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End of season shirt sales: 10 deals you just can't miss

Forget Black Friday and Christmas, THIS is the best time to buy a football shirt.

end of season shirt sales

Bargain hunters… ASSEMBLE!

It’s been a pretty crazy week for football, but now it’s time to get back to what we do best. Sniffing out great deals on football shirts

I mean, this is genuinely the best time to buy. The end of season sales always bring a whirlwind of price drops, serving up tantalising deals on both current shirts and those from years gone by. It really is the stuff of dreams. 

You could probably spend hours just picking out which bargains to go for, so you’ll be relieved to know I’ve saved you the trouble this year. Stick the kettle on and put your feet up, because I’ve rounded up all the best deals worth going for right now. Ah, that’s much easier. 

1. Inter Milan 2020/21 Fourth Shirt - Men’s 

Price: From £52.46 (use code: READY at Kitbag)

Image from Nike.

Get your finger on the buzzer, because this excellent deal ends VERY soon. Inter’s new fourth shirt has dropped jaws and raised eyebrows in equal measure, splitting opinion more than the prospect of a European Super League. Okay, maybe not quite. 

This is a bold, bonkers blast from the 90s, packed with insane colours and graphics which remind me of Saturday morning kids TV. It’s probably the last time we’ll see Pirelli on an Inter shirt, too, so there’s no doubt in my mind this will quickly become something of a collector’s item. 

It’s more than worthy of all the hype, and an absolute steal at that discounted price. 

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2. West Ham United 2020/21 Away Shirt - Men’s 

Price: From £20

Image from Umbro.

I’m hoping at least a few Hammers fan are reading this, because it’s not every day you can get your current away shirt for just £20. Especially for a side who are having such a memorable season. 

Let’s be honest, West Ham have had much better shirts in recent years, but none of those have lived through so much fun on the pitch. Even if they don’t quite make the Champions League, this shirt will be a fantastic memento of the year Jesse Lingard made himself a brand-new dancefloor. 

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3. Ajax 2020/21 Home Shirt - Men’s 

Price: From £34.95

Image from adidas.

Ajax shirts are great. You know it, I know it, and even a few Feyenoord fans might whisper it under their breath. 

It doesn’t matter what year it is or how they perform on the pitch, that classic red and white combo will always be iconic. Their 2020/21 home shirt doesn’t exactly get the pulse racing, but it’s a clean, simple design which ticks all the right nostalgia boxes. 

Besides, everyone should have at least one Ajax shirt, and this lovely bargain seems like a good place to start. 

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4. Marseille 2019/20 Away Shirt - Men’s 

Price: From £24.99

Image from Puma.

Yes. Take my money. Take it now. 

You’re probably already familiar with the wave-like design of the Stade Vélodrome, so it’s not hard to see where this gorgeous pattern has come from. This isn’t just a stunning, distinctive football shirt, it’s also a love letter to one of the world’s most famous stadiums - not bad at all for just over £20. 

Oh, and there’s no sign of Uber Eats anywhere, so you won’t end up ordering a chicken madras every time you look at it. Bonus.  

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5. England 2019 Away Shirt - Women’s (Player Issue)

Price: £15

Image from Nike.

This proved incredibly popular in my round-up of the best deals on women’s shirts, so head over there if you wanna see more bargains just like this. It includes a Nigeria shirt for just a tenner, need I say more? 

Not only is the price absolutely mouth-watering, this also happens to be the best England shirt in recent years. Worn by the Lionesses on their famous 2019 World Cup adventure, that stunning rose pattern is exactly what you need ahead of the Euros this summer. 

Hey, it’s coming home, remember? For 15 quid, you might as well cheer us on in something player issue. It’d be rude not to, really.

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6. Barcelona 2020/21 Home Shirt - Men’s 

Price: From £40

Image from Nike.

Anything based on Barca’s 2010/11 team is fine by me. Usually, I’d argue that 10 years is far too early for a “throwback” shirt like this, but we’re talking about the greatest club side in history here. If they want a throwback, they can damn well have one. 

The smart yellow collar is a clear nod back to that incredible season, reminding us all of how they dismantled Manchester United at Wembley. Barca are obviously nowhere near those heights in 2020/21, but this is still by far the classiest home shirt I’ve seen at the Nou Camp for quite some time. 

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7. France 2019 Away Shirt - Men’s/Women's

Price: From £36.00 (Men's), From £23.00 (Women's)

Image from Nike.

Vive la France. This beautiful, polka-dotted masterpiece was worn by the women’s side at the 2019 World Cup, but I’ve actually stumbled across a cracking deal for the men here, too. 

The overall pattern looks absolutely terrific, but zoom in a little closer and you’ll realise each polka-dot is shaped like a hexagon. This is supposed to represent the shape of France, although you might need to squint a little to see the resemblance on that one. 

Even so, there’s no doubt this is a classic look worth every single penny here. It reminds me of their popular 2011-12 away shirt - and we all know how hard that is to get hold of these days. Don’t miss out this time. 

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8. Kaizer Chiefs 2020/21 Home Shirt - Men’s

Price: £35.00

Image from Nike.

Nobody does shirts quite like Kaizer Chiefs, so they’re quickly becoming a firm favourite among fans and collectors. The outstanding club crest certainly helps, too. 

It’s not as mind-bending as last season’s trippy design, but their 2020/21 home shirt is bold and brave in slightly different ways. The illusory, fun house-style graphic makes way for a striking zig-zag pattern, once again making the most of those iconic black and gold colours. 

A perfect example of a shirt that looks pretty cool, but you probably don't wanna pay full price for. 

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9. Juventus 2020/21 Home Shirt - Men’s 

Price: £30.00

Image from adidas.

Alright, so you might be hastily writing a letter to Points of View, demanding to know what’s happened to normal black and white stripes. For the traditionalists out there, this is quite possibly another Juventus shirt from hell. 

However, this is an excellent deal for those wanting something slightly different. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, the brushstroke stripes definitely freshen things up and deliver something memorable. Basically, it’s a Juve shirt unlike any other, and the perfect time to get hold of it. 

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10. Nigeria 2020 Home Shirt - Men’s

Price: From £43.50

Image from Nike.

Not a lot really needs to be said here. This is arguably the best shirt of last year, so you should be snapping my hand off for a discount like this. 

I’ve always thought this was even better than their dazzling 2018 design, but I’ll let you make your own mind up there. Either way, this is yet another sensational Nigeria shirt, and you’d be a little mad to miss out on this. 

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