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10 unmissable bank holiday shirt bargains

You can never have too many football shirts. We’re rounding up the best deals you can get this bank holiday.

football shirt bank holiday deals

You can forget all about Christmas, this is the most wonderful time of the year: when retailers start slapping huge reductions on this season’s kits. 

Although this year’s football calendar has obviously become a little skewed, glorious “end of season” shirt sales are still popping up all over the place. These massive price drops have already had me reaching for my wallet on more than one occasion, with the endless stream of flash sales and discount codes proving too good to turn down. 

There are cheap football shirts literally everywhere you look right now, including insane deals on some of the best kits of 2019/20. Staying on top of all these crazy discounts can quickly become incredibly overwhelming, so I’ve put together a list of the top 10 bargains you can bag this bank holiday. 

You’d better move quick, though. Some of these will have gone before I even finish this sentence...

1. Belgium - Euro 2020 Home Shirt

Price: £35.00

Sizes: M, L, XL, 3XL

Image from adidas.

It might look a little like someone’s (repeatedly) driven over it, but it’s hard to turn your nose up at such an incredible deal. We may not be seeing it in action this summer, but it’s quite rare to see a football shirt reduced to half-price so soon after its release. 

Whether you like the design or not, it’s certainly one of the most distinctive Euro 2020 shirts so far, and it’s an absolute steal at just £35.00. There are still plenty of sizes available, but expect these to go very, very quickly.

2. Everton - Women’s 2019/20 Away Shirt

Price: £15.00

Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14

Image from Umbro.

Perhaps the most underrated shirt of the season, Everton’s fantastic away shirt has all sold out in men’s sizes - and it’s not really hard to see why. Knocked down to a measly £15, this salmon-coloured beauty is unlike anything else you’ll see in the Premier League, marking perhaps the strongest entry in Everton’s history of pink football kits

However, there are still plenty of women’s sizes available right now, meaning there’s still a chance for female Toffees to get their hands on one. This is smooth, stylish and typical of Umbro’s incredible work - I bet they’re all gone by the end of the weekend.

3. Real Madrid - 2018/19 Third Shirt

Price: £11.99

Sizes: XS, S

Image from adidas.

A Real Madrid shirt for just over a tenner should never be sniffed at, even if it’s one of their more obscure third kits. Famously supporting the “Parley” initiative, this is one of the first kits to be made from Parley Ocean Plastic, while the vibrant coral colourway is very easy on the eye indeed. 

Besides, no collection is complete without at least a little Madrid in there.

4. Pescara - 2020/21 Special Edition Home Shirt

Price: £39.99 (Adults), £34.99 (Kids)

Sizes: Every size for adults and kids!

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

Designed by a six-year-old as part of a competition, this special-edition Pescara shirt is nothing short of fantastic. It’s set to be worn during training and pre-season matches, so watching players take to the field in this design is going to send social media into meltdown. I’ve already ordered myself one. 

This hasn’t been reduced or anything, but this is probably the only chance you’ll get to buy a shirt with an enormous dolphin and rainbow across the front of it. Enough said, really. 

5. Olympiacos - 2015/16 Home Shirt

Price: £14.99

Size: XS, L, XL, XXL

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

This is a great choice if you want to add something a little different to your collection. Olympiacos kits probably aren’t right at the top of your wishlist but - at just 15 quid - this sponsorless home shirt isn’t too bad at all. 

The unmistakably Greek crest adds a touch of Herculean style, while the classic red and white stripes offer the quintessential Olympiacos look. This is like Ancient Greece x football, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

6. Spain  - 2016 Home Shirt

Price: £11.99

Sizes: XS, L, XL

Image from adidas.

These are selling incredibly fast indeed, so you’re gonna have to be pretty quick on the buzzer. Spain have always had a knack for producing stunning football kits, and this beauty from Euro 2016 is certainly no exception - although they might have fallen way short of expectations out on the pitch. 

The subtle triangle graphic represents their famous tiki-taka style, complemented by vibrant pops of yellow on the three stripes and crest. If you look up the term “daylight robbery” in the dictionary, it comes with an image of this shirt for just £11.99.

7. PSG - 2019/2020 Away Shirt

Price: £27.98

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Image from Nike.

The PSG x Jordan collection is already iconic, and this season’s away kit features the famous Jumpman logo in all its glory. Drenched in a striking shade of orange, this vibrant football shirt is every bit as audacious as Neymar’s constant rainbow flicks, coming complete with smart black trim and blackout crest. 

What. A. Bargain.

8. AS Roma - 2013/14 Away Shirt

Price: £9.99

Sizes: 3XL

Image from Classic Football Shirts.

If you’re a 3XL, then this might just be your lucky day. Even if you’re not, this stunning Roma away shirt is smart enough to hang on the wall, stick in a frame… or just gaze at from time to time. You could do a lot worse for a tenner. 

With a crisp, sponsorless design and gorgeous cuffs, this shirt from 2013/14 is just about as clean as they come. Roma have a long history of stunning kits, and this is an excellent choice if you’re into your more traditional retro football shirts. Nevermind a sponsor, there aren’t even any brand logos on this bad boy!

9. Juventus - 2018/19 Home Shirt

Price: £15.00

Sizes: S, 2XL

Image from adidas.

This is only available in two sizes now, but a Juventus home shirt for 15 quid is just absolutely ridiculous. It’s obviously not amongst their most iconic designs (that new logo still hasn’t grown on me), but this is still dripping with The Old Lady’s trademark style and was worn during yet another Scudetto-winning campaign. 

Several sizes have genuinely sold out while I’ve been typing this, so I imagine only a few of you will be lucky enough to get hold of one.

10. Liverpool - 2019/20 Home Goalkeeper Shirt

Price: £45.00

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Image from New Balance.

This is not a drill. Liverpool’s absolutely gorgeous black and gold keeper kit is: BACK. IN. STOCK. 

Without question, this was one of the best shirts in the Premier League this season - in fact, there’s a strong case for it being the best. Worn in what we can only assume will be a title-winning campaign (although who knows what’s gonna happen), this shirt is the perfect memento to one of the greatest seasons in their history. 

Much like the fantastic detailing, these shirts were like gold dust when first released, and they’re proving equally popular now that they’re back in stock. Liverpool fans - you better hurry up here. 

Ben Hyde

Rubbish FIFA player with an addiction to buying football shirts which are way too cool for me.