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Last-minute order dates for Christmas 2020

Santa’s sleigh might be a little late this year, so let’s make sure your presents actually make it under the tree.

last orders for christmas delivery 2020

You last-minute shoppers know exactly who you are. I can smell your growing sense of panic from here. 

The traditional mad dash around the high street is now entirely out of the question, leaving you completely reliant on some pretty fast deliveries. I hate to break it to you, but even Santa Claus has been impacted by COVID, so his sleighs from Royal Mail, DPD and Yodel are a little unreliable right now. 

Sure, a few retailers are still offering next-day delivery, but the vast majority are warning of inevitable delays. The more sensible amongst us will have got their shopping done early this year, but you’ll be relieved to know there’s still a bit of time left to get those presents under your tree. 

To make sure you don’t have some kind of festive meltdown, I’ve put together a quick guide on retailers' last order dates for Christmas 2020. Be warned, though, seasonal delays are even more likely this year, so leaving things till the last minute could still end with someone crying into their roast potatoes. 

And Aunt Bessie certainly wouldn’t want that.

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Retailer Last Order Date (Cheapest Delivery) Desperate Order Date (Express Delivery) Shop
adidas 21st Dec (free for members) 23rd Dec (£9.99) SHOP NOW
Amazon 20th Dec (free with £20+ spend) 23rd Dec (free with Prime) SHOP NOW
ASOS 19th Dec (free with £35+ spend) 23rd Dec (£5.95) SHOP NOW
Classic Football Shirts 17th Dec (£3.75) 21st Dec (£6.50) SHOP NOW
END. Clothing 21st Dec (free with £150+ spend) 22nd Dec (£5.99) SHOP NOW
Footasylum 18th Dec (free with £49+ spend) Service Unavailable SHOP NOW
Foot Locker 18th Dec (free with £25+ spend) Service Unavailable SHOP NOW
JD Sports 18th Dec (free with £70+ spend) 22nd Dec (£4.99) SHOP NOW
Kitbag 21st Dec (£4.49) 22nd Dec (£6.95) SHOP NOW
Lovell Soccer 18th Dec (£4.99) 22nd Dec (£7.99) SHOP NOW
M&M Direct 18th Dec (free with £75+ spend) 22nd Dec (£6.99) SHOP NOW
New Balance 18th Dec (free with £50+ spend) 21st Dec (£14.50) SHOP NOW
Nike 21st Dec (free for members) Service Unavailable SHOP NOW
Pro:Direct Soccer 19th Dec (£4.50) 22nd Dec (£7.99) SHOP NOW
Reebok 21st Dec (free with £100+ spend) 23rd Dec (£9.95) SHOP NOW
Sports Direct 17th Dec (£4.99) 22nd Dec (£6.99) SHOP NOW
Unisport 15th Dec (€7) N/A SHOP NOW
Very 23rd Dec (£3.99) 23rd Dec (£3.99) SHOP NOW
3Retro 17th Dec (free with £50+ spend) 21st Dec (£9.95) SHOP NOW

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If you’ve still not got a clue what to buy for anyone, then you probably need to reassess your priorities and, more importantly, your life in general. 

Once you’ve done that, though, you should check out the helpful gift guides our happy little elves have put together. You clearly can’t be trusted to do the shopping yourself, so we’ve essentially picked out all the cool stuff to buy for everyone this year. 

Well, so long as they like football or trainers, otherwise you’re on your own, I’m afraid. Ahh, that’s some festive spirit right there. Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Ben Hyde

Rubbish FIFA player with an addiction to buying football shirts which are way too cool for me.