Favourite. First. Worst. with Paul Machin

Next up in our Favourite. First. Worst. series is Paul Machin of RedMenTV fame.

Favourite. First. Worst. with Paul Machin

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Ooooh, that is incredibly difficult. Wow. Honestly it changes, but it's certainly one made by Adidas, and almost certainly an away kit. It's a toss up between the 93/94 shirt, green sleeves, big black stripes on the torso from Adidas Equipment; and the Grey shirt from 2008/09, the one we battered United in at Old Trafford. That was one of the worst selling Liverpool away kits of all time until that point, and after that you couldn't get one for love nor money!


Liverpool, home 1988/89 with the Candy sponsor. I had a number 9 put on the back (pre-squad number days) for Ian Rush who I absolutely adored at the time.


It's funny how shirts that we thought were horrible at the time are actually the ones that look coolest now. Umbro created LOADS of absolute monstrosities in the 90s, but none more so than the Grey and Orange (and static??) Chelsea away shirt from around 94, maybe slightly later.

Thanks to Paul for his musings here. Check him out on Twitter, and if you're one of the few people who haven't come across The Redmen TV before you should check them out too.

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