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Best Championship kits 2023/24: every home shirt ranked

The second tier of English football should never be ignored. We’re ranking every home shirt release, from worst to best.
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2 months ago


best championship football kits 2023-24 every home shirt ranked

It’s time to dive into a brand new pile of Championship football kits. The 2023/24 season is here, and with it comes fresh threads.

Luton Town have defied the odds to hit the big time, along with bouncebacks by northern sides Sheffield United and Burnley.

Their replacements have arrived in the form of three giant clubs: Southampton, Leicester City and Leeds United.

Reading, Blackpool and Wigan Athletic suffered relegation, but Championship life beckons for Plymouth Argyle, Ipswich Town and Sheffield Wednesday.

Let’s browse over what all 24 teams are going to wear as they step out in pursuit of that rare prize, Premier League promotion.

Norwich City took the #1 spot in our 2022/23 Championship shirt ranking, can they do it again?

Feel free to agree or disagree. Hey, we’re just here to tell you what we think…

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24. Watford

Brand: Kelme | 2022-23 Rank: 8/24

yellow and black watford home shirt 2023-24 hanging in goalposts
Image from Watford FC.

We have to hand it to The Hornets, they throw it out there every season. Like modern society, it feels like they’re just here to polarise.

This one however, is a car crash. And by that, we mean it’s clearly covered in skidmarks. Too much black means that the identity of the club is lost too.

Sorry Watford, but it's the bottom spot for you.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

What’s gone wrong here? Someone spilled black paint on their yellow kit. That’s what.

Oh Watford, what were you thinking? Even the fans are hammering this one, some calling it a “BTEC Dortmund kit”. Ouch.

- Reece, FOOTY.COM

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23. Swansea City

Brand: Joma | 2022-23 Rank: 23/24

player wearing white and black swansea city 2023-24 home shirt pointing to camera
Image from Swansea City FC.

Like The Swans themselves since cult FPL hero Michu left, this shirt is definitely lacking a sprinkle of pizzazz.

A vague shoulder pattern and central badging help to keep it smart, but we’re not sure why orange was agreed to for the main sponsor? Gulf Oil’s new coffee brand, what? Ohhh, money. That’s it.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

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22. Middlesbrough

Brand: Errea | 2022-23 Rank: 13/24

two players sat on sofas wearing middlesbrough 2023-24 home shirts in red and white
Image from Middlesbrough FC.

Not sure what Errea was thinking with this design, but it is not it.

All we can talk about is the sponsor logo. Not only is it a betting company, but it’s huge. Middlesbrough have a history of overpowering logos, it’s sad to see they haven’t improved.

The blue trims on the sleeves and collar are the best of a bad bunch of features, and we aren’t keen on the fake-looking white collar feature.

Unfortunately, this shirt isn't giving ‘Boro the ‘promotion fight’ look they were hoping for, after their near miss last season.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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21. Birmingham City

Brand: Nike | 2022-23 Rank: 20/24

players wearing birmingham city 2023-24 home shirt in blue
Image from Birmingham City FC.

Nike have created quite a plain design for this shirt, but it’s a very nice use of different blues.

The shades used go well with the club badge, a complementary affair. We have to say though, it's a little too much like a training top.

Normally we’re very picky with sponsors, but with this shirt being pretty plain we think it needs a worded sponsor to liven things up a little. Still, it’s better than previous betting logos.

A bit half hearted, but not too bad.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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20. Millwall

Brand: Errea | 2022-23 Rank: 7/24

millwall 2023-24 home shirt in blue on a hanger
Image from Millwall FC.

Millwall’s shirt design this season is similar to previous ones, with a few new features.

We like the electric pattern across the shirt, with the light blue adding a bit of excitement to what could have been a very dull design.

The white detailing around the shoulders and edge of the sleeves is a nice touch, which goes well with the white sponsor and badges.

Fans will be hoping the team’s performance this season follows this electric-inspired design.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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19. Hull City

Brand: Kappa | 2022-23 Rank: 12/24

players wearing hull city 2023-24 home shirt in black and orange at stadium
Image from Hull City FC.

This tiger stripe design is a typical shirt for Hull, and it’s been done extremely well.

Last season’s design had white detail outlining the stripes, but we prefer this look. The shirt could do without the orange and black outlining of the collar, but it doesn’t ruin it.

We’re pleased the shirt doesn’t have striped sleeves, the plain black calms it down. The Kappa logo looks sharp on the sleeves alongside orange detailing on the ends too.

Some might argue it’s a bit plain, but sometimes simplicity is key.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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18. West Bromwich Albion

Brand: Puma | 2022-23 Rank: 9/24

player wearing west brom 2023-24 home shirt in blue and white
Image from West Bromwich Albion FC.

Everything’s just tidy on this one. Neat and well thought out. Not one bit exciting, but it’ll likely please the supporters.

The tribute to club legend Jeff ‘The King’ Astle is a beautiful touch. Plus, each ‘60s-inspired shirt sold results in a donation to the foundation created in his name.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

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17. Sunderland

Brand: Nike | 2022-23 Rank: 16/24

two models sat on a car wearing sunderland 2023-24 home shirts in red and white
Image from Sunderland AFC.

Delivered with amazing ‘80s-inspired marketing, this shirt doesn’t do a ton to capture that era of Sunderland.

It’s Nike’s standard template, but it actually looks quite sharp with the thick red and white stripes of The Black Cats added in.

The promotional photography has made this one seem infinitely better than it is.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

Haway The Lads. Coming off the back of a brilliant season, Sunderland will be hoping this fresh design will bring Amad Diallo back to Wearside.

Will this ‘80s-inspired kit bring back the glory days? Probably not, unfortunately. But most fans are happy, and are already calling it a ‘promotion kit’.

- Reece, FOOTY.COM

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16. Rotherham United

Brand: Puma | 2022-23 Rank: 11/24

player wearing rotherham united 2023-24 home shirt in red and white
Image from Rotherham United FC.

Moving to a collared shirt this season, Puma have created something which is quintessentially Rotherham. There’s no star quality, but it works hard.

The inclusion of Rotherham Hospice as the main sponsor is a lovely touch. We’ll always be aboard the charity sponsor train.

Sublimated pattern (as last year), tidy collar and white sleeves. Yeah, it’s all… fine.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

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15. Stoke City

Brand: Macron | 2022-23 Rank: 3/24

player wearing stoke city 2023-24 home shirt in red and white stripes
Image from Stoke City FC.

Stoke hit the dizzy heights of 3rd in our ranking last season, but this season it’s a slightly different story. Even if it’s still a tidy effort from The Potters.

The detailing underneath the collar is a nice touch, with trims to match too. The stripes are neat and not overpowering, plain as they are.

Good, C+. That’s about all we can muster.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

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14. Preston North End

Brand: Castore | 2022-23 Rank: 24/24

players wearing preston north end 2023-24 home shirt in white
Image from Preston North End FC.

After a decade of Nike designs, Castore have stepped in with their retro-inspired philosophy. And for North End, it’s worked out reasonably well.

Navy trims on a bed of lightly shaded whites, it’s simple and smart. It’s hard to get too excited, but it’s not the worst they’ve ever had.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

New year, new manufacturer. After 10 years, Nike are gone, but is it for the best? This new shirt has fans on either side of the fence.

Castore have made some major updates, adding faint white lines to the kit and a navy collar and cuff combo.

In our opinion, it’s a step up from Castore.

- Reece, FOOTY.COM

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13. Cardiff City

Brand: New Balance | 2022-23 Rank: 17/24

male and female player wearing cardiff city 2023-24 home shirt in blue
Image from Cardiff City FC.

At first glance, we really liked this shirt. But when taking a closer look, we got a bit confused.

Different shades of blue stripes would have been a nice design, but New Balance have tried to be fancy with diagonal lines and rhombus shapes that distort the stripes, making the shirt a muddled affair.

We’re fans of the white detailing on the shirt, which nicely compliments the white stripes and runs down the sides of the shirt.

We don’t like the size of their sponsor on the front, but hey, at least it keeps with the colour scheme.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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12. Blackburn Rovers

Brand: Macron | 2022-23 Rank: 14/24

male and female players wearing blackburn rovers 2023-24 home shirt in blue and white
Image from Blackburn Rovers FC.

Macron has ditched the red from the previous home shirt, creating a cleaner look for this one.

Featuring blue and white halves with opposing sleeve colours, it’s a traditional shirt that captures the club’s history well.

With the blue half of the shirt having “ROVERS F.C.” as a printed pattern, there’s no shortage of identity in this design.

However, we’re disappointed with the shirt sponsor. Having a vape company plastered across the front of the shirt is a little tacky and irresponsible.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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11. Queens Park Rangers

Brand: Errea | 2022-23 Rank: 18/24

players wearing queens park rangers 2023-24 home shirt in blue and white stripes
Image from QPR FC.

It’s not too far off what they had to wear last season, as they scrambled to avoid relegation. But the red detailing is enough to elevate it.

We love the blue and red trim detailing, it’s great. The badge is a little unconventional and could’ve been blue in line with the club’s base colours.

All in all, it’s a steady effort which won’t get many complaints from the Loftus faithful.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

After a rough year last season, QPR fans will be hoping this kit can take them back to the Premier League.

Fans aren’t overly pleased with this year’s kit though, as it’s a bit of a copy and paste job from last season.

Roy Ledgister, founder of Convivia is a lifelong QPR fan, which bumps this mediocre shirt up a few points.

- Reece, FOOTY.COM

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10. Bristol City

Brand: O'Neills | 2022-23 Rank: 19/24

model in street wearing bristol city 2023-24 home shirt in red
Image from Bristol City FC.

The Robins had a nightmare last season when the distributor of their kit producer (hummel) closed down, but we think it’s done them the world of good.

O'Neills stepped up in the middle of last season to produce Bristol’s 2023/24 shirts early, and we can all agree they’re a huge improvement.

This shirt is a throwback to the late ‘80s, with double white stripes on a classic red shirt. It’s sharp and retro, which we love.

Small note from us, the stripes on the collar and sleeves create a bit of an overload. But we still love it overall.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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9. Coventry City

Brand: hummel | 2022-23 Rank: 2/24

coventry city 2023-24 home shirt in sky blue and white stripes
Image from Coventry City FC.

First of all, this shirt has exceeded our expectations. Even if they did bag 2nd place in our ranking last season.

The classic sky blue and white colours work well in stripe format, and the dark navy detailing that outlines the stripes creates a clean look. The subtle pattern across the shirt prevents it from being too boring.

The sponsor is a bit overbearing across the front with the huge “K”, but this sponsor is much better than the previous betting logo. Seal of approval from us.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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8. Leicester City

Brand: adidas | 2022-23 Rank: N/A

player sat wearing leicester city 2023-24 home shirt in blue
Image from Leicester City FC.

After a downgrade in performance, Leicester have certainly had an upgrade in shirt design.

The design is fantastic, seeing the classic deep blue enhanced with a fox pattern across it, there’s no shortage of identity here.

King Power is back as the shirt sponsor, it’s a big logo, but the colour scheme matching so well allows us to overlook that.

With golden lateral stripes and the gold within the sponsor, it’s a winning shirt in our eyes, and hopefully for Leicester fans too.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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7. Ipswich Town

Brand: Umbro | 2022-23 Rank: N/A

male and female players wearing ipswich town 2023-24 home shirts in blue and white
Image from Ipswich Town FC.

We love this modernised retro shirt. The design is a tribute to Ipswich’s 1999-00 season where they won in the playoffs to compete in the Premier League.

Blue and white is a classic combo for Ipswich, and the subtle pattern on the blue makes the shirt a bit more exciting.

White panels down the sleeves distract from the slightly large sponsor on the front, and the red trim compliments the badge well.

We’re not sure if everyone will be a fan of the collar, but we like it!

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

What a kit. Smart, sleek and elegant. Modelled on the 1999-00 kit, the Ipswich fans are loving this one.

Sponsored by Ed Sheeran’s world tour, it gets the local input it deserves. Plus, £2 from all sales will go towards Marcus Stewart’s MND charity. Love that.

Let’s hope they can pull off back-to-back promotions and add a little more to the donation pot.

- Reece, FOOTY.COM

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6. Leeds United

Brand: adidas | 2022-23 Rank: N/A

players stood on stairs wearing leeds united 2023-24 home shirt in white
Image from Leeds United FC.

This shirt is a prime example of simple, but effective. It sets a serious tone that Leeds will hope to match in their bid to get straight back in the Prem.

The plain white with a peacock pattern embossed throughout represents Leeds’ identification as “The Peacocks”, a nice acknowledgement of their history.

The colours used for both the stripes and sponsor match the colours of their club badge, keeping this simple design all tied together.

We’re also very happy with this sponsor on the shirt, much better than their previous betting logo.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

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5. Norwich City

Brand: Joma | 2022-23 Rank: 1/24

josh sargent wearing norwich city 2023-24 home shirt in green and yellow
Image from Norwich City FC.

Last season’s minimal vertical striping was a big hit with us. A #1 hit, in fact. And this season they’ve rotated and thickened up that goodness.

With horizontal striping, this vibrant green and yellow shirt still works incredibly well. Hats off to Joma for leaving the sleeves plain, that works beautifully.

The Canaries’ fans will be chirping about this one for a while, we reckon.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

Shop Norwich kits >

4. Plymouth Argyle

Brand: Puma | 2022-23 Rank: N/A

five male and female players wearing plymouth argyle 2023-24 home shirt in dark green and gold
Image from Plymouth Argyle FC.

If you’ve read our rankings before, you’ll know that green and gold just hits us right in the feels. Argyle have smacked us hard with this one.

It’s a simple template from Puma with a v-neck collar and thick cuffs. But the balanced use of gold is why it’s fantastic.

Shiver me Bond Timbers, this one’s easy on the eye-eye, captain.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

Plymouth have gone for a completely new approach to their home kit, changing nearly everything for the better.

Most fans are raving about how amazingly the sponsor works with the shirt too, even if some are complaining that it gets rid of the classic Argyle green and white.

- Reece, FOOTY.COM

Shop Plymouth kits >

3. Huddersfield Town

Brand: Umbro | 2022-23 Rank: 21/24

three players wearing huddersfield town 2023-24 home shirt in blue and white stripes
Image from Huddersfield Town FC.

Umbro have outdone themselves with this shirt. Huddersfield are honouring the 100-year anniversary of their first league title win, and this shirt does just that.

The traditional stripes, with a subtle geometric pattern incorporated, make this shirt a classic with a modern twist.

The icing on the cake is not only the gold sponsor, but the gold outlining of the club badge and collar that really tie it together to make a fantastic shirt.

- Tasha, FOOTY.COM

Shop Huddersfield Town kits >

2. Southampton

Brand: hummel | 2022-23 Rank: N/A

male and female players wearing southampton 2023-24 home shirt in red and white
Image from Southampton FC.

If there was one team that was going to look incredible in hummel’s 1987-89 Denmark template campaign, it would be Southampton.

It’s practically a carbon copy (minus Draper Tools, boo) of their 1987-89 home shirt, but we don’t care. It still looks amazing today.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

Shop Southampton kits >

1. Sheffield Wednesday

Brand: Macron | 2022-23 Rank: N/A

sheffleid wednesday 2023-24 home shirt in red and white stripes
Image from Sheffield Wednesday FC.

Nah then, get tha’ sen darn tarn and grab one o’ these. Revealed during their promotion parade, this shirt is a chuffin’ belter.

Can you get more Yorkshire than a sponsor called ‘Eyup’ with a flat cap as a logo? No. Love it.

The gold detailing elevates this shirt far beyond the plain striped Wednesday efforts of old. Macron have nailed it.

- Kevan, FOOTY.COM

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