Ranking the best goalkeeper kits 2019/20 - Top 7

Everyone loves a good goalkeeper kit. Well, we’re rounding up some of the very best…

best 2019/20 goalkeeper kits

Goalkeeper kits don’t often get the attention they deserve.

Lost amongst a relentless cascade of new home, away and third strips, the men between the sticks usually take a backseat during the pre-season kit promos. This, of course, is a crying shame, since you only need to look at Jorge Campos and Claudio Taffarel to see how iconic these shirts can actually be. 

Even in more recent times, the likes of Wycombe Wanderers have become famous for their exuberant goalkeeper kits - with the incredible 2017/18 ‘kaleidoscope’ design a personal favourite. Despite the biggest brands (I’m looking at you, adidas) insisting on using pretty standard templates, sometimes the keeper is the best-dressed man on the pitch. 

So, this is an ode to the forgotten goalkeeper kits of 2019/20, and I’m running you through some of the best designs you’ll see this season.

7. Leeds United - 2019/20 Home & Away Goalkeeper Kits

Image from Leeds United.

Although the blue home strip is undoubtedly my favourite, both Leeds United keeper kits are worthy of a place on this list. Each design features a Kappa template I haven’t seen elsewhere this season, while also including a special centenary crest to mark the club’s 100th anniversary. 

What sets the home kit apart, however, is the use of a stunning dark blue colourway and the contrasting yellow cuffs and collar. I’m also a huge fan of the gradient effect towards the bottom of the shirt, with this dotted design looking particularly impressive when it’s paired up with the yellow shorts. 

The goalkeeper kits have completely outshone Leeds’ full home and away strips this season, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a load of fans opt for one of these instead.

6. 1874 Northwich - 2019/20 Away Goalkeeper Kit

1874 northwich 2019-20 goalkeeper away kit
Image from 1874 Northwich.

There are few things better than a non-league club with an absolutely cracking kit. 1874 Northwich have knocked the ball out the park with this year’s designs, and I’d have to argue that this goalkeeper strip is the pick of the bunch. 

Designed by Phil Galloway, a fantastic artist from the local area, and using colours chosen by the club’s fans, I can’t be the only one hoping this kind of collaboration will happen again in the future. In fact, I’m going to keep my fingers firmly crossed for next season. 

Combined with such a vibrant colourway and beautiful white details, the all-over graphic print is nothing short of stunning. Unlike so many of the world’s biggest clubs, the ‘74 boast a goalkeeper kit which is completely bespoke to them, bursting with the kind of individuality which makes non-league football so magical.

5. Sampdoria - 2019/20 Home Goalkeeper Kit

Image from Sampdoria.

You probably already know that Sampdoria are the kings of beautiful football shirts. The white, red and black horizontal stripes are now recognised all over the world, along with the St George’s Cross and one of the coolest crests to ever grace a football shirt. Maybe more kits should feature some form of smoking sailor. 

Rarely, however, has the goalkeeper kit completely stolen the spotlight. This is a stunning amalgamation of everything that makes Samp shirts so special (the stripes, crest and cross), while the striking graphic print and lime green colourway offer a modern twist on these classic elements. 

It’s about time a Samp keeper had a kit to rival the main home design, and Joma have completely outdone themselves with this one. “Invent” is probably the most fitting sponsor I can think of, to be honest.

4. Barcelona - Third Goalkeeper Kit

Now, this is a goalkeeper kit. Well, maybe not officially, but the leaks seem pretty air-tight and I’d be amazed if we’re not looking at the real deal here. While we all wait for Barca to finally unveil their new third strip, we can all debate whether this goalkeeper kit is absolutely brilliant or absolutely dreadful. 

Make no mistake, this design won’t be to everyone’s tastes. For me, garish keeper kits are something to be celebrated, and it’s a shame that more designs aren’t inspired by the extravagance of the 1990s. You only need to look at the new Arsenal kits to see how well fans respond to a bit of nostalgia.

Bursting with colour and featuring an old-school Nike logo, this Barca kit has got “90s” written all over it. In many ways, it’s just plain nuts. It might be based on a template (Kepa recently wore an all-white version in the UEFA Super Cup for Chelsea) but the incredible use of colour makes it seem almost unique to Barca. That, in itself, makes it a little special.

3. Forward Madison - 2019 Alternate Goalkeeper Kit

forward madison 2019-20 alternate pink flamingo kit
Image from Forward Madison.

I seriously need to get myself one of these. Forward Madison have already blown our minds with their fantastic third kit, but I’d argue that their outstanding alternate goalkeeper strip is even better. For the record - yes, I support the Flamingos now. 

Following the same fantastic pink theme, this stunning hummel shirt features (you guessed it) tiny black flamingoes in an all-over polka-dot pattern. It’s a shirt brimming with class and personality, two things which all the best football shirts typically have in abundance. And, well, who doesn’t like flamingoes?

The rather lovely-looking ‘Dairyland’ sponsor takes absolutely nothing away from hummel’s efforts here, while the design is finished off nicely by a contrasting shoulder graphic, cuffs and collar. Oh, and the club crest is also absolutely fantastic, which is always a bonus. 

Now, enough talking. I need to see if they ship to the UK.

2. Bristol City - 2019/20 Home Goalkeeper Kit

bristol city lime green goalkeeper kit
Image from Bristol City.

When you look at Bristol City’s kits over the past few years, you’ve got to say that setting up their own brand was a stroke of genius. On the basis of their new goalkeeper kits, I’d be amazed if more clubs didn’t follow suit in the near future. 

In all honesty, either one of these kits could have made it onto my list, but the home shirt just about steals the show. The dazzling geometric pattern looks astonishingly good in lime and green, creating the kind of trippy aesthetic which has made the new Kaizer Chiefs kit so popular this season. 

The sponsor integrates perfectly with the design, too, while the Bristol Sport logo and new club crest also look fantastic. Just don’t stare at it for too long, you might get dizzy.

1. Liverpool - 2019/20 Home Goalkeeper Kit

Image from adidas.

If Carlsberg did Liverpool kits… 

Oh, wait. They did. For like 18 years. And this is better than anything with the Danish brand’s name on it. In fact, this is one of the nicest kits Liverpool have produced in years. Period. 

The combination of black and gold is just absolutely beautiful, serving up a perfect example of what can happen if you integrate the sponsor, crest and logos properly into a design. It’s one of the smartest football shirts I’ve seen this season, and Liverpool would have undoubtedly ranked higher in our Premier League kit rankings if we’d taken goalkeeper shirts into account. 

Even though it’s based on a similar New Balance template, the smart v-neck collar is much stronger than Liverpool’s standard home shirt, while it blows the away and third kits completely out of the water. If you’re gonna go for a Liverpool shirt this season, then this what I’d whole-heartedly recommend. 

Just good look getting hold of one.

So, there you have it. Those are the best goalkeeper kits of 2019/20. If you think I’ve missed someone off, then don’t shy away from letting me know what you think in the comments or over on Twitter. 

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