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10 best Arsenal kits: greatest ever AFC shirts

Arsenal have had some incredible shirts over the years. Here’s our list of the all-time best Gunners’ kits.
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all time best arsenal kits greatest ever afc shirts

There have been sensational highs and woeful lows for Arsenal FC, but the club with the cannon on its chest keeps on shooting their shot.

The Gooners’ fans have witnessed mercurial players at both Highbury and The Emirates, sporting some sensational Arsenal shirts as they tore up the turf.

From Wenger’s Invincibles to Mikel Arteta’s dynamic youngsters, we’ve dug our way through everything that AFC has to offer.

Grab the JVC camcorder and fire up the Dreamcast, because we’re about to turn the nostalgia-meter up to max.

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10. 2019-20 Home

Brand: adidas

arsenal 2019-20 adidas home shirt in red and white
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

After a few miserable years with Puma, it was time for Arsenal to return to the three iconic stripes of adidas. They reunited with one hell of a bang.

This season ended in FA Cup triumph, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (back when he was good) taking home the top goalscorer award.

With ‘90s vibes coursing through its veins, this home shirt has a collar and cuff combo as silky as Bergkamp’s first touch.

Martinelli, Saka and Smith-Rowe were starting on their journeys to stardom. In this shirt, they already looked the part.

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9. 1993-95 Home

Brand: Nike

arsenal 1993-95 nike home shirt in red and white
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

We’re staring at this shirt with the same puppy dog eyes that Ian Wright had for his old teacher, Mr. Pigden.

Even though this home shirt was worn through a couple of fairly standard seasons for The Arsenal, it doesn’t stop it becoming a classic.

A heritage Nike logo, ‘90s collar, thick Gunners badge on navy and a zig-zag pattern throughout? Yeah, it’s a beauty.

Wrighty himself took home the top scorer accolade in both seasons. Unfortunately, that’d be the only silverware he’d get his hands on.

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8. 2001-02 Away

Brand: Nike

arsenal 2001-02 nike away shirt in gold
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

Yes, Thierry Henry and Tony Adams DID play in the same team. Two contrasting styles, seemingly brought together by this sumptuous gold away kit.

That young whippet of a Frenchman continued to come, see and conquer the Premier League, bagging 24 goals to follow 17 in both 1999-00 and 2000-01.

We don’t get sponsors like SEGA anymore, and it’s a crying shame. It looks great alongside the navy vents and collar here.

A Premier League and FA Cup double arrived at Highbury, showing that this golden shirt truly had the Midas touch.

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7. 1997-98 Home

Brand: Nike

arsenal 1997-98 nike home shirt in red and white
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

Here’s a midfield for you. Overmars. Petit. Vieira. Parlour. This is a shirt which was thrown on by some of the club’s finest.

That quality showed as The Gunners picked up another domestic double. Dutch maestro Dennis Bergkamp rightly picked up the PFA Player Of The Year award too.

The iconic JVC sponsor, crisp collar, giant embossed Gunners logo and zig-zags all make this as ‘90s as they come. It’s beautiful.

Go on, go back and treat yourself to watching Marc Overmars tearing up the wing with his gigantic, billowing sleeves.

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6. 2004-05 Home

Brand: Nike

arsenal 2004-05 nike home shirt in red and white
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

We can’t help but profess our unwavering love for Nike’s Total 90 era. The boots, the balls, the adverts and of course, the shirts.

At this point, AFC should stand for ‘another FA Cup’. They wore this kit as they hoisted their third title in just four years.

The T90 template was unquestionably one of the best around, and the yellow tinges on here set this one alight. Central badge, clean O2 sponsor, bosh.

So many top players come to mind when you see this shirt, that we’ve decided to go the opposite way. Cygan and Senderos? Name a more obscure iconic duo, we’ll wait.

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5. 1991-93 Away

Brand: adidas

arsenal 1991-93 adidas away shirt in yellow and navy
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

You can’t have an Arsenal shirt ranking without mentioning a certain tropical fruit that is suffering from multiple haematomas. That’s a ‘bruised banana’, in Layman’s terms.

Over the two seasons that Gunners fans got to witness this classic in action, Ian Wright bagged an incredible 56 goals in all competitions.

This is a wild entry, but it's one of the most recognisable designs ever made. A trefoil adidas logo and the balance of navy, red and yellow top off an excellent geometric pattern.

It won the FA Cup and the League Cup, and it’s certainly winning our title of ‘craziest kit idea that somehow works perfectly’.

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4. 2002-04 Home

Brand: Nike

arsenal 2002-04 nike home shirt in red and white
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

Another entry from the period where it was the baggier, the better. We’ll never forget how these sleeves looked as they flapped around Kanu’s gangly frame. Majestic.

It was worn for two seasons during a French revolution, as twinkle-toed artistes Robert Pires and Thierry Henry danced their way to 108 goals combined.

Yes it’s a plain-ish effort, but ‘The Invincibles’ factor draws too much clout to be ignored. Sometimes moments sear shirts into our memory. And this is as iconic as they come.

W 26. D 12. L 0. GS 73. GC 26. PTS 90. Will we ever see something this special again?

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3. 2000-02 Home

Brand: Nike

arsenal 2000-02 nike home shirt in red and white
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

The SEGA Dreamcast was famously a dud, but it did give us something: one of the best Premier League shirt sponsors of all time.

Worn alongside the gold SEGA kit from earlier, it picked up the same Premier League and FA Cup double in 2001-02.

As we fondly remember Freddie Ljungberg’s chiseled cheekbones popping out from the top of it, this combination of white, navy and red works on every level.

Take a minute to rewatch the flowing long sleeves of Bergkamp, as he screws Nikos Dabizas into the ground at St. James’ Park. Ahhh, paradise.

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2. 2005-06 Home

Brand: Nike

arsenal 2005-06 nike home shirt in plum burgundy
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

A club leaving its long standing hallowed turf is a big deal, and not many are littered with more history than Highbury.

Even though Henry and Pires almost overshadowed the entire season with their ill-fated penalty routine, the sacred ground will be remembered thanks to this incredible plum design.

On the surface, what looks high-risk, isn’t so much. Royal Arsenal FC originally played in plum jerseys, hence the colour change to commemorate Highbury.

Gold touches round it all off and it would’ve received true legendary status, if they’d only managed to hold on against Barcelona in Paris.

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1. 1991-93 Home

Brand: adidas

arsenal 1991-93 adidas home shirt in red and white
Image from Classic Football Shirts.

The second part of what we’re calling a ‘Hall Of Fame’ home and away kit combo. Welcome everyone, to the adidas EQT greatest hits.

Seaman, Winterburn, Adams, Keown, Bould and Dixon all created an impenetrable barrier during this period. Winning three cups over the two seasons.

Combining a deep, thick v-neck collar with the EQT logo, sitting the Arsenal badge and JVC directly below is a stroke of genius.

A repeated three-stripe pattern runs through the base red and additional sleeve designs complete an unmistakable shirt.

You could possibly hunt down an original, but you should definitely bag your own replica remake version. It’s very good.

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That’s the end of us putting our ten favourites out there. Let us know if you agree (or yes, disagree) over on our social channels!

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