3 incredibly comfortable running trainers from the big brands

Let's face it, comfortable running trainers separate themselves from the rest. Here's 3 of our favourites.

3 incredibly comfortable running trainers from the big brands

Whether you’ve never hit the tarmac before or consider yourself an expert in the field, the right pair of running shoes is something that cannot be taken for granted. After all, a trainer must be able to offer the wearer support, protection and value for money in order to be considered a high-quality piece of footwear.

With this said, industry expansion has allowed the market to develop further than ever before and it is now possible to choose a running trainer based on a set of specific requirements that tailor the design of the shoe to the runner’s foot with accuracy and ease.

In fact, any dedicated athlete will be able to explain the importance of durability in the craftsmanship of a running trainer as friction shouldn’t lead to premature deterioration in the fabric of the shoe and comfort plays a big role in the reasoning behind this. After all, a poorly fitting trainer with a lack of support can be an incredible nuisance for runners, leading to reduced mileage and an overall terrible running experience.

Luckily, comfort is at the forefront of the industry and is factored into each and every layer of a shoe in order to offer runner’s footwear that can last without breaking the bank.

Read on as we go over some of the most comfortable running trainers on the market…

Nike Odyssey React Flyknit 2

Image from Nike.

With a raised heel and a range of attractive synthetic décors, the React Flyknit 2 from the Nike Odyssey range is a trainer that manages to tick every box with ease and simplicity.

From the versatility of long-distance and short distance running capabilities to the record-breaking breathability of the knitted fabric upper that offers expert ventilation and stability, there is very little that this shoe cannot do. In addition to this, the entire trainer itself is crafted with cushioning in order to offer an all-round comfortable running experience that will leave runners supported and satisfied.

For example, the midsole is fitted with a bouncy foam material that took Nike years to perfect; it offers an unbeatable energy return and responsivity which means that runners will feel a boost with every stride. Plus, the implementation of a heel counter at the rear provides additional stability.

As a lightweight running shoe, Nike have outdone themselves in every way with the React Flyknit 2 in order to deliver one of their most comfortable trainers yet.

Adidas Terrex Agravic XT

Image from adidas.

Perhaps overwhelming for some, the design of this Adidas trainer merges a bright blue synthetic with a black lacing front and a red rim which means that it may not be for the faint hearted. After all, the Terrex Agravic XT is a shoe that does not settle for anything close to subtle.

In fact, Adidas have utilised durable materials and a breathable design in order to craft a running trainer with a surprising comfort quality. For example, the midsole uses a top layer of EVA foam in order to cushion the foot from 360 degrees and absorb shock as well as a trademarked Boost technology that utilises fused TPU beads in order to improve energy return.

Together, these materials are able to offer the wearer unbeatable support with every stride which makes for an all-round comfortable running experience. After all, a poorly designed trainer can lead to friction and pain in the usual places. With this said, the Adidas Terrex Agravic XT is a trainer with breathability, versatility and comfort firmly under its belt.

Puma Mantra Fusefit

Image from Puma.

Designed with simplicity in mind, this puma trainer offers an all-black synthetic that is adorned with a thick white rim around the edges. With this said, the Mantra Fusefit is anything but dull as it offers a dynamic lacing system that will leave runners wanting more. In fact, this design is eye-catching yet subtle which means that it is guaranteed to appeal to both casual and stand-out runners alike.

Furthermore, the craftsmanship that Puma have put into the design of this running trainer speaks for itself as wearers can expect to receive incredible traction on a variety of surfaces and a comfort quality that manages to protect and support the foot from every angle. For example, the midsole utilises an Injection-Moulded EVA foam which improves responsivity and works in order to cushion the foot during each and every run. In fact, the Mantra Fusefit also offer an excellent shock absorption quality which is said to reduce pain and provide additional control over the movement of the foot.

As a trainer that screams simplicity, Puma have managed to craft a piece of footwear that ticks every box with ease when it comes to comfort, support and versatility.

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