The 10 best Nike football boots for 2020

We’re counting down the best Nike boots you can buy for 2020. Strap yourselves in.

nike mercurial champagne gold football boots

We all love football boots. The sole reason you’re reading this article - right at this very moment - is because you love looking at boots, reading about boots and comparing opinions... about boots. 

Over the years, Nike’s infamous Swoosh has been at the heart of football’s biggest moments, and their stunning selection of boots has become synonymous with some of the greatest players of the beautiful game. 

For instance, when you think of Ronaldinho, you think of the Nike Tiempo. You think of Barcelona’s fluorescent yellow kit with the navy shorts. You think about that Nike advert, where the Brazilian plays rebounds with the Nou Camp crossbar, don’t you?

Memories of the Nike Mercurial Vapor, however, are dominated by Cristiano Ronaldo. Probably doing obscene step-overs and thumping home majestic free-kicks in that late-noughties United strip – the one with AIG plastered on the front of it.

Enough of the waffling, anyway. You all know what I mean, I hope. This year, Nike have, as expected, released some magnificent new football boots. Below, I’ve listed the 10 best Nike boots for 2020, and I sincerely hope you enjoy.

10. Nike Mercurial Vapor XII - Champagne Gold/White

Image from Nike.

These are special. Elegant, sophisticated, classy. The sort of boots I’d imagine Gatsby would wear if he was with us today and enjoyed a kick about down the park with his mates. 

The gold trim complements the pristine white colourway perfectly and, to tell the truth, I’m just a little in awe of them. They remind me of a beautifully-crafted wedding cake. You almost wouldn’t want to wear them as it would dirty them up and ruin their fresh look, but let me tell you now: if you are planning on buying a pair of these, you better be good enough to pull them off.

9. Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Just Do It - Orange/White

Image from Nike.

Simplicity meets flair. 

A white boot with little else on but the famous Nike Swoosh is brightened up with a dash of orange, just to let everyone know that if they’re unfortunate enough to be marking you, it’d be best to back off a little in case you spin them on the touchline with your electric pace. 

Nothing too over-the-top or silly, though, you don’t want your legs snapped. But a little bit of jazz nonetheless. Beautiful.

8.Nike Premier II Anti Clog – Black/Orange

Image from Nike.

Okay ladies and gents, we’ve got a ball-playing centre-half on our hands here. A player who hasn’t attempted a step-over since the late-90s and absolutely despises using tape on his socks to keep his shin pads up – claiming it “restricts circulation”. 

The Nike Premier Anti-Clog is a tough man's boot. Durable, reliable, simple, yet effortlessly cool. If it were a mobile phone it’d be one of those JCB ones that are made for tradesmen on building sites. I bet you can get a wicked shot away with these bad boys too, since there’s so much surface area to play with.

7. Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Under the Radar - Blackout

Image from Nike.

These are just insanely smart. The sort of boot Batman would wear down at Goals on a Tuesday night. 

“Slick” is the best word I’d use to describe them, while the little sock attached at the top suggests you’re not just here to make up the numbers. You are, in fact, here to steal the show; to score a hat-trick whilst remaining emotionally unmoved because, let's face it, you do it every time you step on the bloody pitch. 

I’m a sucker for a blackout boot, and Nike have completely smashed it out the park with these puppies. Bravo.

6. Nike Phantom Venom Nuovo White - White

Image from Nike.

The polar opposite to the blackouts I’ve just mentioned, the Nike Phantom Venom’s in all-white with a silver swoosh blew me away when I first laid eyes on them. 

They are, for want of a better word, magical. Fairytale-esque. If Thierry Henry were still playing he’d be wearing these, you can bet your mortgage on it. Gliding through defences without breaking a sweat in these snow-covered slippers, finessing the ball into the top-corner of the Highbury nets. Yes, I’m aware Highbury is no longer around, but let me have my moment, please.

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5. Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Victory - Wolf Grey/Orange

Image from Nike.

Wow. Grey and orange, who knew those two colours went so well together? The Mercurial Vapor’s are arguably Nike’s most popular model, so creating new colourways for them each season is a necessity, and it continually amazes me that they somehow manage to find new pairings without coming across as desperate. 

These boots would look so cool worn with Juventus’ away strip from last season – if you haven’t seen it, look it up on FOOTY.COM and you will agree with me.

4. Nike Premier II - Gold/White

Image from Nike.

These are loud. There’s no denying that.

Nike have spruced up the usually quite plain Nike Premier model with an all-gold version, accompanied with a very refreshing white Nike accent. I’m thinking Ronaldinho (and Ronaldinho only) when I look at these. 

Imagine the Samba starlet wearing these with that glorious Brazil kit from ‘02 - just try not to imagine him lobbing a certain English goalkeeper with a pony-tail when doing so, it'll make you cry. These boots are cool, sure. But they’re prestige, too. You simply can’t wear them if you’re not absolutely boss at footy, though I’m sure many of you (us) will try.

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3. Nike Phantom Venom Under the Radar - Black/Neon Green 

Image from Nike.

A million times yes. These boots epitomise modern-day football. They boast a unique lace design – which goes against the grain by swaying to the right-hand side instead of down the middle – but have a strangely old-school feel to them. 

The Phantom Venom is a beautiful boot. The Nouveau white version, as I've previously touched upon, is pure class. But these, for me, just have the edge on them. They’re understated, but the dash of neon green adds a little spice, which I really like. They’re medium sauce from Nando’s, a little kick to them but nothing silly, don’t want to ruin the meal, do we? Nice.

2. Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII Tech Craft - Blackout

Image from Nike.

As you may have noticed by now, I’m a huge fan of a pair of blackout football boots. 

Not only do they mean you’ve got less chance of getting snapped on a Saturday afternoon - usually by a 34-year-old local league has-been who thinks colourful boots are for ‘cocky sods with no respect for the game’ - but they’re also just really cool. 

While Mercurial Vapors are best-known for their loud colours and made for the quickest, trickiest wingers in the business, occasionally a blackout version will be released for those who want to pretend they’ve still got an ounce of pace, but don’t want to make a song and dance of it. 

That’s me, that guy right there. These boots were made for me.

1. Nike Total 90 Laser Remake - Yellow/Black

yellow nike T90 laser football boot remake
Image from Nike.

Here it is folks, my favourite pair of Nike football boots for 2020. I just couldn’t complete this list without including at least one spicy remake.

One of the most iconic boots of a generation, the vibrant yellow & elegant black Nike Total 90 Lasers were to thank for some of Wayne Rooney’s best goals in the late-00s. I had a pair of these, you know. Wore them with pride whilst playing for my college in Southampton, though unfortunately the boots didn’t come with the guarantee that you’d be able to bust the net just like Wazza did.

Anyway, these remakes are just class, from start to finish. Nike got it oh so right with these beauties, they polished them up a bit, but managed to keep the true design intact perfectly. Glorious boots, glorious memories.

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25-year-old who has literally only just accepted the fact that he'll never be a professional footballer. Now writes about kits and boots to fill the void. Still plays local league in Manchester if any scouts are reading this. Southampton fan, for my sins.