Ranking every betting sponsor in England

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Betting sponsors are taking over. Seriously.

It’s official, we’ve reached betting sponsor fatigue.

This summer, it seems the Premier League and EFL have introduced a new rule. Every club must be sponsored by a betting company (bonus points for 32Red), no matter if that company looks like a carbon copy of every other betting establishment already in existence.

In fact, there are enough teams in the Premier League and Championship sponsored by betting companies to form a 24-team league. *gulp*.

But rather than simply lament this growing problem, we’ve decided to rank all these sponsors in order of their aesthetic quality.

Because, if we’re forced to have them, let’s at least make them look good on the shirt.

24. Swansea x Bet UK

Oh Swansea. What on earth is that? This looks like a button you'd try to avoid pressing on the internet.

23. Norwich x LeoVegas

It's criminal that a shirt with this much potential is ruined by a sponsor that looks completely out of place. The colour, the design, "vegas". This does nothing well.

22. Brentford x LeoVegas

Unlike Norwich, at least this sponsor fits a lot more closely colour wise. Still an eyesore however.

21. Ipswich x Magical Vegas

This logo is downright hilarious. I love the fact they've literally added sparkles, and written "vegas" in neon pink.

20. QPR x Royal Panda

I feel like I should like this logo a lot more, with it's adorable panda/crown illustration, but it barely fits in the hoop and the text takes away from the positives of the panda.

19. Crystal Palace x ManBetX

Ugly and busy. The only thing saving this from the relegation zone is the fact the colourway is kept clean. A narrow escape.

18. Burnley x LaBa360

This could have been one of the best shirts in the Premier League. But nope, instead we have a massive casino chip on the front.

17. Bournemouth x Mansion 88

4 is too many elements for a sponsor. Between the 'M', '88', 'Mansion' and a couple of Chinese characters, I don't know where to look.

16. Huddersfield x Ope Sports

It's great to see a sponsor change things up for the better from a previous season, but this logo still needs some work.

15. Hull City x SportPesa

This is about as vanilla as it gets, and deserving of a mid-table finish.

14. Everton x SportPesa

Fits slightly better on this particular shirt, but again it's mid-table level.

13. Birmingham x 888sport

"888sport" sounds like it was created by a betting sponsor name generator, but it looks ok in situ.

12. Newcastle x Fun88

This one has to drop a few places due to it's use of the betting cliché "88", as well as a slightly odd colour choice for the home shirt.

11. Stoke x bet365

Another sponsor which fits into the pattern of the shirt seamlessly. Just a bit disapointed Ray Winston didn't make an appearance in the promos.

10. Bolton x Betfred

It's a bold move to put a sponsor in it's own box with a gradient background. Fair play to Bolton though, they've pulled it off.

9. Aston Villa x 32Red

One of the stalwarts of the betting sponsor world, 32Red have something of a monopoly in the area. Unfortunately, for the Villa shirts which have serious retro vibes, it doesn't fit as well as it could.

8. Preston x 32Red

Hello again. The logo looks more at home here, and it sort of makes sense that the logo is red, so props to Preston and Nike for that decision.

7. Derby County x 32Red

Bored of 32Red yet? Thankfully this iteration doesn't disrupt Derby County's shirts, which are a cut above almost anything else.

6. Middlesborough x 32Red

We've completed the set. This is my favourite use of 32Red. The design of the shirt is superb, and whilst it would've been interesting to see it in red, this is as good as it's going to get for the company.

5. West Ham x Betway

West Ham's beautiful kits this year are not ruined by the sponsor. And that's one of the highest compliments I can give.

4. Fulham x Dafabet

dafabet are another one of those companies that we've seen a little too much of in recent years. But when I see it on this glorious Fulham shirt, I don't mind it at all.

3. Bristol City x Dunder

Did this sponsor receive bonus points because it reminds me of The Office? Yes. But references aside, this has a refreshingly lack of betting clichés, which is a huge plus.

2. Wolves x W88

Too many W's? Maybe, but I'm a fan of oversized sponsors when chosen well and this one fits the bill perfectly. Unfortunate that the betting classic "88" sneaks in, alongside the ®, but even that doesn't ruin it for me.

1. Blackburn x 10Bet

I love this sponsor. Even with the unnecessary written reminder of "BET" across the logo, it's bold and blocky and simple geometric bliss. It helps that the shirt it's on is one of the best across England's top two leagues too.

Grab a brew, and let's talk about subliminal geometric patterns.