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FIFA 20 stadiums - the best stadiums for Ultimate Team

Every great club needs its own fortress. Can your opponents do it on a wet, Tuesday night in Mexico City?

red bull arena stadium in fifa 20

The stadiums in FIFA 20 are, once again, absolutely gorgeous. 

While they might have focused more on their new Volta Football playgrounds, EA have wasted no time in adding even more stadiums to use in Ultimate Team. After all, this is still what the majority of people will be playing, no matter how much fun a FIFA Street revival might sound. 

From the far reaches of Asia to the congested cities of North America, you now need to decide where your club is going to call home. Fortunately, I’ve ranked the best FIFA 20 stadiums to help you find your very own impenetrable fortress. Let’s do this.

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Let’s face it - shadows can be pretty annoying in FIFA. In fact, a lot of players actually dismiss a lot of the better stadiums because the shadows on the pitch disrupt the gameplay. However, there’s actually a really simple trick to get rid of them: you just need to change the time of day.

If you load up a game of Squad Battles (or any other single player mode), advance through the team and kit selection menus until you get to the pre-match screen. Click on ‘Game Settings’ and you’ll be able fiddle around with the time of day, season and even the weather conditions.

Obviously, playing the game in darker conditions will get rid of any annoying shadows, leaving you free to enjoy any stadium you like! In my opinion, a lot of the stadiums actually look a lot better at night, anyway. And the best part- any changes you make will automatically become the default settings for your stadium, so you don’t have to bother switching things about before every game.


So, now we’ve got that out of the way, what are the best stadiums for Ultimate Team in FIFA 20?

7. Wembley Stadium

wembley stadium hosting an england match in fifa 20
Image from FIFA 20.

Club: N/A

Capacity: 90,000

Opened: 2007

Where better to settle down than the home of football itself? Boasting an absolutely massive crowd capacity and that infamous giant arch, Wembley Stadium has been a favourite of Ultimate Team players for years now. Free of any existing club banners and logos, Wembley offers you a grand blank canvas onto which you can paint the colours of your own FUT club.

There’s a bit of an annoying shadow near one of the penalty areas during daytime matches but, apart from that, Wembley offers a smooth, clean playing surface.

6. Signal Iduna Park

the yellow wall of signal iduna park in fifa 20
Image from FIFA 20.

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Capacity: 83,000

Opened: 1974

The atmosphere at Signal Iduna Park is always absolutely electric, which makes it an incredibly intimidating place for the opposition. Home to the infamous Yellow Wall of Borussia Dortmund, this stadium provides one of the best atmospheres you’re likely to find in FIFA 20. Instead of a sea of black and yellow, however, you can now flood the stands with your own club colours. 

Although, the “Pink Wall” just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. 

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5. San Siro

san siro in fifa 20 hosting the milan derby
Image from FIFA 20.

Club: Inter & AC Milan

Capacity: 80,018

Opened: 1926

The San Siro is one of the most iconic stadiums in world football, and has played host to some of the beautiful game’s biggest moments. Allowing you to pack in just over 80,000 fervent supporters, this is an arena worthy of every Ultimate Team, providing the ideal playground for the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or whoever else you’ve packed. 

Unfortunately, the historic Milanese stadium is set for demolish in just a couple of years, so it makes sense to enjoy it while we can. 

4. Estadio Azteca

the estadio azteca stadium during a fifa 20 match
Image from FIFA 20.

Club: Club América

Capacity: 87,523

Opened: 1966

Ever since Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera was taken out of the game (it’s on PES instead now), I’ve probably played most of my games at the fantastic Estadio Azteca. Now the home to both Club America and Cruz Azul, this is an absolutely massive arena. The stands rear up above you in an almost completely vertical stance, while the sheer scope of it all really hits you every time you take a goal kick.

Yes, a good portion of the near-side is shrouded in shadow, but it’s not anywhere near as disruptive as most of the other stadiums’ lighting. When the sun’s gone down and the lights come on, the colossal size of the stadium makes every game feel like a Champions League Final.

3. CenturyLink Field

centurylink field stadium in fifa 20
Image from FIFA 20.

Club: Seattle Sounders & Seattle Seahawks

Capacity: 72,000

Opened: 2002

When it comes to atmosphere, nobody comes close to touching CenturyLink Field. This is one of the loudest football stadiums in the world, constructed with the sole purpose of creating as much noise as possible and becoming an invaluable 12th man. The open North stand also provides a unique design, offering gorgeous views of downtown Seattle and making it a part of the city.

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2. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

a fifa 20 match being played in the mercedes-benz stadium
Image from FIFA 20.

Club: Atlanta United

Capacity: 72,243

Opened: 2017

Atlanta United's stadium certainly made an impression after being introduced last year- and it’s not hard to see why.

An enormous, circular video scoreboard sits right above the pitch, which proudly proclaims “GOOOOOOOOAL” every time you put the ball in the back of the net. Video screens behind the goals and a fully-retractable roof add to the sense that this is very much a football stadium from the future. In fact, it looks like something straight out of Rocket League.

In addition, the stadium really does look fantastic during the darker hours, with the blazing lights of the screen and floodlights creating a jaw-dropping atmosphere. The only downside is the fact the words ‘ATLANTA UNITED’ are displayed in huge print all around the stadium, which can kinda ruin the illusion of it belonging to your club.

1. Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadı

exterior of the ataturk olimpiyat stadium in fifa
Image from FIFA 20.

Club: N/A

Capacity: 76,761

Opened: 2002

If, like me, you enjoy new sparkly things, then nothing is shinier than the Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadı. Brand-new for FIFA 20, this stadium was originally built for the 2008 Turkish Olympic Games (which obviously never happened) and will actually host the 2020 Champions League Final. 

The two steel roofs not only look completely different from everything else in the game, but they also make this seem like a football stadium from the future. It’s crisp, clean, modern and, more importantly, crying out for your club to stamp its character all over it. 

I'm a huge Manchester United fan who's always up for a quick game of FIFA. It's just a shame I'm not any good.