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Boot Review: Nike Hypervenom Phantom II

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II has arrived and we managed to get our hands on the markets hottest boots. Are they a game changer? Here's our FOOTY.COM review!

Boot Review: Nike Hypervenom Phantom II

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II is the top of the range Hypervenom, worn by the likes of Neymar and Lewandowski. Featuring a Dynamic Fit Collar, NIKESKIN and the addition of Flywire, Nike have completely revolutionised the Hypervenom. 

So let's so how well it does!

Bold, striking and very unique, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom will certainly turn heads.

Looks: 6/10

This is a boot perhaps designed for a younger audience, the bright colours and over zealous design aren't targeting traditional boot wears we fear. The Electro Flare versions we reviewed didn't get a good reception for looks in the office, many comments about having to be "brave to wear them in Sunday league". The good points of the design are the textured upper and flywire it does give a futuristic tech look which we do like. The all Black academy pack certainly give them a better look but overall we aren't too impressed. Let your feet do the talking perhaps.

Dynamic fit collar, flywire and NIKESKIN give the Hypervenom a unique feel.

Comfort: 7/10

When first putting on the Hypervenom Phantom you'll find it's a bit tricky with the Dynamic fit collar. That is the question, is the Dynamic fit Collar worth the extra money and is it effective? Well yes and no, it is a strange experience at first but you do get used to it. The fact it does lock your ankle more is a good feeling but this is to the detriment of your heel which doesn't feel as locked down. The upper is somewhat stiff when you get them on, the flywire is a little unforgiving and can be awkward depending on the shape of your foot. The outside of the right boot, flywire gave me an issue at the widest point but we imagine this will mould to your foot rather well with wear. The sole gives no impression of any stud pressure which is a great sign but similar to the upper it is stiff, we think overall the comfort levels are at a decent level for out of the box here, but we will have to wait and see on the stiffness.

NIKESKIN gives you feeling that may take a little bit of time to get used too.

Touch: 7.5/10

The Hypervenom features a NIKESKIN, coupled with the flywire it offers a unique touch. It took us a little while to get used to it as it doesn't feel as if you are cushioning the ball so much, more of it hitting your boot and never feeling like it is close to you. For passing and shooting it feels much better, you feel you have control of the ball and can manipulate it in the ways you want, we managed to get a lot of power while shooting in these probably why they are favoured by the strikers of the world!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Grip: 8.5/10

The soleplate of the Hypervenom ii is unchanged from the first generation, perhaps happy with what they achieved, we certainly didn't feel any slipping or issues in terms of grip and turning. The use of conical studs seem to compliment the upper, we think that blades would make this boot very unstable. In addition to the sole, the dynamic fit collar actually impressed up in terms of securing your foot inside of the boot.

Nike have created a very sturdy boot which has plenty of life in them.

Durability: 9/10

In terms of how well these will handle the rigours of football, we think they will hold up well. Nike have created a sturdy boot that feels well made, when you have them on your feet you aren't fearing that they will suddenly break like so many modern boots. The flywire really does seem to hug your foot and will do well in preventing any splitting along the sides.

A top level boot for the world's top players.

Verdict: 8/10

The Hypervenom is a well made football boot, Nike have done a good job but our only real issues are really with the looks of them. As we have mentioned before, the Hypervenom seems to have been designed with a younger, brighter audience in mind. If you can get a dull colour or the academy pack you will be happy as over all the design is great, just the colours don't bring justice to it. Overall it is a very stable boot, great for shooting and passing but if you are looking for tricks and that close control, we felt a little let down in comparison to the original Hypervenom.

Have a different opinion? Tried the Nike Hypervenom yourself? Why not tell us in the comments area below what your thoughts are!

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