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End of season shirt sales: 11 deals you just can't miss

Forget Black Friday and Christmas, THIS is the best time to buy a football shirt.

end of season shirt sales

Sound the trumpets. The end of the season is nigh. 

Not only does that mean we can finally stop fretting over fantasy football, but current season shirts are also getting some very tasty discounts. Yes, this is genuinely the best time to buy new football shirts. Yum indeed. 

You could probably spend hours just picking out which bargains to go for, so you’ll be relieved to know I’ve saved you the trouble this year. Stick the kettle on and put your feet up, because I’ve rounded up all the best deals worth going for right now. Ah, that’s much easier. 

1. PSG 2020/21 Third Shirt

Price: From £34.97 (Men’s)

Image from Nike

The PSG X Jumpman collabs never fail to turn the eye. This season’s third kit delivers just as much “drip” as you might expect, with a sensational colourway which kinda looks like it's been made for royalty. 

Hmmmm, yes - yes I reckon the queen could probably pull this off. Hell, even she’d be tempted at that price.

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2. England Women’s 2019 Away Shirt - Player Issue

Price: £11.00 (Women’s)

Image from Nike.

I believe the technical term for this is a “hand-snapping bargain”. Alright, I just completely made that up, but you should be snapping my hand off nonetheless. 

This is the best England shirt in years, worn during the Lionesses' famous World Cup 2019 adventures. It was actually included in our round-up of the best women’s shirt deals, but now it’s become even cheaper. 11 British pounds. Ridiculous. 

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3. Germany Euro 2020 Home Shirt

Price: From £41.97 (Men’s)

Image from adidas.

Oh, yes. We recently rounded up the best deals on Euro 2020 shirts, and this was hands-down the pick of the bunch. 

Germany arguably have the best shirts of the tournament, so it’s great to see such a hefty discount before a ball has even been kicked. Don’t be Timo Werner, don’t waste a golden opportunity. 

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4. Marseille 2020/21 Home Shirt

Price: From £33.00 (Men’s)

Image from Lovell Soccer.

Hey, you might have your eye on Marseille’s sensational new 2021/22 home shirt. I wouldn’t blame you, either. 

Before you press that tantalising “Add to Basket” button, however, you might wanna check out their rather lovely home shirt from the current season. Okay, so it’s not as jaw-dropping as the new one, but for 33 quid it’s certainly worth adding to your collection. 

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5. Everton 2020/21 Away Shirt

Price: From £15.00 (Men’s)

Image from Kitbag.

Everton have always looked great in yellow and blue, and their 2020/21 away shirt is no exception. When it’s available for just a measly 15 pounds, you could probably argue they’ve never looked so darn good. A steal for any lovely Toffees fans who haven't given up on this season yet. 

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6. Inter Milan 2020/21 Home Shirt

Price: From £41.97 (Men’s)

Image from Nike.

Take. My. Money. Take it now. 

This isn’t the cheapest deal on this list (far from it), but Inter’s stunning home shirt has been notoriously difficult to bag all season. Now that they’ve finally dethroned Juventus at the top of Serie A, this zig-zaggy masterpiece will go down in Nerazzurri history. 

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7. England Women’s 2019 Home Shirt

Price: From £7.50 (Women’s)

Image from Nike.

A personal Domino’s pizza. A *shudder* Mrs Brown Boys box set. Uh, 30 Freddo chocolate bars. 

All of these things cost more than £7.50. So I’m just gonna sit here and tell you that this England shirt is a far wiser investment. I don’t care how much you like them, you can’t wear a Freddo Frog for the Euros. You’re not mental. 

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8. PSG 2020/21 Fourth Shirt - Player Issue

Price: From £49.97 (Men’s)

Image from JD Sports.

You’ll have to be quick on the buzzer here. Very quick. 

It’s such a cracking deal, this shirt is more in-demand than a restless Harry Kane. In fact, you should probably stop reading this and head to the checkout before the last few sizes sell out. Then come back here (obviously), we ain’t quite done yet. 

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9. Atletico Madrid 2020/21 Home Shirt

Price: From £41.97 (Men’s)

Image from Nike.

It might be a season to remember for Atletico Madrid, so this may well be a great chance to grab a piece of Simeone history. 

The brushstroke stripes might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there’s just no beating that old-school two-button collar. It’s a fantastic blend of retro and modern design, and would be all the more special if they manage to clinch the La Liga title this weekend.

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10. Aston Villa 2020/21 Home Shirt

Price: From £17.00 (Men’s)

Image from Kitbag.

Aston Villa clearly aren’t the same side without Jack Grealish, but their simple home shirt still looks just as smart as ever. There are no distracting bells and whistles here, just some clean claret and blue alongside an unbelievably detailed crest. 

This is a no-nonsense Villa kit at a no-nonsense price. 

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11. Club America 2021/22 Third Shirt

Price: From £64.99 (Men’s)

Image from JD Sports.

Alright, you got me. I’ll hold my hands up. This isn’t so much a banging deal as a shirt you just have to get hold of. 

Just look at it. This is a serious contender for the best shirt of the year, so any collector’s better snap this one up before they’re all gone. Yes, I get that it’s nearly full price here, but it’s a must-have shirt I couldn’t just ignore. That’s how damn good it is. 

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