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What Are Kids Sock Football Boots

If kids want to grow up to be the best, then they have to have the best boots. Sock football boots offer fantastic comfort and enhanced fit- but what exactly are they?

Sock Football Boots


Luckily, we live in an age where the most popular football boots come in sizes fit for adults and children alike. It used to be that kids played on a Sunday morning on a torn-up pitch, wearing hand-me-down black leather boots that weighed nearly as much as they did. Now, you can kit your kids out in in the same pair of sock football boots worn by their footballing heroes.


Unlike regular boots, sock football boots are a complete, one-piece construction of sock and boot. By knitting the sock into the material of the boot itself, the wearer gets an unparalleled barefoot feel that improves touch on the ball. These boots have been growing in popularity since their conception and are now the boot of choice for the biggest players in the world.

Sock football boots provide the ultimate mix of comfort, stability and precision on the ball. When kids wear these boots, they learn the intricacies of the game quicker than they would with lesser boots.


Nike Mercurial


The innovative 360 Nike Mercurial is popular among kids and professional footballers alike. Image:

Probably the most popular sock football boot right now, if not the most popular football boot altogether, is the Nike Mercurial. Made famous by Cristiano Ronaldo, the Mercurial is currently worn by 94 Premier League players and 154 across the Champions League.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite has taken the world by storm since its release at the start of 2018. Incorporating bold, flamboyant colourways and an innovative Flyknit upper that wraps around the foot, these are some of the best sock football boots currently available on the market.

If you don’t want your kid to get carried away in a pair of orange boots, then the 360 Mercurial is also available in black. Of course, both boots offer the same innovative features.

Adidas X


Recreate Mo Salah’s look with the Adidas X. Image:

Worn by the man-of-the-moment Mo Salah; the adidas X is the second most popular boot worn by the pros across Europe’s top leagues.

The sleek white minimalist design is the perfect sock boot for kids and adults- and is suitable for firm or soft ground as well as turf. The adidas X has always been about unleashing explosive pace, so these are certainly the boots to go for if your child has lightning pace and wants to go thundering down the wing.

These boots feature a TechFit compression upper that moulds around the shape of the foot, offering a comfortable fit that enhances stability when accelerating. Available in a range of fantastic colourways, the adidas X is one of the best football boots for children.


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