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24 new shirts you might have missed

The World Cup continues to hot up, but alongside it we've seen a tonne of new shirts. We've rounded up the best here.

One of the best shirt releases this week, Barcelona's new away shirt.

1. Inter Milan Away

2. Mansfield Town Away

3. RC Lens Home, Away and Third

4. Huddersfield Town Away

5. Roma Away

6. Atalanta Home

7. Bournemouth Home

8. PSV Home

9. FC Lorient Home, Away and Third

10. Coventry Home and Away

11. Newcastle Home

12. Norwich Home

13. AFC Wimbledon Home and Away

14. Barcelona Away

15. Sevilla Home, Away and Third

16. Burnley Home

17. West Brom Home

18. Fleetwood Home

19. Borussia Mönchengladbach Home and Away

20. Rangers Home, Away and Third

21. Monaco Home

22. Marseille Home, Away and Third

23. Valencia Home

24. AC Milan Home

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