Top 10 best FIFA 20 badges for Ultimate Team

These awesome badges will help your club develop a unique identity in FIFA Ultimate Team this season. Let's rank them.

selection of the best badges in fifa 20 ultimate team

Although it might be quite low on your priority list, at some stage you’re going to start thinking about which badge your club should use.

After all, Ultimate Team is all about creating your own unique football club, and choosing an awesome badge is a huge part of forging your team’s identity. Adorning the flags around your stadium and integrated within the on-screen scoreboard, your club badge features heavily within each and every game, while it also features prominently throughout the pre-match menus.

In fact, your choice of badge will even impact the chants sung by your fans and the overall atmosphere of your stadium, so this is actually quite a big decision to make. Fortunately, I’ve picked out my 10 favourite FIFA 20 badges to give you a little inspiration.

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 10) Wolves

wolves badge card from fifa 20 ultimate team
Image from FIFA 20.

Okay, so you might be keen to use a badge you’ve never seen before, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering this beautiful Wolves design. The dynamic wolf’s head looks absolutely gorgeous against the gold background, and it’s undoubtedly one of the boldest designs in the game this year. Pair this up with a flashy gold kit and you’re onto a winner.

9) MSV Duisburg

fifa 20 msv duisburg crest on an ultimate team card
Image from FIFA 20.

I mean, who doesn’t want a badge with a zebra on it? This MSV Duisburg beauty was immensely popular in last year’s game, and I don’t see any reason why players shouldn’t use it again in FIFA 20. You could even go the whole hog and pair this up with a Newcastle or Juventus home kit- “Dinamo Zebra”, anyone?

8) Salford City

salford city crest in fifa ultimate team
Image from FIFA 20.

Salford City find themselves in FIFA for the very first time, and they’re bringing one hell of a badge right along with them. This minimalist design doesn’t include the club name, any founding dates or, well, any text at all. In fact, this is such a clean and simple design, there’s nothing to indicate this badge has anything to do with the Ammies at all. That’s why it’s such a perfect choice for FUT this year. 

Plus, you know, lions are awesome.

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7) Daegu FC

daegu fc badge in fifa 20
Image from FIFA 20.

It took me a while to decide whether I hated this or absolutely loved it. Finally, I’ve settled on the latter. The extravagant emblem resembles something you’d usually find at the Olympics, while the fiery graphic in the middle looks like someone’s put a match to a Beyblade and set it spinning. Yes, it’s all a bit ludicrous, but this is a great funky option that’ll make your club stand out a mile.

 6) SM Caen

sm caen viking badge in fifa 20 ultimate team
Image from FIFA 20.

SM Caen first introduced us to this minimalist Viking badge in 2016, and it’s been a firm favourite for Ultimate Team players ever since. After all, who doesn’t want their club to be associated with Vikings? Linking to the French club’s Norman identity, this is undoubtedly one of the coolest badges you’ll find in FIFA 20.

5) Kashima Antlers

kashima antlers fifa 20 ultimate team crest
Image from FIFA 20.

The most successful team in Japan don’t just boast a jam-packed trophy cabinet, but also a particularly stylish badge. The deer antlers not only look incredible against the white and red crest, they also link strongly to the spiritual symbol of the Kashima Shrine, one of the most famous shrines in Japan. Very cool.

4) Al Wehda

al wehda club badge in fifa 20
Image from FIFA 20.

I can practically hear the Game of Thrones theme music already. This absolutely fantastic dragon design is just about as cool as football badges come. The fiery graphic is unlike anything else you’ll find in FIFA 20, and it would probably have taken the top spot if not for that obstructive text running right through the middle of it. 

3) Guangzhou Evergrande

guangzhou badge fifa ultimate team card
Image from FIFA 20.

Since the Chinese Super League was added to FIFA last year, we've all been enjoying some of their awesome badges. Of all the new additions, however, it seems as though Guangzhou Evergrande has stolen the spotlight. Blazing shades of red and yellow come alongside a striking lion graphic, while the words “BE THE BEST FOREVER” make this the perfect badge for players who like to brag about their FIFA skills.

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2) Orlando Pirates

the orlando pirates club badge in fifa 20 ultimate team
Image from FIFA 20.

There’s nothing more intimidating than the sight of a thousand skull and crossbones flying high across Wembley Stadium. This is always the most popular, and most expensive, badge to use on Ultimate Team. It’s not really hard to see why.

1) Pumas UNAM

pumas unam badge in fut 20
Image from FIFA 20.

This minimalist design from UNAM is just about as simple as it gets. It’s bold, effective and, more importantly, just downright beautiful. The puma graphic isn’t obscured by any messy text or borders, instead sitting within a dark blue crest that’s shaped like a guitar pick (which is another reason to love it). This is the badge I always turn to at some stage in Ultimate Team, and I’m already using it again in FIFA 20.

Whichever badge you decide to go for, you’ll also need to find some awesome football kits to go along with it. Check out my blog on the Top 10 Best FIFA 20 Ultimate Team kits to get started!

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