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This amazing Nike gear helps you play like a pro

Nike’s elite boots and training wear will take your game to the next level. Yep, this is all the best stuff to pack into your kit bag.

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It’s fair to say most of us have dreamt of becoming a professional footballer. At the very least, we’ve dreamt of playing like one. 

You might regularly imagine yourself skinning opponents, pulling off wonder saves or smashing one right into the top corner. Whether it’s in the Premier League or Powerleague is completely irrelevant, everyone wants to feel like the best player on the pitch. 

Well, everything starts with what’s in your kit bag, so we recently teamed up with Thogden and Thogdad to test out Nike’s elite range of football gear (video below). Alright, so you won’t magically transform into Kevin De Bruyne, but this pro gear will absolutely take your game to the next level. 

This is our round-up of the very best Nike gear to pack into your kit bag this season. Hey, we’ve even found the best place to buy all of it.

Best Nike Football Gear for 2021/22

1. Nike Phantom GT2 Elite Football Boots

Right then, we might as well start with the boots worn by Kevin De Bruyne and Harry Kane. That should give you an indication of how good all this stuff really is. 

The Nike Phantom GT2 Elite is one of the most innovative boots on the planet, with the off-centre laces and textured upper providing an absolutely sensational strike zone. Honestly, the power and swerve will completely blow your mind (and the goalkeeper’s). 

You probably know that elite-level boots don’t come cheap, but pop a pair of these on your feet and you’ll be pinging balls into the top corner in no time. 

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2. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite Football Boots

Worn by Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 is the world’s most popular boot for a reason. Well, many reasons, actually. 

The upper here has been completely stripped back, using the minimal amount of materials to keep things light and, above all, speedy. These latest Mercs are unbelievably responsive, constantly leaving defenders and, presumably, a little trail of smoke in your wake. 

As Thogdad perfectly summed up for us, the Vapor 14 “feels like an extension of the foot”. They’re so light and comfy, you might even forget you’re wearing them, no matter how outrageously colourful they are.

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3. Nike Premier League Flight Football

The official Premier League ball is just straight-up fun. It’s fun to shoot from distance, fun to zip across the grass and downright fun to look at - especially the brand-new winter design

There are various takedowns you can get hold of for much less, but you just can’t beat the grippy texture and moulded grooves of the elite model. Yep, the AerowSculpt technology is still a real game-changer, and you won’t have used another football quite like this.

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4. Nike Vapor Grip3 Goalkeeper Gloves

This is the best goalkeeper glove Nike has ever produced. It really is that simple. 

The Vapor Grip3 is, rather unsurprisingly, very grippy indeed, giving us all an idea of what might happen if Spider-Man had become a goalkeeper. The insanely comfortable and supportive foam cushioning certainly has our senses tingling for this latest model. 

Just as importantly, this cushioning absorbs the impact from any long-range stingers you might face, while it’s also much more breathable than most other gloves on the market. Oh yeah, it happens to be much cheaper, too. 

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5. Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Pads

Lightweight design? Check. Comfortable low profile? Check. Reliable protection? Double check.

The Nike Mercurial Lite offers everything you need from a pair of shin pads. They’re much lighter than most others out there, so your days of being slowed down by your shinnies could be well and truly behind you. 

Despite the light and breezy design, the cushioning and support definitely isn’t lacking here. Yeah, they’re light enough to forget you’re wearing them, until they repel a swift kick to the shins and you feel pretty damn indestructible. 

At just £22.95, they’re worth every single penny. Every. Single. Penny. 

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6. Nike Dri-FIT Strike Drill Top

Whether you’re training or heading to the five-a-side pitch, Nike Dri-FIT is very much your friend. You’ll be kept so comfortable your performance levels will soon go through the roof. 

This new long-sleeved Strike Drill Top is ideal for the winter months, with the infamous sweat-wicking fabrics ensuring you never feel too… clammy. Nope, you’ll be left feeling bone-dry, letting you concentrate on the ball at your feet instead. 

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7. Nike Dri-FIT Strike Training Top

If you prefer to play in short sleeves, then this incredibly popular training top might be more up your street. 

The Dri-FIT technology once again takes centre stage, with another lightweight, streamlined design which keeps you free of any distractions. Ahh, this is very nice and breezy indeed.

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8. Nike Academy Socks

Last but not least, everyone needs a decent pair of football socks. 

Thanks to their low price, long life and plush comfort, we’re recommending Nike’s Academy socks here. Of course, the sweat-wicking fabrics are there once again (goodbye, sweaty feet!), but these are no-nonsense football socks that offer sensational value for money. 

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Nike’s elite football gear will have you playing like a pro in no time at all. Better yet, you can find all the very best deals right here at FOOTY.COM.

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