5 lightweight running trainers that will give you an edge

Running trainers are famously lightweight, but some trainers go even further.

5 lightweight running trainers that will give you an edge

Merging practicality and style into one, the trainer industry has expanded into an array of different avenues that manage to cover the desire of every runner.

From ankle support to tread design, it comes at no surprise that the running industry is worth a staggering $1.4 billion! After all, it is now within our means to design a shoe that will fit the foot like a glove, offering comfort, durability and support that our descendants could have only dreamed of.

For frequent runners or those who like to focus on speed, running trainers that are crafted with heavy features can be more of a burden rather than a benefit. After all, the wrong shoe is a one-way ticket to a future filled with preventable injuries and an eventual hatred for all things running related. When it comes to the weight of a shoe, the last thing a runner wants to do is carry around an extra 50 grams with each stride. Something so simple can actually affect a runner’s personal best and ultimately lead to disappointment after a big race.

Read on as we briefly analyse some of the best running trainers with a lightweight advantage…

Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

Image from Under Armour.

Although it radiates simplicity with a traditional black and white colour scheme, the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 is anything but simple! In fact, this trainer is perfect for daily runners who are looking for something with the durability to withstand high mileage without sacrificing on other features like comfort and support. Its strategic rubber outer sole provides unbeatable traction in the wettest of weather conditions, delivering grip without the traditional added weight that makes a shoe feel bulky.

As the sixth version of the Micro G Assert range, this Under Armour trainer is considered an average weight at 261 grams for the Mens and 255 for the Womens, which is impressive with the other features taken into consideration.

Reebok YOURFLEX Train 10

Image from Reebok.

With its royal blue rear, the Reebok YourFlex Train 10 is a running trainer with a style that is designed specifically with lightweight cushioning and stability in mind. It utilises an IMEVA midsole which has a responsive nature that works to ensure pain-free use even during the most intense workouts and this is reinforced with a Memory Tech sock liner.

In addition to this, the YourFlex Train 10 implements a micro web mesh on the forefoot and midfoot in order to promote showstopping breathability. Perhaps the most superior aspect of this trainer, however, is its unbeatable lightweight design which comes in at just over 200 grams! One thing is for sure, runners will glide along the pavement with this classic Reebok design.

Asics DynaFlyte 3

Image from Asics.

As the most up and coming company in the sportswear industry, the newest trainer from the Asics Dyanflyte range manages to improve a design that was so well loved by customers without cutting out the features that made it so popular in the first place. With a focus on the lightweight attraction of the shoe, the DynaFlyte 3 is equivalent to around 212 grams which is considered an ideal weight in a trainer intended for everyday use.

In addition to this, the shoe also implements a Flytefoam midsole, which is crafted from eco-friendly materials and offers runners a bouncing cushion during every workout. Known for its dazzling colour scheme, the Asics Dynaflyte 3 trainer can also be found in an all-black synthetic decor and is finished with the perfect splash of electric orange for a wow factor that won’t be too overwhelming for more subdued runners.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

Image from Nike.

Utilising a black to white gradient colour scheme, the Nike brand are certainly a top choice for fashion meets focus running trainers. In fact, the Zoom Pegus Turbo offers runners it’s most lightweight and responsive technology yet with the use of ZoomX foam in the midsole which provides both speed and comfort, essential components in a shoe engineered with long distance running in mind.

In terms of weight, this Nike trainer comes in at about 283 grams which is actually said to be lighter than a traditional running shoe. Although the Zoom Pegasus Turbo may not be the best option for competitive races, the lightweight durability of its design is certainly a winner that will allow runners to reach high speeds with ease.

Puma IGNITE Limitless SR

Image from Puma.

The Puma logo is certainly hard to miss and yet the company has managed to knock it out of the park with the development of the Ignite Limitless SR trainer. Using its trademarked Ignite midsole technology, this Puma trainer offers intense comfort with a lightweight feel that is lighter and more durable than EVA foam. In fact, it also offers high-quality shock absorption which is an essential component for any athletic trainer.

The Ignite Limitless SR shoe is said to come in at just under 300 grams which is heavier than a traditional trainer. Despite this, the implementation of lightweight materials makes this trainer a must-have for everyday runners that are looking for the perfect merger of comfort and breathability.

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