EVA foam: what is it and what are some trainers that use it?

Every brand makes a pair of EVA foam trainers, but what exactly is EVA foam? Let us explain.

EVA foam: what is it and what are some trainers that use it?

The craftsmanship of the modern running trainer is a talent in its own right. In fact, the design, development and assembly work in harmony with one another in order to put forth an industry that is simply bursting with abundance, providing a trainer on the market for every runner that meets even the most specific requirements, right down to support and comfort preferences. In fact, one of the most popular features on the market is EVA foam; it can be found in the midsole and offers unbeatable shock absorption, highly sought after cushioning and expertly crafted stability.

What is EVA foam?

Known scientifically as ethyl-vinyl-acetate, EVA foam is a manmade material that resembles a foam and this makes it highly useful in the design of running trainers and other shoes. After all, every runner should have full confidence in their footwear and be able to trust that their trainers will protect them from injury with every stride they take. Read on as we go over some of the finest running trainers that implement an EVA foam midsole...

What are some of the best EVA foam trainers on the market today?

adidas Swift Run

Image from adidas.

Its all-white synthetic design may not be the best choice for runners who like to frequent off-road trails littered with muddy puddles, but this adidas trainer certainly delivers when it comes to comfort and support. In fact, the Swift Run uses the EVA foam midsole in order to cushion the feet of both runners and pedestrians alike. Combined with a sock-like fit, the design of this trainer provides unbeatable shock absorption that will make miles upon miles of running a breeze. Whilst the adidas Swift Run is made with casual use in mind, its breathability and comfort make it a perfect choice for the keen jogger.

Nike Zoom All Out Low 2

Image from RunRepeat.

It is no secret that the trademark Nike logo is difficult to miss, however, the Zoom All Out Low 2 is a trainer that is certainly turning heads. With a synthetic décor that can be found in a simple yet effective all-black, this trainer is fitted with a lightweight mesh upper in order to combine breathability with performance and deliver optimum craftsmanship. In fact, Nike utilises the EVA foam Cushion in the midsole in order to create pressure reactive cushioning that stretches across the entire foot, creating a snap reaction that returns the shock absorption energy back to the wearer and allows for a faster run.

Asics Amplica

Image from RunRepeat.

Whilst the craftsmanship of the Asics Amplica uses an Asics designed material called Amplifoam within the midsole rather than EVA foam, it manages to deliver a lightweight yet cushioning running platform that is unique in its resilience and softness. With this said, the Amplica does include an EVA foam sock-liner in order to further enhance the comfort and support of the midsole. As a result, this Asics trainer has the ability to offer unbeatable support, particularly for neutral foot-types. Found in black with a white rim around the edges, the simplistic design only reinforces the sheer quality of its crafting.

Under Armour Charged Lightning

Image from RunRepeat.

Although the Under Armour logo may not be as distinctive as its competitors, the red synthetic mesh design of the Charged Lightning certainly offers an elegant flair that other minimalistic trainers may struggle to achieve. Crafted with versatility in mind, Under Armour have successfully designed a shoe that manages to tick every box; it is fitted with a lightweight frame, has a traction sole for off-road running and even boasts a stable yet supportive midsole which makes it the perfect trainer for both casual or heavy-duty runners. Whilst Under Armour have also utilised an own-brand midsole, it opts for an EVA foam sock liner that considerably enhances the comfort and support of the overall design.

New Balance 1540v2

Image from New Balance.

Designed in order to support runners with over-pronation and flat feet, the 1540v2 is a more advanced trainer than a first glance would have one believe. For example, it uses a high-quality mesh upper for ventilation without sacrificing on support and structure This is accompanied by a TPU roll bar, a feature that is said to help cushion the joints and reduce impact by effectively absorbing it, and there is also the implementation of ENCAP throughout the midsole, a softer type of EVA foam that is manufactured with a tough edge, in order to reinforce the supportive quality of the shoe. With an all-black décor and high-quality midsole design, this New Balance trainer is definitely a must-have for committed runners.

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