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In defence of the Huddersfield Town and Paddy Power campaign

Have Huddersfield scored an own goal or an outrageous lob from the half-way line?

In defence of the Huddersfield Town and Paddy Power campaign

So, a few days have passed since the Paddy Power ‘stunt’ and the office debates continue to rage up and down the land regarding the already infamous campaign.

Our FOOTY.COM office discussion was probably like many others, with one side arguing it was a gimmick and potentially uncalled for, and the other choosing to think that it was an innovative idea to make a statement about modern day football kits.

I personally believe it was outstanding.

Although we have to appreciate that modern day shirt sponsorship will inevitably include gambling and gaming companies, due to the obvious audience, it’s great to see many ‘junior shirts’ not having any blazing logos across the front.

We also have to appreciate from an exposure point of view that Paddy Power have nailed it. It could easily be argued that the exposure they will get from sponsoring a now Championship club will be etched on the minds of many a neutral fan. When you consider the vast sums of money other companies will have paid for Premier League sponsorship, you have to think Paddy Power have scored from the halfway line. After all, in this modern day era of shirt and stadium sponsorship, amongst others, how many of the 20 Premier league sponsors can you name?

huddersfield paddy power sponsorship
Could Huddersfield and Paddy Power be changing the game? Image from Huddersfield Town.

I also think Huddersfield Town works perfectly for this too. They’re a club with a deep history, and although formed relatively late in 1908, they are very much considered a traditional club. For them now to be early adopters in the new ‘sponsorless’ shirt world shows some innovation and courage. I say good luck and well done to them both!

As our resident shirt expert, Phil knows a lot more about this than me, and I loved his take on it here. It was also great having a think about how far we will inevitably go with sponsorship in football. Will the South American and PSG route become more popular with every inch of ‘real estate’ being maximised, or will Huddersfield Town and Paddy Power set the way for the future?

Like it or loathe it, money plays an important part of the football world now, and inevitably the more money that goes into the game, the more half way line 90th minute winners we’re likely to see!

Let us know what you think of it all in the comments below.

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