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9 of my favourite shirts from Fabric of Football

Classic Football Shirt’s event had everything. In what was an impossible task, I’ve chosen 9 of my personal favourites.

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There’s something for everyone in this list. Iconic designs, one-off wonders and a certain kit which hasn’t even been released yet.

9 - Spain Third 1994/95

Spain's third shirt from the 1994/95 season
It's no wonder this design (R) was brought back for the new Spain shirt.

8 - Lazio Cup 1998/99

Lazio's cup shirt from the 1998/99 season
A bold and angular design, complete with all the trimmings.

7 - Germany Away 1990

Germany's away shirt from the 1990 season
The kind of shirt that looks better the closer you are to it.

6 - Marseille Away 1989/91

Marseille's away shirt from the 1989/91 season
What a beautiful shade of blue (C).

5 - Nigeria Home 2018

Nigeria's home shirt from the 2018 season
Hands down the most talked about shirt this year.

4 - Germany Home 1990

Germany's home shirt from the 1990 season
Arguably the greatest shirt ever. I'm not going to argue that.

3 - Cameroon Home 1991

Cameroon's home shirt from the 1991 season
This stunner (C) featured in just one game against England. A real shame.

2 - Dortmund Cup 1996/97

Dortmund's cup shirt from the 1996/97 season
You can't beat a Dortmund shirt from the 90s (C).

1 - Fiorentina Away 1992/93

Fiorentina's away shirt from the 1992/93 season
The infamous 'swastika' shirt just happens to be one of the best.

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