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Which responsive running trainers offer the best support?

Choose a pair of trainers with good support and you'll have the gift that keeps on giving.

Which responsive running trainers offer the best support? - Top 3

There is no doubt that any well-seasoned runner has the ability to tell the difference between a high-quality running trainer and a poor-quality running trainer. After all, support, durability and breathability have taken centre stage within the footwear industry over the past few years which has given runners the option to invest in a highly specific shoe that is made for their individual running requirements. With this said, comfort and responsiveness often work hand in hand, delivering an enhanced energy-return value in order to allow the wearer to run faster than ever before.

While this may sound like an award-winning feature, the primary focus of any running trainer should be support. After all, it is impossible to deliver a responsive trainer when the entire craftsmanship of its design cannot safely contain the foot and ankle and prevent accidental injuries from taking place. Luckily, finding the perfect footwear doesn’t have to be a mind game and it is now easier than ever to source a shoe that manages to tick every box when it comes to longevity and responsivity.

Read on as we assess the top 3 running trainers on the market fitted with responsive technology…

Nike Air Max 720

Image from Nike.

With a futuristic design that looks like it jumped straight out of a Back to the Future movie, the Air Max 720 is a running trainer that will certainly turn heads. It utilises an all-white aesthetic and adopts a semi-translucent material along the outer sole, which is made from a basic rubber compound in order to add height to the design without sacrificing on comfort.

In fact, the craftsmanship that Nike have implemented into this shoe is one of the most durable and responsive designs on the market that works directly with the runner in order to provide the best running experience possible. For example, the heel unit is crafted from 75% recycled material and it runs along the full length of the shoe in order to craft an airbag-like quality with responsivity from almost every angle, curving towards the foot in order to aid stability in the process. Although Nike have a big name to live up to, the Air Max 720 manages to tick every box when it comes to running footwear and its ability to absorb impact and deliver the energy back to the runner for an effective lift-off with each stride is a quality that is virtually unmatched in terms of precision.

New Balance X-90

Image from New Balance.

Although the colour scheme is relatively subtle, merging darker shades like green, blue and black with a white lacing system, the New Balance X-90 is a running trainer with a lot of tricks up its sleeve. In fact, the midsole is crafted from New Balance’s own REVlite technology which is placed along the full length of the trainer in order to deliver cushioning that is firm yet surprisingly supportive.

In addition to this, this material is also incredibly responsive despite the fact that it is said to be 30% lighter than alternatives on the market, providing runners with an energy return that is more impressive than ever. In fact, the shock absorption captures the impact in order to prevent pain and reduce fatigue then delivers the energy back to the runner in preparation for the next stride. Although the X-90 isn’t characterised as a long-distance running trainer, the responsivity of its design is more than suitable enough for low-mileage runners.

Puma Hybrid Runner

Image from Puma.

The design of this Puma running trainer is stylised with a variety of different textures and pattern work, complete with the somewhat signature swipe that blends into the outer sole. Despite its subtle synthetic, the Hybrid Runner is certainly ticking all the boxes thanks to its lightweight craftsmanship and breathability. Utilising a knitted fabric, the upper provides runners with a sock-like fit that is flexible without sacrificing on ventilation or causing the foot to overheat. Plus, the design has been optimised in order to deliver complete breathability that targets hotspots directly and efficiently.

With this said, perhaps the most impressive feature implemented into the Puma Hybrid Runner is its responsive wear, which is possible thanks to the use of two advanced midsole technologies. For example, Puma have implemented IGNITE foam that runs the full length of the shoe in order to absorb impact whilst reducing pain and fatigue simultaneously. In addition to this, NRGY beads coat the outer edges of the shoe in order to improve rebound and allow the midsole to retain its shape for as long as possible. As a trainer with durability and comfort at the forefront of its design, the Puma Hybrid Runner is certainly a must-have shoe for any avid athlete.

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