt anyway. 

Huh, I guess that’s either a clear sign of how popular this sunshiney beauty is, or how bad the new designs really were. Either way, Macedonia will be *ahem* shining on the pitch this summer. 

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8. Netherlands - Home Shirt (1440 Points)

Sometimes I lay awake at night, wondering why the world doesn’t have more orange football shirts. Though, maybe if it did, Netherlands (and Blackpool!) shirts wouldn’t be quite so spectacular

All those spidery lines form a pretty cool lion’s head, though all I really look for from Dutch kits is loads of orange, to be honest. So, yeah, this ticks that particularly colourful box. 

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7. Germany - Away Shirt (2030 Points)

Someone’s cut the power and run off with all the candles. Germany’s away shirt is shrouded in dangerous shadows, with just a hint of colour found on the glorious cuffs. 

Alright, so blackout shirts aren’t everyone’s cuppa, but this Marmite masterpiece racked up enough votes to suggest people love it after all. I wouldn’t want to bump into this shirt in a dark alley. Shudder. 

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6. Slovakia - Home Shirt (2128 Points)

Ooh, things have suddenly got a little nippy. Ah, that’s right, Slovakia are taking us on a psychedelic tour of their beautiful mountains, and I can’t help but admire the view. 

This is hands-down the most underrated shirt of Euro 2020. I’ve got absolutely no idea if they’re any good on the pitch, but I’ll be watching their games just to get a glimpse of this bad boy in action. And Marek Hamsik, I guess he’s pretty good. 

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5. Italy - Home Shirt (2334 Points)

This isn’t just drop-dead gorgeous, it’s also the classiest thing you’ll see at Euro 2020. Yeah, that includes a swashbuckling Jack Grealish nutmegging Croatians for fun. Maybe. 

Just imagine Andrea Pirlo and Francesco Totti still played for the Azzurri. Man, the whole tournament would turn into a sensational GQ photoshoot, but with even more “drip” than usual.

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4. Scotland - Home Shirt (2686 Points)

I’m not sure whether they’re inspired by soundwaves or tea stains, but Scotland’s hoop pattern looks very cool either way. However, you’ll probably only clock it once you tear your eyes away from those delicious cuffs. Yum. 

The deep, dark navy invites you to dive right into it, though I’m not sure I could brave the chilly Scottish waters even at this time of year. Brr! 

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3. England - Away Shirt (3070 Points)

Sunglasses. Shorts. England’s incredibly blue away shirt. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s everything you’ll need for the beer garden this summer. And a pint to chuck in the air, obviously. 

I mean, it looks more like a Fred Perry polo than an actual football shirt, but the people have spoken and squeezed this into our bronze medal position anyway. Tactical voting? Nah, we’re clearly just suckers for a good Tommy Hilfiger shirt. 

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2. Finland - Home Shirt (3268 Points)

International tournaments always mean one very important thing: we all become a bit obsessed with national flags. When you start seeing them stuck on car mirrors, that’s when you know things are getting serious. 

Finland’s home shirt is essentially a massive, Swoosh-sponsored flag, and it actually works. It’s so beautifully simple, I almost feel like applauding and doing some face paint to match - with the faded blues and everything. Now that’s a proper Pukki Party. 

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1. England - Home Shirt (3444 Points)

Football is finally home! England’s home shirt received by far the most points from fans, and we're flat-out refusing to believe any home bias has crept into the vote here. I will not have our moment of glory taken away from me. 

There’s nothing too special about this shirt at first glance, but things change completely when you throw in that glorious font. Honestly, I’ve not been this excited about a typeface since the first time I discovered WordArt, and it makes the shirt at least 10 times better. 

A centralised crest? Check. Jazzy side panels? Double check. Throw in a smart button collar and this would have World Cup ‘98 written all over it. Let’s just hope we don’t go out on penalties again. Please, god no. 

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