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20 best German Bundesliga kits 2023/24

It’s time to shout “guten tag!” to the best Bundesliga kits of 2023/24. Gather around and enjoy some feats of German shirt engineering.
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29 days ago


best German Bundesliga kits 2023-24

Slip into lederhosen, hop over to Germany and scout some of the best Bundesliga kits of 2023/24 with us.

Harry Kane’s made the move, Bellingham’s been there and done it. The German league is one of the best in the world.

We’ve scoured through the biggest clubs’ wardrobes, and we’ve tackled the minnows like Heidenheim and Augsburg too.

Fuel up on frankfurters, because it’s time for some Bundesliga goodness.

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20. Hoffenheim Home

hoffenheim 2023-24 home shirt in blue
Image from Hoffenheim FC.

We begin at the lesser-known end of the Bundesliga, with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Joma have created a wavy blue home shirt, which we’re more than happy to surf with.

The trims, badge and sponsor are all clean and balanced. But it’s the swirling base that’s the clincher for us.

The Wout, the Wout, the Wout is on fire! Well, Hoffenheim fans will certainly be hoping so.

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19. Mainz Home

mainz 2023-24 home shirt in white and red checks
Image from Mainz FC.

Now we’re talking. It’s time for 1.FSV Mainz to check in. And they’re checking in with some gusto.

In what is an unexpected hit from Jako, the iconic red and white checkerboard of this German club has subtle shapes running through it.

The Gutenberg press was invented in Mainz, but it’s the club shop printer that’ll be busy with this one in 2023/24.

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18. Bayer Leverkusen Third

bayer leverkusen 2023-24 third shirt in light blue
Image from Bayer Leverkusen FC.

Those lucky, lucky Bayer Leverkusen fans. This is the first of three incredible shirts available to them for the 2023/24 season.

A refreshing step away from the red and black of Bayer’s home shirts, its turquoise base has splashes of white like lapping waves.

It’s a shame Xabi Alonso isn't a player-manager, we’d love to see him rocking this one. Swoon.

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17. Borussia Dortmund Away

borussia dortmund 2023-24 away shirt in black and yellow
Image from Borussia Dortmund FC.

Let’s not mention Borussia Dortmund’s home shirt, ick. We’re here to talk about their solid effort of an away strip instead. Black and yellow, it works.

The contrast neck and sleeve trims stand out, while the all-over print is an aerial view of the square where BVB were founded in 1909.

One thing they might need to do is have a 1-to-1 with 1&1. White? Not yellow? Hmmm.

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16. FC Köln Third

fc cologne 2023-24 third shirt
Image from FC Koln.

We always have time for some hummel shirt magic, and the FC Cologne (Köln) third strip certainly isn’t stinking up the place.

The ‘striped’ diagonal stripes run throughout, elevating the light blue base. It’s all topped off by touches of red.

They may be Rewe-ing the fact that they haven’t come out on top our ranking, but it’s a valiant effort nonetheless.

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15. Werder Bremen Third

werder bremen 2023-24 third shirt
Image from Werder Bremen FC.

Another club with an excellent colour palette is Werder Bremen. And like they have for their green and white counterparts Real Betis, hummel have taken on design duties for them.

Taking it into the dark for the third shirt, Werder have mixed up blacks and dark greens to create a classy patterned outfit.

Bremen is an ornate and gothic city, this shirt won’t look out of place on its cobbled streets.

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14. Heidenheim Away

heidenheim 2023-24 away shirt in blue
Image from Heidenheim FC.

Puma have opted for a diagonal stripe pattern which caught our eye, something we’d not seen too often. And that’s a welcome thing.

This away shirt also reminds us a little bit of a retro sweet wrapper, which is also more than welcome.

Promoted from the 2.Bundesliga last season, Heidenheim will be looking to survive in the big league during 2023/24.

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13. Werder Bremen Home

werder bremen 2023-24 home shirt in green
Image from Werder Bremen FC.

That green and white palette we talked about earlier? Yeah, of course it had to have its place in our ranking.

Werder Bremen's home shirt blends dark and light greens with white effortlessly and fits hummel’s ‘Denmark’ template with ease.

Check out the full kit too, the shorts and socks are chevron-heavy and that’s a sight to behold.

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12. Union Berlin Third

union berlin 2023-24 third shirt
Image from Union Berlin FC.

A template, yes. A lovely use of a template, yes. This panelled adidas shirt has been seen before, but the gold sleeve trims are something different.

A tidy mix of green and gold makes this a smart affair, with definite hints of MLS. The club badge is a bit hefty, but we’ll look past it.

Without question, Union are now eclipsing Hertha in the battle of Berlin. Can they take the Champions League by storm at their first attempt?

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11. Augsburg Away

augsburg 2023-24 away shirt
Image from Augsburg FC.

We continue on our merry green and gold adventure like leprechauns. Thanks to Augsburg’s stylish away shirt from Mizuno.

Inspired by the city’s Golden Hall, the keylines and trims of this shirt are dripping in the lavish colour. The base greens are easy on the eye too.

They’ll be looking forward to sinking a few Bavarian beers when they return from Munich with three points. Ahem, well maybe.

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10. Union Berlin Home

union berlin 2023-24 home shirt
Image from Union Berlin.

On the surface, this one looks a little basic. But for us, it’s an incredible neat shirt with some nice details thrown in.

The adidas shoulders and piped collar, a subtle pattern inspired by the ‘wave-breakers’ found in Union’s home ground and neat badgework.

It's fair to say, Union Berlin will have their home ground’s defensive wall tested by Real Madrid, Napoli and Braga in the UCL. Good luck to them.

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9. Augsburg Third

augsburg third 2023-24 shirt
Image from Augsburg FC.

It’s rare that Mizuno appear nowadays, but when they do it seems like they drop shirts that are worth the wait.

Augsburg’s third strip this season blends black with neon lines, those lines mirror the WWK Arena’s external light show.

This is a side that narrowly avoided relegation last season, but at least their fans have something good to watch with this in their wardrobe.

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8. Bayer Leverkusen Home

bayer leverkusen 2023-24 home shirt
Image from Bayer Leverkusen FC.

Moving on to an inevitable inclusion. Bayer Leverkusen kits are always popping out of the top drawer, and 2023/24’s effort is no different.

With a strong hint of Inter Milan’s 2007/08 away kit (a beauty), the cross design is rarely seen. It’s been used perfectly in solid red and black here.

Die Werkself x Castore have done some seriously good work with this one.

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7. Borussia Mönchengladbach Home

borussia monchengladbach 2023-24 home shirt
Image from Borussia Monchengladbach.

A classic collar, done well. Yes. A simple design from Puma has brought out the best in Gladbach’s home shirt.

The detailing on the collar and sleeve trims is what makes this kit. Green, black and white to deliver a perfect package.

They’ll have sold out of this one before you can say “Borussia Mönchengladbach”.

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6. Eintracht Frankfurt Away

eintracht frankfurt away 2023-24 shirt
Image from Eintracht Frankfurt.

In what we think would make for an excellent Man Utd third kit, this plain-ish Eintracht Frankfurt away shirt is super smart.

A solid black base with red and white trims and crew neck collar is all it needs to do the job. It’s neat, and the fans will love it.

This business hub of Germany has certainly done the business with this design.

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5. Union Berlin Away

union berlin away 2023-24 shirt
Image from Union Berlin FC.

That’s a hattrick for Union Berlin! Something they’ll be hoping to hear alongside the name of their new signing, Kevin Volland.

The best of their trio is this white away kit, which has an interesting ‘perforated’ style which runs through the same pattern as the home strip.

It’s all balanced wonderfully. Unlike their UCL group, which is going to be a see-saw ride for Union.

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4. VfB Stuttgart Third

stuttgart 2023-24 away shirt
Image from VfB Stuttgart.

Every now and again, a team drops a teal shirt that’s a banger. This is one of those times. Wonderful stuff from VfB Stuttgart.

A subtle print picturing the history of the club’s home stadium runs through the base, with midriff band, cuffs and collar that splits up the design.

Stuttgart x Jako have engineered something stylish, not surprising for a city that’s home to Mercedes-Benz.

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3. Mainz Away

mainz away shirt 2023-24
Image from Mainz FC.

Heading into the top 3, we’re getting to some seriously quality design. The shirt that Mainz will wear on their travels this season is incredible.

The classic Mainz checkered look has been converted into navy blue with gold detailing. As it shimmers, it shows itself off.

Jako have done the business for Mainz fans this season. Now it’s the squad’s turn to do the same.

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2. Bayer Leverkusen Away

bayer leverkusen 2023-24 away shirt
Image from Bayer Leverkusen.

Magical. It’s a piece of sash work for the ages. The broken black and red on this Bayer Leverkusen away strip is excellent.

Couple that detail with the club colour trims, then you’ve got yourself one hell of a winning recipe. Tremendous from Castore.

They may be owned by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, but this shirt is the only medicine we need.

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1. Bayern Munich Third

bayern munich third shirt 2023-24
Image from Bayern Munich FC.

Did you think we’d forget about the biggest club in Germany? Well, the home and away kits are fairly forgettable. But not this, the third strip.

It’s a shirt which’ll mainly be worn in the UCL, but we’re squeezing it in on the technicalities that, A) it might be worn in the Bundesliga, and B) it’s brilliant.

Off-white with dark red is the palette, Bayern Munich x adidas have opted for the 1923 badge which is a genius touch. A floral print tops off this amazing strip.

He Kane, he saw, he quite possibly will conquer the Bundesliga. However many goals the Englishman gets this season, he’s going to look good doing it.

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That’s our Bundesliga round-up complete! Don’t forget to let us know what you think over on our socials.

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