Arsenal 2019/20 kit reviews and leaks - updated regularly

Want all the latest thoughts and info on Arsenal's kits for the 2019 season? This is for you.

Arsenal 2019/20 kit reviews and leaks - updated regularly
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Arsenal 2019/20 Home Kit - Leaks

Fasten your seatbelts.

The new Arsenal home kit has leaked and it’s a beauty. Going into this season I had relatively low expectations for the shirt, given that it was year 1 of a new deal between Arsenal and adidas and the fact that the away shirt was set to be the star of the show.

arsenal kit leaks

In truth however fans can expect one of the best designs Arsenal have had in a long time.

In the leaked picture which has been doing the rounds, you can’t help but notice the similarities between the new design and adidas’ first shirt with Arsenal back in 1986. I love this symmetry as brand and club embark on another partnership, and in hindsight it’s a very smart move from all involved.

arsenal 986 home kit
Image from Footpak.

The trim seen on the cuffs and collar is the star of the show, with a look which again evokes the home kit of 1986. A wrapover style collar fits well too, and pleasingly for Arsenal fans there are distinct, white sleeves as opposed to the more experimental approach Puma adopted before the switch.

A quick note on the prediction we shared earlier this month, which turned out to be pretty accurate in the end.

arsenal 2019 home kit rumours
Image from Football Shirt Culture / Corinth /

Arsenal 2019/20 Away Kit - Leaks

arsenal kit leaks

As predicted the upcoming Arsenal away shirt borrows elements of the ‘bruised banana’ kit from 1991-1993. However, leaks appear to show an abstract interpretation of the famous design, rather than a more obvious nod which many concepts (like the one below) predicted.

arsenal 2019 away kit rumours
Image from Football Shirt Culture / Corinth /

It’s a design which reminds me a lot of Everton’s third shirt in 2018/19, with a series of medium thickness lines with gradient fade throughout. The base yellow colour appears to be quite pale, similar to the new Colombia shirt (which we previously suggested could be a template for a potential Arsenal away shirt), though of course as we see better pictures we’ll get a clearer idea.

colombia 2019 home
Image from adidas.

Credit to adidas for taking the more daring route of creating a more original design instead of simply mimicking the ‘bruised banana’. In order to capitalise on the popularity of the cult classic design, I would expect adidas to release a wider collection of retro shirts, t-shirts, merchandise etc. that feature a direct remake of the ‘bruised banana’.

Arsenal 2019/20 Third Kit - Rumours

The only information we have at the moment regarding the 2019/20 Arsenal 3rd kit is that it will be blue. Arsenal have had a number of dark blue/navy designs over the past few years, although rivals Tottenham have somewhat of an affinity to the colour. They would also likely avoid a ‘true’ blue colour so as not to look too much like Chelsea, so there are a few tightropes to tread.

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