Top 5 Trainers for Off-Road Running

When you're looking to take your running to a wilder terrain, you need to have trainers like these.

Top 5 Trainers for Off-Road Running

No matter how seasoned a runner you may consider yourself, it is hard to deny that there are several differences between venturing off the beaten path and a paved road. From the natural desire to stare at the ground as you run to the unpredictability of the terrain, off-road running is a whole new ball game entirely. In fact, it is of fundamental importance to ensure that good technique is always adopted when taking part in off-road running in order to avoid a nasty injury. After all, the majority of sprained ankles are the result of runners going head to head with a particularly stubborn tree root.

Since the feet take the brunt of the impact during all varieties of running, it is essential that dedicated runners invest in high-quality footwear that is designed with the user in mind, particularly when it comes to off-road tracks. In fact, trail trainers are one of the best investments a person can make because they are adapted specifically in order to offer maximum support, protection and stability as a runner navigates the ever-changing terrain of an off-road track.

Read on to find out the top 5 off-road running trainers that manage to tick every box…

1. adidas Kanadia 7 Trail GTX

Image from adidas.

With their all-black syntenic décor, the adidas Kanadia 7 Trail trainer is the perfect hiking shoe for runners who like to frequent rough and unpredictable terrain. In fact, their durability is matched with a waterproof and mudproof upper which allows runners to face every obstacle head on without worrying about the consequences and it is also surprisingly breathable thanks to the implementation of a mesh layer.

The star quality, however, can be found in the outer sole which is crafted using adidas’ patented TRAXION technology; this diamond shape pattern faces every direction which allows the sole of the shoe to grip every surface with ease and stability.

2. New Balance Minimus 10 V1

Image from New Balance.

Made from a material known as Vibram, a unique rubber blend, the New Balance Minimus 10V1 is designed in order to deliver the best terrain grip yet. The outer sole of this trainer uses lugs in order to reinforce this feature and they are placed multidirectional in order to improve the traction that a runner receives, particularly when running uphill and downhill. Following on from this, the midsole of these trainers is crafted primarily from a material known as Acteva foam, which is designed by New Balance themselves, in order to offer maximum comfort to the runner with each stride. For a pop of colour, the Minimus 10V1 can be purchased in dark grey with a subtle yet elegant yellow accent around the edges and on the laces.

3. Asics GT 2006 Trail PlasmaGuard

Asics GT 2006 Trail PlasmaGuard
Image from Asics.

Despite being known as a high-end trainer brand, the Asics GT 2006 Trail PlasmaGuard shoe certainly delivers what it is charging for. In fact, it is fitted with a ventilated mesh upper that provides runners with breathability without sacrificing on support thanks to the implementation of heat welded overlays.

In fact, many buyers comment on the lack of break-in period that the GT 2006 PlasmaGuard requires, which is attributed to its seamless construction and is subsequently designed with comfort in mind in order to reduce the formation of painful blisters. Plus, the PlasmaGuard also adds waterproofing to the trail trainer, an essential feature for any off-road running shoe, which protects the signature Asics logo and encourages mud and debris to slide right off. Available in a range of colours, including black and pink, the Asics GT 2006 Trail PlasmaGuard is a must-have for any avid trail runner.

4. Under Armour UA Horizon RTT Trail

Image from Under Armour.

The trail-focus design of the Under Armour UA Horizon RTT trainer is certainly hard to beat on the durability scale. After all, the Under Armour brand may be better known for its range of high-quality endurance sportswear but the UA Horizon RTT off-road shoe has proven to be an effective way to improve their brand recognition. In fact, this fashion meets focus trainer, which comes in black with a hint of light green detail at the front, is designed in order to tackle some of the most brutal trail running conditions around thanks to its extra grip underfoot. In fact, the lugs on the bottom of the shoe also allow for adherence to even the most unsteady surfaces, merging support with style almost effortlessly.

5. Reebok DirtKicker Trail II

Image from Under Armour.

For an off-road ready trainer, the Reebok DirtKicker Trail II is the one to beat. In fact, this trainer is superior in all respects, including style thanks to a blend of bright green, purple, pink and black, as Reebok have managed to craft a shoe that can deliver on the running track as well as the catwalk.

Thanks to its lightweight design, the DirtKicker Trail II is breathable yet effortlessly supportive and this is only reinforced by the use of a full length and height IMEVA midsole that provides responsive and effortless cushioning with every stride. Coupled with the hard-to-miss Rebook logo, the active grip outer sole of the DirtKicker design delivers aggressive traction that gives these trainers a non-slip characteristic when tackling everything from mud to gravel, making it an affordable trainer to snap up sooner rather than later.

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