The New Predator Inspired Champagne Pack From adidas

adidas reveal the stunning new Champagne Pack - inspired by the past.

Image of adidas Champagne Pack

After months of social media hype, adidas revealed the Predator-inspired Champagne Pack. Based on the popular Champagne Predator Mania of 2002, this fresh new release brings together the modern day innovation of all of adidas’ top models, and fuses it together with a hefty dollop of football nostalgia.

The 2002 original Predator Mania! Image:

If that wasn’t enough, the news also sees the Champagne Predator Mania itself back in business. Similar to the anniversary remake of 2014, this stunning re-release mixes the design aesthetics of the original Mania design, with more lightweight modern tech. The Predator remake is expected to be available in limited numbers. Frenzy much? You betcha!

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For those of a certain age, the 2002 Predator Mania needs no introduction.

A clean, functional and streamlined design - the Mania was arguably the best adidas Predator produced, meaning it also stands up there as one of the greatest football boots ever. Worn by the likes of Zidane, Del Piero and Raul the boot catered for the very best too.

Aren’t we forgetting someone? Of course we are - David Beckham. Pulling his tongues all the way down, the midfielder's iconic Predator style sparked wannabe Beckhams to do the very same the world-over. If the Predator Mania defined a generation - the Champagne colourway seemed to effortlessly sum up the man himself. Luxury, style and confidence all wrapped up in one.

A new look for todays ACE! Image:

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Back in 2002, there were no such things as boot ‘packs’, meaning you could still be the envy of all of your mates months down the line. Simpler times indeed. However, with this re-released colourway from adidas, you’re investing in a colourway that will never go out of date. Timeless stuff.

The Champagne colourway transfers over to the modern-day ACE, X and Copa with a creamy off-white base colour, and trademark Predator red and black accents. The X16 is perhaps given the most reworked look so far - sharp black detailing on the upper providing a contrast we haven’t yet seen before. Perfect for the boot built for chaos! A nod to the Mania’s curved rubber fins? More than likely.

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As per 2014, the Mania re-release is made of a synthetic leather upper - only this time adidas have made sure the tongue itself is the real leathery deal. And while the previous remake shared a soleplate with the Predator Instinct, this years release uses the same SPRINTFRAME soleplate seen on adidas’ current crop.

You can also show your love for the Champagne colourway off the pitch in the shape of the ACE 16+ PureControl UltraBoost. Clean, crisp and comfortable - these are perfect for blending street and football style.

This remake may well be a collector’s item, but it’s also more than well equipped to bring you success on the pitch - that’s if you dare take them outside! Just the thought of donning this colourway on a muddy Sunday League pitch is making us nauseous. For now though, wrap your sight balls around the pictures below and you'll begin to fall in love — all over again.

A sight to behold! Image:
Who will be the first to don the new look? Image:
The new look X16. Image:
Champagne Copa. Dreamy. Image:
The Champagne BOOST. Ready for the streets. Image:

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When Can I adidas Champagne Pack Boots?

The boots from the Champagne Pack are dropping at different times, and you'll need to be quick off the mark no matter which pair you're after. The ACE, X and Copa are all available from the 2nd of May, with the Predator Mania remake released on the 3rd.

Where Can I Get a Pair?

adidas Predator Mania - - £249.95 - Available here

adidas ACE 17+ PureControl - Pro:Direct Soccer - £250 - Available here

adidas X16+ PureChaos - Pro:Direct Soccer - £250 - Available here

adidas Copa 17.1 - Pro:Direct Soccer - £170 - Available here

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