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Guide | Top Trainers for Long Distance Running 2019

We run down a list of the top trainers for long-distance runners and where to find the best deals.

Top Trainers for Long Distance Running

Runners who like to measure their progress in miles tend to put their footwear through a lot which means that support, durability and comfort are very important characteristics to take into consideration when selecting the most appropriate shoes to train in. Thankfully, the sportwear industry is now bustling with variety which allows runners to consider several characteristics when selecting the best running trainer for their requirements. In fact, runners can now specify the trainer they require based on fine details such as foot shape, running style and, of course, running distance.

Since running is considered an impact-based sport, it is vital that long-distance running trainers are able to provide sufficient cushioning without sacrificing on the strength and durability that is required in order to survive the repetitive contact with the pavement that is involved in high-mile running. After all, buying a new pair of running trainers every couple of months isn’t sustainable, nor is it wallet-friendly.

Read on to find out which trainers are the most suitable for long-distance runners...

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo is the perfect solution for runners with a focus on distance and speed.

It only takes a single glance to tell that the Zoom Pegasus Turbo was built for speed. In fact, this Nike trainer is crafted with an array of high-quality features in order to provide runners with the power to run for miles upon miles. For example, it is fitted with ZoomX foam along the midsole which is able to deliver unbeatable comfort. Known for being Nike’s most responsive technology, the craftmanship of the midsole also delivers an 85% energy return that will leave long distance runners jumping for joy. With its simplistic black and white monochrome design that fades from black to white, this trainer is the perfect solution for runners with a focus on distance and speed.

adidas Alphabounce EM

Adidas have managed to craft a trainer that combines long distance with style.

With a sock-like upper design in a speckled grey décor, Adidas have managed to craft a trainer that combines long distance with style. In fact, the Alphabounce EM is fitted with BOUNCE cushioning within the midsole in order to provide runners with a generous amount of cushioning and flexibility that will protect the feet for miles, making it a perfect choice for long-distance activities. This quality is further reinforced by Adidas’ use of Engineered Mesh within the upper made from FORGEDMESH, an incredibly breathable and lightweight material that provides targeted support. At 312 grams in weight, the Alphabounce EM is certainly a long-distance running trainer with incredibly potential.

Reebok ONE Cushion 2.0

The Reebok ONE Cushion 2.0 is designed with cushioning and comfort in mind.

Designed with cushioning and comfort in mind, this Reebok trainer manages to deliver everything a long-distance runner could wish for. In fact, the midsole of the ONE Cushion 2.0 lives up to its name by utilising three different foam materials; C43 Cushioning, R52 Rebound and G48 Guidance; in order to deliver a unique fit and expert conditioning that is difficult for other brands to complete with. Despite being marketed as a neutral running shoe, many reviewers state that the craftmanship of the shoe with its high heel drop and midfoot arch support makes it a great choice for runners with pronation problems too. Whilst its bright green laces and dark blue synthetic décor may not be for the faint hearted, this shoe will certainly assist long-distance runners looking for optimum cushioning and support.

Under Armour HOVR Infinite

The Under Armour HOVR Infinite is designed with everything the long distance runner needs.

With an attractive electric blue décor and mesh finish, this Under Armour trainer manages to tick every box when it comes to the requirements of a long-distance runner. In fact, the HOVR Infinite midsole is crafted using a thick Olefin foam which provides high-energy-return properties that allow runners to reach high mileage and marathon distances. In addition to this, the craftmanship of this high-quality running trainer also utilises a chip within the outer sole than can sync with the running app Map My Run, in order to provide an accurate pace, distance and time report. Whilst this makes it a much higher end running trainer, there is no doubt that Under Armour have managed to design a shoe with all the capabilities of long-distance running in mind.

Adidas Solar Ride

The Adidas Solar ride is a must-have for high mileage runners.

Adorned with the signature Adidas logo on the exterior, this black and white running trainer may scream simplicity but it manages to deliver unbeatable quality that is anything but simple. In fact, Adidas use their Bounce midsole technology in order to provide a pliable and responsive platform that sets the runner up for long distance running with ease. In addition to this, the Solar Ride comes with incredible versatility which means that it can be used casually or for training purposes. This is further reinforced by the use of a textured outer sole that allows the shoe to grip onto concrete and cement with ease. For a running trainer that blends style with distance, the Adidas Solar ride is certainty a must-have for high mileage runners.

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