Top 20 football Christmas jumpers 2019 | UK clubs

Ho, ho, ho! We’re running through the best Christmas jumpers from the Premier League, SPFL and every other club in the UK.

football christmas jumpers 2019

‘Tis the season to be jolly. More importantly, it’s also the season for outrageous Christmas jumpers. 

This has become a tradition as deep-rooted as rubbish games of charades and left-over turkey sandwiches, with top football clubs now getting involved with all the festive fun. These jumpers usually feature the club crest or name within some sort of obscene Christmassy pattern, and I’m going to admit I love absolutely all of them. 

It’s all about adventurous designs and hideous colour choices for me. In fact, it’s usually a case of the uglier-the-better, since these jumpers always sum up the fun, character and all-round insanity of this time of year. 

So, I’ve decided to rank the best football Christmas jumpers of 2019, running through the top designs from the Premier League, SPFL and everywhere else in the UK.

20. Brighton & Hove Albion

white brighton christmas jumper featuring the club crest
Image from Brighton Store.

Meh. This Brighton & Hove Albion effort is a bit too dull for me, but it’s definitely a bit classier than your typical Christmas jumper. The snowy whites and icy blues make for a nice winter feel, although it does look a bit like someone’s just slapped the club crest on a regular jumper and had done with it.

One for Brighton fans who want to get involved with Christmas Jumper Day, but don’t want to make a song and dance about it.

19. Watford

black and yellow watford xmas jumper feauting the famous club emblem
Image from Watford Store.

The pattern here is absolutely fine. It’s about as manic and chaotic as a great Christmas jumper should be, though solely sticking to yellow and black has made it all seem a little plain. Still, the club’s classic deer head is ideal for this type of thing, and I’m only a little disappointed they haven’t given it a red nose.

18. West Brom

west brom christmas jumper featuring a penguin snowboarding down a hill
Image from West Brom Store.

Well, this is certainly nothing special, but you just can’t get wrong with a reindeer wearing a hat and scarf, hurtling down a mountain on a snowboard. There’s no club crest or intricate Christmas pattern here, but at least there’s a little red bobble nose attached. 

17. Portsmouth

blue portsmouth christmas jumper with white pattern and crest
Image from Portsmouth Store.

It looks as though Portsmouth want to make it really clear who you’re supporting this Christmas. This jumper is all about the ludicrously over-sized crest, with a seemingly-random pattern crammed in around the edges. The chaos of Christmas summed up in one little jumper.  

16. Leeds United

blue leeds united christmas jumper with penguins wearing club hats
Image from Leeds United Store.

Adorable penguins holding hands? Check. Adorable penguins in hats and scarves? Check. Adorable penguins quite possibly on their way to watch some sort of penguin football match in Leeds? Check. This jumper ticks all the right boxes. 

15. Tottenham Hotspur

tottenham hotspur jumper featuring a reindeer in a spurs hat
Image from Spurs Store.

This isn’t bad at all. Nice and simple. Putting a reindeer in a Spurs hat is always gonna be a safe bet, though something related to Candy Kanes or Moussa Siss-snow-cones could have been so much better. 

14. West Ham United

claret and blue west ham jumper
Image from West Ham Store.

On the Hurst day of Christmas, your true love could give you this rather lovely West Ham Christmas jumper. Awful puns aside, claret and blue always seems to work well on a good sweater, and I guess this is what we’d get if those bubbles ever turned into snowflakes. 

13. Middlesbrough

black and red middlesbrough jumper
Image from Middlesbrough Store.

A reindeer standing in a snowy field, backed up by a classic Christmas jumper pattern and the club crest. I don’t think it’s quite enough to cheer up those fans at the Riverside, but I’ve definitely seen worse. 

12. Leicester City

bright pink leicester city xmas jumper
Image from Leicester City Store.

Speaking of “worse”, this pink number from Leicester City only sits so high because I admire its bravery. This shade of pink is far more aggressive than their new away shirt, and it’s actually quite hard to look at it for an extended period of time. Fortunately, there’s a blue version for any Foxes who don’t fancy this one. 

11. Liverpool

Image from Liverpool Store.

Since they’re having such a good season, Liverpool fans are in the party mood already. This is pretty standard as far as football jumpers go, but it obviously benefits from the club’s traditional shades of red. Very Christmassy indeed. 

10. Arsenal

red and white arsenal jumper with gunners crest
Image from Arsenal Store.

A red chest and body with white sleeves. This is an Arsenal shirt transformed into Christmas jumper form, and I personally vote for the club to wear this throughout their entire Christmas schedule. 

9. Cambridge United

grey and yellow cambridge united jumper
Image from Arsenal Store.

Now we’re talking. The Cambridge United crest displayed besides some Christmas puddings and yellow snowflakes, what more could you want? United already boast one of the best shirts of the season, so it’s nice to see them upping their Christmas game at the same time. 

8. Manchester United

Image from Manchester United Store.

Since I’m a Manchester United fan, this is the only jumper that would make its way onto my Christmas list. The greens and reds are unmistakably festive, while from a distance the whole thing looks like an old-school version of Donkey Kong. This is much more exciting than anything else at Old Trafford lately, so it might actually brighten up place up a bit. 

7. Manchester City

Image from Manchester City Store.

Manchester City’s effort is what Christmas is all about. A mashup of different colours and patterns creates more layers than a Christmas Day trifle, serving up the kind of chaotic design which makes these jumpers so popular. A very good effort. 

6. Aston Villa

Image from Aston Villa Store.

Yep, I feel dizzy. Aston Villa have used their traditional claret and blue to unbelievable effect, and the whole pattern is just downright nuts. To be fair, it’s exactly the same pattern as the Manchester City one, but it’s still a decent effort. 

5. Nottingham Forest

red nottingham forest xmas jumper featuring brian clough
Image from Nottingham Forest Store.

Oh yes. A Christmas jumper featuring Brian Clough is always gonna be a winner in my book, and I’m sure plenty of Forest fans feel the same. This is a lovely little tribute to the great man, and a fantastic gift for any older supporters who remember Clough’s glory days. 

4. Chelsea

Image from Chelsea Store.

Santa Claus and his reindeer soaring over London, with a Chelsea-blue backdrop and a small snowflake pattern just underneath. The club’s famous lion crest is actually used as part of the skyline here, which is a nice touch, though this does make it seem as though poor St Nick is trying to escape the enormous beast. It’s alright, Kante will snuff out the danger. 

3. Norwich City

green and yellow christmas norwich city jumper including dancing penguins
Image from Norwich City Store.

This is just plain fun. Penguins wearing bow ties and doing a line dance. Hideous shades of green and yellow. A cheesy-looking model to show it all off. Norwich City’s jumper has got it all this year, made even better by the fact their Christmas selection includes a club-branded version of Guess Who. 

Yes, it’s hideous, and you’d only get away with wearing this kind of thing at Christmas. That’s what makes it so special.

2. Dundee United

black and orange dundee jumper including club crest
Image from Dundee United Store.

Dundee United are the only Scottish side to make their way onto this list, but my word they’re a worthy entry. This is as crazy and outrageous as football Christmas jumpers should be, with all that colour making me look forward to my Terry’s Chocolate Orange this year. 

1.  AFC Bournemouth

two-person bournemouth xmas jumper featuring naughty and nice lettering
Image from AFC Bournemouth Store.

When it comes to Christmas jumpers, you go big or go home. Well, nobody has gone bigger than AFC Bournemouth this year. This is literally two jumpers in one, perfect for those who’ve always dreamt (for some reason) of being a conjoined twin. The text is cheesy, the idea is cheesy and just everything else about this is, well, cheesy. 

I love it. 

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