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Top 12 Football Secret Santa Gifts for Christmas 2020

So, you’ve drawn a football fan in this year’s office secret santa? Let me be your personal shopper and find the perfect football secret santa gift with the latest offerings from 2019.

Top 12 Football Secret Santa Gifts for Christmas 2019

We’re guessing you have a budget of somewhere between £5 and £20 to spend on your secret santa gift so all of our selections are between those prices. We’ve chosen a selection of nice gifts for the co-worker you don’t know that well and some funny secret santa gifts for your mate you don’t mind taking the mick out of.

OK, let’s get cracking:

1. Personalised Socks: £11.99

Which player really grinds your colleague’s gears? Why not drive them crazy with these socks printed with that player's face!

Are they a United fan? How about getting these socks with Aguero’s mug on? What about getting Demba Ba printed on socks for a Liverpool fan? How would that City fan like a pair of Alex Ferguson socks? Mike Ashley socks for a Newcastle fan? The options are endless and the results would be hilarious. Probably never to be worn again but worth the look on their face when they unwrap their ‘special gift’.

2. Custom Print Of Any Football Stadium: £9.95

A bit more of a sensible one here for Trevor from HR who once mentioned he follows Wolves and that has been your only conversation over the kettle ever since. If you’re looking for an uncontroversial football secret santa gift, this is a decent place to start.

3. Retro Top Trumps Card Game: £4.95

Don’t you just love it when they try to be frugal and set the secret santa limit to an impossible £5?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you. This pack of retro Top Trumps cards comes in at just £4.99 including Prime delivery and features all the old favourites from the 90’s like Gary Linekar, Ian Wright, Peter Beardsley and Ally McCoist. An easy gift with a bit of retro flair.

4. Table Top Football Game: £12.95

I’m not sure how high quality this can possibly be for this price, but it will add a bit of fun to the final afternoon in the office before Christmas. You could even spice things up with an inter-office competition.

5. Football Patent Prints Art: £14

A great one for that football hipster who is too cool for the usual secret santa presents. A few cheap Ikea frames and these would look the business. In fact, they’re possibly too nice for secret santa and might make a better Christmas gift for a football fan.

6. Football Clichés Book: £7.19

What is it about football that makes people talk in a way they don’t about any other topic? Where else in life do football fans use the words 'aplomb' or 'derisory'? This book is from the creator of the hugely successful and is a perfect coffee table (or toilet) read for any football fan.

7. Talking Balls Personalised Football Mug: £14.99

This is a good one for that work colleague who can take a bit of a joke. You might need to surreptitiously find out their year of birth but it’s a pretty easy gift that should go down well with most football fans. Plus, there are never enough mugs in any office so you’re basically doing a public service by buying this one.

8. I, Robot: How to Be a Footballer 2: £12.92

If you listen to That Peter Crouch Podcast or read the first Peter Crouch book, I don’t need to tell you why this book would be a great present idea for any football fan. Crouch is absolutely hilarious yet again. Plus, if you order it soon enough, you could have a read before you wrap it!

9. The Football Shirts Book: £11.89

Another great secret santa gift for that football hipster in your office. Do they turn up on casual days wearing a Mexican third division football shirt that they’re delighted to share their extensive knowledge of? If so, they’ll definitely enjoy this book and in particular, telling you all about it afterwards.

10. Personalised Bucket Of Chocolate Footballs: £10

It’s chocolate, it’s football, what is there not to like? You could even strongly encourage that your colleague keeps these in the office so you can all dig in!

11. France 98' World Cup Historical Shirt A3 Poster: £5

Another great one for that dreaded £5 limit! France 98 wasn’t England’s finest tournament but the kits are something to behold. Enjoy reminiscing with your colleague about the days when shirts were cool and template shirts weren’t a thing.

12. Football Soap On A Rope: £9

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m running out of secret santa gift ideas but if you’re really desperate, how about a soap on a roap?! Literally the most generic football stocking filler possible for when you’ve had to look up the person you’ve drawn because you know so little about them.

So that's our top list of secret santa gifts for football fans. Get in touch on our social channels to let us know how those gifts go down! If you're looking for extra bargains for Christmas then be sure to check out our Black Friday page which has the biggest bargains and promo codes from across the web for Black Friday 2019.

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