Favourite. First. Worst. Part 4 - Esteemed Kompany

Our very own Steven Mcinerney has an intrinsic relationship with City shirts, specifically City away shirts.

Favourite. First. Worst. Part 4 - Esteemed Kompany

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I’ve always had a thing for away kits. Maybe it’s because they’re usually a little more creative and bold, or maybe it’s because deep down i’m a bit of a pretentious soul ha. Either way, no one can really deny the sartorial elegance of Man City’s 2011/12 away kit. Just classic Umbro. Beautiful, classy, striking and fantastically fitted. It helps of course that this was the year that City won the league for the first time in my lifetime, so it’ll forever be etched into my memory - but It’s just a stunningly great kit anyway. The way the stripes kind of hoop round the arms, the simple golden excellence of the crests and sponsor. Perfect.

Add that to the sight of Aguero, Balotelli and Dzeko scoring countless goals and a younger, floppy haired Silva majestically pulling the strings alongside Yaya Toure while wearing it and it’s a complete package. What a kit, what a side.


To be honest, it’s not just my first - it’s also still up there as one of my all time favourites too. It’s the 1992-94 away kit. I think my parents got it me for my 7th birthday back in 1992. It was love at first sight. It’s a bit…different, admittedly, but I wore it religiously as a kid. I loved the fact that it was a pretty brazen colour - purple? Really, City?

At the time I didn’t really appreciate City’s historic links with that colour, so it felt pretty crazy to me. I loved it though. Not sure why, but maybe it’s because it felt different to what I was used to seeing. I grew up seeing blue and red everywhere, and when I wore this I honestly felt like I was the only person in the world wearing it, and that felt pretty bold when I was a little kid, even if I clearly wasn’t the only one who had it. It kicked started my love of away shirts to be honest which I still hold to this day.


I actually owned this monstrosity. The Man City away kit from 2000-02, I think. At least I can blame my parents for buying me it, but Le Coq Sportif had no excuse. What on earth were they thinking when they came up with this? I can only guess it was a weird, horrible attempt at referencing the now infamous 1998/99 away kit with the two solitary stripes below the sponsor. The alternating cuffs too. Horrid. I’ve not even mentioned the shiny, silvery aesthetic that they went for as well. This was never going to be a good look.

Add to all that the playground taunts of ‘Eleven Idiots Dreaming Of Success’ too that followed me around due to the ‘EIDOS’ sponsor (a pretty creative acronym admittedly) and it was a pretty miserable time wearing it. It didn’t take long before it was banished to the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

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