Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2020 : the Definitive Buying Guide

Make sure you’ve got a safe pair of hands and check out the best goalkeeper gloves for 2020.

selection of the best goalkeeper gloves

The life of a goalkeeper is a difficult one. Often remembered more for their mistakes than any heroics between the sticks, embarrassing howlers are every keeper’s worst nightmare. Just ask Loris Karius. 

Concentration, positioning and lightning-quick reactions are essential for every goalkeeper on the planet, while it also helps if you’ve got height (and big hands) on your side. However, it’s also absolutely vital to get hold of all the right equipment, since this makes sure you’re always comfortable and confident while acting as the last line of defence. No more howlers for you. 

Since they’re undoubtedly the most important item in your locker, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the best goalkeeper gloves money can buy, since this could be the difference between becoming the next Gianluigi Buffon or, ahem, Massimo Taibi. But, with so many gloves to choose from, how do you find the best ones?

How to Choose Your Goalkeeper Glove Cut

Before you start thinking about buying anything, you need to decide which goalkeeper gloves will be best for you. In addition to an array of brands, materials and design features, you also need to choose between a growing number of cuts. In fact, this is probably the first thing you should do. 

Each one of these goalkeeper glove cuts offers different advantages, drawbacks and fits, and every serious keeper will have their own personal preference here. Although there’s a huge range to choose from, there are three main types you need to worry about: flat cut, roll finger and negative cut goalkeeper gloves. 

If you’re a casual player looking for a standard pair of gloves, then flat cut is probably the best way to go, while more serious, professional players tend to prefer negative cut. Roll finger is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to enhance handling and contact with the ball, though they do feel a little bulkier than the others.

What are Goalkeeper Gloves Made of?

The best goalkeeper gloves are typically made of a mixture of foam and latex. The quality of the palm will ultimately decide the overall quality of the gloves, since this will have a huge impact on grip, durability and control. Obviously, these three elements are crucial for every goalkeeper out there. 

While the cut affects fit and comfort, the use of latex in the palms is all about improving performance and handling, available in varying thicknesses. Most gloves will also offer substantial padding on the fingers and backhand to improve protection, which is vital when punching the ball out and making saves.  

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that latex palms aren’t the most durable option, so casual players wanting cheap goalkeeper gloves may be better off going for rubber palms instead. 

Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves for 2019/20

So, which goalkeeper gloves are best? Although they’ll cost a bit more money, the best gloves will feel incredibly comfortable and offer outstanding grip. Since there’s so many for you to choose from, I’ve ranked the top 10 you can get your hands on (or into) right now. 

10) uhlsport Next Level Supergrip

As with most other top goalkeeper gloves, the uhlsport Next Level Supergrip is all about the foam padding on the palm. The level of grip here is, well, pretty damn super, helping you to keep hold of any fizzing shots and avoid any unfortunate spills. 

The palm utilises uhlsport’s ground-breaking Supergrip foam, while a 3D-embossed Shockzone on the backhand helps to keep you protected. This foam is essentially designed to become stickier when dampened, making you less susceptible to mistakes in wet conditions.Nice. 

The negative cut version feels particularly good to wear, offering a tight, snug fit which is extremely comfortable indeed.

9) Joma Premier 19

The Joma Premier 19 offers a decent amount of grip, but this is a great choice for injury-prone keepers looking for better protection. These gloves basically go out of their way to keep your fingers safe and sound, with strong padding layered over both the middle and ring fingers, which can be particularly susceptible to injury. 

An adjustable velcro wrist means they’re nice and easy to get on, allowing you to fit them however feels most comfortable. Adequate grip, decent comfort and very impressive protection combine to create a fantastic budget option for keepers playing at a more casual level. 

8) Puma FUTURE Grip 19.1

Headlined by Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez, the range of Puma FUTURE football boots has been making some serious waves recently. Well, the same goes for the silo’s goalkeeper gloves, which are regularly shown off by Jan Oblak for Atletico Madrid. 

The FUTURE Grip 19.1 is currently the best of the lot, with the form-fitting design often feeling like you’re wearing a sticky second-skin. The tight, secure fit of the FUTURE is perhaps best compared with the feel of washing up gloves, except the use of knitted materials makes it far more breathable and, of course, suitable to wear in goal. 

But the real highlight here is the grip of these gloves. The 4mm latex palm will keep the ball stuck to you in all kinds of weather conditions, turning you into some sort of shot-stopping Spider-Man between the sticks. Just like the boots of the same name, the FUTURE has got innovation at its core, and you could certainly do a lot worse than these. 

7) Reusch Pure Contact G3 Fusion

These are gloves worn by Samir Handanovic, and you can even get your hands on his own signature-edition. Although these do look pretty cool, Reusch’s Pure Contact G3 boasts plenty of other awesome designs, with bold colourways and dazzling patterns offering some of the most distinctive gloves you can buy. Not an easy choice. 

Of course, these keeper gloves aren’t just all style and no substance, and the eye is immediately drawn to the overall grip and breathability. They’re also unbelievably light and comfortable, with the Fusion latex kitted out with all kinds of grip-enhancing goodies. If that wasn’t enough, then they also perform incredibly well in wet conditions. 

Ultimately, these gloves are typical of the high standards Reusch have always been synonymous with. A great option for both professionals and amateurs, while also fantastic goalkeeper gloves for kids

6) Sells Aqua Campione

As the name suggests, the Sells Aqua Campione is specifically designed for wet weather, which is a pretty useful attribute if you’re playing in the UK. There’s nothing worse than trying to keep hold of a wet, slippery football, but these gloves are packed with technology to help prevent it from squirming free of your grasp. 

There are four separate silos: the Wrap, Total Contact, Axis 360 and Silhouette. Each one offers a different cut and fit, so your choice will obviously depend on what you personally prefer. For the purposes of this list, however, I would recommend the Wrap model as the best of the bunch, which provides a comfortable roll finger cut. 

Although the technology and design is very similar between each of the Aqua Campione silos, (all of them feature a 4mm latex palm and mesh on the backhand) the additional latex on the Wrap offers the best handling possible. 

Obviously, the gloves aren’t exclusive to rainy weather, and provide just as much grip on a scorching day in June. If we’re lucky enough to actually get one.

5) uhlsport Radar Control Supergrip

That’s right, uhlsport is back again, and so is the innovative Supergrip technology and 3D Shockzone. This time, the embossing on the fingers is packed with foam designed to optimise your punches, helping you get maximum distance in clearances and basically snuff out any danger. 

The Reflex version is particularly impressive, with the negative cut providing a tight, skin-like feel which is very nice and cosy indeed. However, it’s once again the grip which makes the Radar Control worth your hard-earned cash, with the innovative foam delivering excellent handling and control. 

Every keeper wants to have a safe, secure pair of hands, and these gloves help you achieve exactly that.

4) Nike Goalkeeper Vapor 3

The Vapor Grip 3 is, without question, Nike’s best goalkeeper glove right now. Worn by Manchester City’s Ederson, these gloves make use of the Swoosh’s fantastic Grip3 technology, which is all about (you guessed it) improving your grip and handling of the football. 

This innovative foam technology wraps around the forefinger, pinky and thumb, providing whole new levels of comfort, while a 4mm foam palm is designed to absorb strong impacts (pretty handy when you’re trying to keep out venomous strikes). It’s also equally impressive in wet and dry conditions, so you don’t have to worry about buying a second pair for the winter, which is obviously a bonus.

There’s also a light-weight mesh on the backhand to improve ventilation, making them every bit as breathable as Nike’s Vapor boots and shirts. Essential for any Swoosh fan-boys out there.

3) Puma ONE Grip 1 (*Best Budget Option)

These Puma ONE gloves are absolutely fantastic, and they’re nowhere near as expensive as many of the other gloves on this list. Whether you’re a professional or just need something for Sunday league, these are best goalkeeper gloves you can buy if operating on a budget. 

First of all, the design of the Grip 1 is absolutely fantastic, with a wide range of awesome colourways available and all featuring that famous Puma logo. The Ultimate Grip latex palm offers one of the most advanced designs on the market, with an embossed backhand built to enhance punched clearances, as well as protection. 

An adjustable, elasticated wrist provides plenty of flexibility and support, making sure they’re every bit as comfortable as keeper gloves should be. Besides, Gianluigi Buffon wears these now, so who are we to disagree?

2) Reusch Fit Control Pro G3 Fusion

It’s not hard to see why these are worn by over 220 professional goalkeepers. The Reusch Fit Control G3 sets the bar in innovation, boasting one of the most advanced foam palms currently on the market. 

Utilising the fantastic G3 technology, this material offers unbelievable grip in all conditions, marking some of the German brand’s finest work to date. The hands are protected by Pro Flex technology, which also improves mobility and flexibility, and the impressive AirVent system ensures the gloves are as breathable as possible.

These gloves are available in a range of cuts and dazzling colourways, and they’re a consistent all-rounder for keepers at the very highest level. Jam-packed with fantastic features and technologies, it doesn’t really get much better than this right now.

1) adidas Predator Pro

This is about as comfortable and sticky as goalkeeper gloves get. In terms of performance, comfort and style, the adidas Predator Pro comes out on top on pretty much everything. Of course, that’s probably why they’re currently worn by some of the best keepers on the planet, including David De Gea, Keylor Navas and Marc-Andre ter Stegen. 

Just like every other glove on this list, the Predator Pro provides fantastic grip, while the incredible padding in the foam palm is just what you need to take the sting out of any long-range screamers. The knit backhand is a particular highlight, providing fantastic flexibility and comfort, while also including a silicone punching zone. 

The wrist strap is fully-detachable, too, so you can adjust the fit depending on what’s most comfortable for you. These gloves provide the highest performance possible, making use of premium materials to create the best goalkeeper gloves you can buy right now. You could even pair them up with some fetching Predator boots, if you really wanted to.

Where to Buy Goalkeeper Gloves

There’s a huge selection of goalkeeper gloves to choose from. Different brands, materials, cuts and price tags means there’s something out there for keepers at every level. Regardless of whether you’re a professional shot-stopper or the guy who gets lumped in goal at five-a-side, the one thing every keeper looks for is excellent value for money. 

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From budget kids’ gloves to premium equipment for the professionals, shop with us today to make the biggest save of your career.

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