Best astro turf football boots for five-a-side in 2020

These flexible astro turf boots are perfect for the pace and power of five-a-side football.

best astro turf boots

This post was originally created in November 2018, and has since been updated to include all the latest boots for 2020. 

A quick game of five-a-side can be fast, powerful and downright knackering.

The sheer pace of the game can leave us struggling for breath at times, while the small size of the pitch means you don’t get a moment’s peace while on the ball. Although you might just see it as a casual kickabout with the lads, five-a-side requires unbelievable control and even better pass accuracy, since everyone’s wrestling for the ball in such close proximity.

Of course, this means you’ll need to get prepped for your next Powerleague trip by bagging a great pair of boots.

So, what are the best football boots for five-a-side? Before I answer that question, you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying…


Artificial grass football boots feature shorter, softer studs, so your feet shouldn’t get caught in the turf.

3G and 4G pitches have become incredibly popular over the past few years, which has ultimately led to an influx of new artificial grass (AG) football boots. These boots have a soleplate designed to enhance grip and traction on artificial surfaces, making them ideal for 3G pitches.

Unfortunately, these football boots are only really any use on 3G (or 4G) surfaces, meaning you’d have to buy a pair of separate boots to play elsewhere. If you’re only a casual player like me, I recommend going for astro turf boots instead, since these can be worn on 3G and multiple other surface types, as well.

Whatever you do, NEVER wear firm-ground (FG) boots on 3G pitches, because you stand a good chance of getting your studs stuck in the ground and suffering a nasty injury. It’s not worth the risk.

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Five-a-side games are typically played on astro turf or artificial grass (3G), although sometimes you may end up playing indoors.

Like I said, you shouldn’t wear FG boots on astro turf or artificial grass, but it’s perfectly safe to wear astro turf boots on both hard ground and indoor surfaces. So, although I wouldn’t recommend wearing them on soft, wet pitches, you really do get your money’s worth if you opt for a good pair of astro boots, since you won’t have to keep buying different boots for each surface type.


So, now you know you should buy astro boots, it’s time to dive right into the best astro turf boots review for 2020.


Price: From £34.98

Image from adidas.

I’ve always been in love with the adidas Predator. I grew up in the era of Beckham, Zidane and Del Piero, and it’s impossible not to think of those legends when looking at the new Preds.

If you’re a fan of the stealth aesthetic, you can pick up these boots in a classic black on black colourway. My pick however is the vibrant cyan and black combo, which packs just the right amount of punch. For either option though, you’re getting the same optimal control and pinpoint accuracy: two essential attributes for five-a-side players.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, then I recommend taking a look at the adidas ACE Tango collection.


Price: From £42.38

Image from Kitbag.

New Balance are perhaps the fastest risers in the boot game, and it shows with their astro turf offering too.

Built for speed and acceleration, the Furon v5 features a polyurethane upper to provide a cleaner, stronger strike of the football. Lightweight, comfortable and available in all kinds of stunning colourways, these boots are absolutely perfect for the fast-paced nature of five-a-side football.

Colour wise, the latest edition features a vibrant blue throughout, bearing a striking resemblance to the Predators mentioned above. It works just as well here.

3. PUMA King Pro TF

Price: From £41.37

Image from Unisport.

The Puma King Pro is a work of art.

It starts with the all black colourway, a look which is as timeless as it gets. Things go up a gear though thanks to the extravagant use of kangaroo leather, which is found across the upper of the boot. The luxury of the upper is combined with a lightweight outsole to create a superb blend of indulgence and refinement.

Best of all, the price is anything but premium, coming in at a comparative level to other boots on this list.

2. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Academy TF

Price: From £36.82

Image from Nike.

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 can be absolutely deadly on a five-a-side pitch.

In the relatively tight confines of a typical astro pitch, the Tiempo makes the most of the situation with a grippy rubber outsole providing multi-directional traction. As if that wasn’t enough, you also get the added benefit of a touch that’ll blow the opposition away, thanks to the use of some quality calfskin leather.

On a full size pitch the Tiempo is a go-to for defenders, but in a 5-a-side game you’ll feel and see the benefit in every position. Oh and did I mention that this is one of the best looking boots in the game? There’s that too.


Price: From £75.99

Image from adidas.

Five-a-side requires sharp movements and quick changes of direction, and the adidas Nemeziz is the perfect boot to unlock those skills.

Incorporating adidas’ innovative Agility Bandage system, these are some of the most flexible astro turf boots money can buy; while the stable, durable construction means you always feel safe when twisting and turning through tight spaces.

I mean, Lionel Messi wears the FG version of these for Barcelona, so that should be a pretty clear indication of just how good they are. There just isn’t a better boot for the relentless pace of five-a-side football, and the Nemeziz always makes sure you’re playing in complete comfort and control.

And if you’re looking for the same great features at a cheaper price point, you’ve always got the option of the 18.3.

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