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The 12 greatest EUROs shirts of all time

The Euros have always given us magical moments and iconic shirts. These are the best European Championship kits of all time.
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The 12 greatest Euros shirts of all time

The pride of European international football, the EUROs. We’re here to delve into its glorious past and dig out the greatest kits ever worn at this fine tournament.

Iconic moments, iconic players, iconic shirts. From its beginning in 1960 to the latest edition, we’ve seen it all. Underdogs, unbeatable sides and unquestionable style.

With so many to choose from, we’ve ended up with a Danish delight, Scottish supremacy, a Dutch delicacy and more.

Get settled in, because we’re about to remind you about some of the best kits that have ever graced the European Championships.

12. Germany Home (1996)

Through gritted English teeth, we start with a wonderful effort from Germany. It comes directly from their trophy-winning campaign in England, during the glorious summer of 1996.

The cuffs and collar are tinged with the black, red and gold of the national flag. Their 3 championship stars adopt the same colours. Its simple reversed badge stands out in black on the left chest.

Feint pinstripes and a two-button neck couple up in a classy way. It’s so crisp and fresh, you certainly wouldn’t want to risk taking a Klinsmann dive in it.

German powerhouse Matthias Sammer picked up player of the tournament, and this shirt wasn’t far away from being the best on show there too. A classic.

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11. Italy Home (2000)

We can only guess what could’ve been, if Italy were given the opportunity to wear their lucky shirt in the final of EURO 2000 vs. France. For the first time, they were forced to wear their white change strip. And they lost, 2-1.

That doesn’t stop this being a legendary design by Kappa, though. Of course, it never failed to look even sleeker when the likes of Maldini, Totti and Del Piero popped it on. “Bellissimo”, is the word you’re searching for.

The simple base of Italian blue, the slight turtleneck collar, curved navy seams and Il Tricolore bouncing from the chest. If the effortless style and chic of Italy could live within one shirt, it may well be this one.

This strip came from a Serie A era which was jam-packed full of incredible Kappa kits. It may not have been sworn into legend with a EURO title, but this runner-up is still sensational.

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10. Sweden Home (1992)

Let us wallow in the wonder of the adidas Equipment era for a second. Ahhh, what a time. Sweden were one of the lucky beneficiaries, getting to wear this superb effort as hosts, during their EURO debut in 1992.

The yellow and blue of Sweden always makes for fun shirts, and when 3 giant stripes are slapped over the shoulder, it’s a bonanza. Adidas’ iconic collar adds to the party too.

Subtle lines run through the background, from bottom left to top right. This detail offers the brazen yellow more depth. The badge is perfectly balanced to offset the heavy stripes.

Tomas Brolin was the star of the show for the hosts, but it’s a surprise that he managed to escape his marker so often, carrying this beacon of blinding joy on his back.

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9. Italy Home (1996)

We’re taking you back to bask in the rare English sunshine of ‘96. It’s Italy’s turn to show off their threads again. And oh what threads they are, truly sensational stuff from the boot-shaped nation.

Before Kappa, there was Nike. We’re not quite sure how they came to lose the Italy contract, based on this example anyway. One of many great Nike shirts from this decade, this is the finest of all.

That royal blue, contrasted immaculately with golden and white trims. Some of the game’s biggest stars elevated this design, with Maldini as captain, Albertini in midfield and Casiraghi up top.

This shirt proves that kits can become legends, even as part of terrible performances. Italy slumped out on goal difference at the group stage of EURO ‘96. But hey, at least they looked good doing it.

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8. Denmark Home (1992)

Remarkably, Denmark conjured up the ultimate underdog story in 1992. After failing to qualify, they replaced Yugoslavia who were disqualified just 2 weeks before it began. The Danes went on to win the whole thing.

With that in mind, this Denmark x hummel masterpiece may never have graced our rankings. So quintessentially ‘90s in its patterning, the blocky white stripes are used with precision. It’s balanced, whilst being garish enough to catch the eye.

A subtle hummel chevron pattern covers the base, adding a new dimension. The single-button collar was unique, and something we see in many modern shirts today.

Schmeichel, Laudrup and the rest of the Danish players eternalised themselves at EURO ‘92 and as a strong visual reminder, this shirt has joined them in the history books.

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7. Croatia Home (1996)

There’s nothing quite like the checkerboard look of the Croatian national team. It’s a design so unique, it almost always brings something exciting to the table. And their Lotto home shirt from 1996 is the finest example of that excitement.

It has a no-nonsense solid red and white check design. No angles, just straight lines that deliver a strong look. Both badges are perfectly positioned, and central numbering was used too. A big yes from us.

Captain Zvonomir Boban pulled the strings, while iconic ‘90s centre forward Davor Šuker popped in 3 tournament goals. All before Croatia were knocked out in the quarter-finals by the eventual winners, Germany.

An average performance doesn’t take anything away from this Lotto beauty. Close your eyes, and you’ll still see it dazzling in flight as Šuker nonchalantly toe-pecks one over Schmeichel’s flailing arms.

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6. Belgium Home (1984)

Let’s step back a decade. To a time when the hair was big, and the shorts were, well, short. An era with tighter-fitting shirts and adidas Trefoil logos were everywhere. Wonderful.

Containing a diamond pattern which could only work in the ‘80s, this Belgium home kit from EURO 1984 is itself, a highly-polished diamond. The red, yellow and black work seamlessly together.

We’ll ignore the fact that the Belgians got absolutely thumped at the group stage in France. And instead, we’ll focus on that little adidas logo backed up by a simple white band, which is packed like the diamond district of Antwerp.

As it served as inspiration for Belgium’s World Cup strip, this classic was re-released in 2018. It’s fair to say, much like Careless Whisper, it was a massive hit in ‘84, and it’s still a hit today.

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5. England Home (1996)

Are we blinded by nostalgia? Possibly. Do we care? Absolutely not. For England fans of a certain age, this was the pinnacle. A time when we could have won it all. We won’t mention why we didn’t, Mr. Southgate.

Our summer’s were hot and the nation seemed united in the ‘90s. And that’s why this crisp white home shirt with turquoise and navy trims glistened beautifully, as the water bounced off Gazza’s head at Wembley.

Its big central crest, packed with 3 lions, would be forever committed to history by The Lightning Seeds, Baddiel and Skinner. Shearer brought home the golden boot and almost the championship trophy, too.

It was a simpler time, and this England shirt is evidence of it. No frills, no fanfare, just a good ol’ baggy beauty with colours and details in all the right places.

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4. Scotland Home (1996)

Whilst we’re in 1996, let’s rest our weary feet for a second. Beating England wasn’t possible for Scotland back then, but we’re happy to let Scottish fans know that now, you’ve beaten them in this ranking.

There was a wild idea thrown around in the Umbro design room, “why don’t we do a Tartan pattern? And let’s chuck loads of purple in there for good measure”. But sometimes, risks bring rewards.

The dark navy and purple mix amazingly well, and the darkened Tartan gives a nod to Scottish culture without being tacky. The yellow detailing and Umbro sleeve trims are delightful.

Even though Scotland crashed out in the group stage, a youthful Ally McCoist looked incredible in this iconic strip, as he smashed one into the top bin against Switzerland.

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3. France Home (1984)

You know what was acceptable in the ‘80s? A massive golden FFF crest. But here’s the thing. They’ve brought it back for EURO 2024, and that shirt almost slipped right into this ranking too.

For now, we’ll stay in 1984 with Michel Platini’s rolled down socks, and effortlessly silky skills. They did this home shirt proud as they hosted the tournament, lifted the trophy and their aforementioned captain even took home the golden boot.

The shirt, though. Wow. We said earlier that this was the adidas Trefoil era. And this is most certainly the, pardon our French, crème de la crème. Patriotic blues, whites and reds are spread superbly across it.

Tricolore shoulder stripes. A mix of white pinstripe and thicker red horizontal bands. The little collar. Like the legendary France side that dismantled Spain in the ‘84 final, everything flows in perfect harmony. 

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2. West Germany Home (1988)

From what we can gather so far, hosting a European Championship means your national side must turn up looking the part. Well, we reckon West Germany understood the assignment.

This is a strip as iconic as the players that donned it. Brehme, Matthäus, Völler and Klinsmann pulled it on, as they bowed out in the semi-finals to eventual winners Netherlands.

We don’t know the word to explain how the German colours hang across the chest. Whatever the word, it’s sublime. Its cleverness comes from where it cuts off adidas’ shoulder stripes, and where it subtly splits through the midriff.

They’ve had shirts that have had bigger moments than this one, but design trumps everything for us. Now over 40 years old, this remains one for the ages, a true “meisterwerk”.

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1. Netherlands Home (1988)

We have some bad news for Germany’s squad of 1988. They were beaten by the Netherlands back then, and they’ve been beaten once again today. We offer no prizes, if you’ve already guessed our #1 pick.

Often regarded as the ‘holy grail’ for collectors, the Netherlands’ home shirt from EURO 1988 is perfect. Which is crazy to think, because it’s actually an adidas template worn by 25+ pro teams that year.

Yes, the template is amazing. But it really comes down to the mesmerising colours, that stylish mix of gradient oranges and whites. The trims are solid and clean. The crest is exceptional in dense black. 

Even today, this drops our jaw like a Gullit bullet header and it hits us as hard as a Marco van Basten volley. It’ll be difficult to get your hands on one, but if you manage it, cling on. This one will live forever.

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