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Top Footy Deals - Air Max Day Special Edition

The most awesome stuff you can buy, handpicked by us. Yep, this is your ultimate shopping list.

top footy deals

Treat yo’ self. You deserve it - and there’s not really a whole lot else to do right now. 

Hearing the postman’s footsteps is probably the high-point of the day, especially when you’ve ordered a whole load of goodies online and had that heart-fluttering email from Hermes. Yes, it’s on its way and, yes, you’re gonna spend the next few hours sitting by the front door. 

Sadly, Project Money Tree still doesn’t look like a goer, so we all need to save our cash for the stuff that’s really worth having. It doesn’t matter if you’re into boots, shirts or trainers, your thumb will soon be hovering over some kind of seductive “Add to Basket” button. 

Unless you’ve won the lottery or have some magic wishes left, you can’t have everything. Top Footy Deals is all about helping you find the best things to spend your money on, whether it’s an eye-popping discount or a release which has broken the internet. 

Basically, this is the ultimate shopping list, hand-picked by FOOTY.COM every two weeks. Let’s do this. 

There were also too many deals to note in here, but Nike is the place to be for Air Max Day. There are loads of goodies to cast your eye over…


Oh, if you don’t see anything you like, then check back in two weeks when our list is updated. Even better, you could get this all straight to your inbox and find deals before anyone else!

1. Nike Air Max 90 Kiss My Airs - Black/Red (Men’s)

Best Price: £129.95

Caveat: you’d best get signed up as a Nike member to get early access to these beauties. One of three releases for Nike Air Max Day (don’t worry, the others are in here too), these Air Max 90 are a striking colourway with a model signature “Kiss My Airs” tag to boot. Statement.

These AM90s share the Ferrari colours and they are certainly going to speed off the shelves, especially as Nike members will get first dibs. Don’t miss out, get yourself over there today!

2. Nike Air Max 2090 - White (Women’s) 

Best Price: £129.95 £77.97

Oooo, it’s so close we can almost smell that summer air. Summer = fresh new, white kicks of course. There are no better deals out there this second, than the Nike Air Max 2090 with a tidy 40% knocked off RRP. Bargain.

All day Air Max comfort within one of the decade’s most popular models? It’s a no-brainer. We’ve picked out the white model here, but you can actually grab loads of different colours (yes, at the same ludicrous price).

3. Nike Air Max Exosense SE - White/Blue/Volt (Men’s)

Best Price: £109.95 £76.97

Fancy something a tad different? The lesser-known Nike Air Max Exosense SE is the one for you. Swirling designs give this model a bold look, all filled in by bright summery tones reminiscent of the sandy shores of warmer climates. Ahhhh.

Whilst you’re picturing yourself on the beach with cocktail in hand, we’ll continue to lay on the good news; you can save 29% on the RRP right now. A huge discount for such a unique and eye-catching wardrobe addition.

4. Nike Air Max 90 - White/Red/Blue (Women’s)

Best Price: £114.95 £80.47

We just can’t stay away from Nike Air Max 90s, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones. How can we ignore 29% off such a stone-cold classic? Impossible. We’re sticking with the summer vibes here, and these are as fresh as you’ll get for a touch over £80.

Timeless Air Max style, rubber waffle outsole, stitched leather overlays - honestly, we could go on forever. It’s simple though, save cash on these today or they’ll be gone in a flash.

5. Nike Air Max Plus Kiss My Airs - Black/Blue (Men’s)

Best Price: £154.95

Air Max Day release #2 is in the building. And it’s a cracker. We’re all aware of the iconic Nike Air Max Plus (TN) silhouette, but it’s never looked better than it does in grey gradient with blue accenting. It’s pure style and in our humble opinion, it’s worth paying for.

Again, as a special release you’re going to have to be (or become) a Nike member to get early access. So, one question from us is: why are you still here?

6. Nike Air Max 270 React SE - White/Pink (Women’s)

Best Price: £139.95 £97.97

The Nike Air Max 270 React SE is a summertime sizzler, no doubt about it. Its pastel shades sat on crisp whites are everything that’s good about enduring the dark months with all your might, and coming out bouncing in spring. Plus, 29% off? That’s madness.

You can snap these up (and other amazing colourways) for less than £100 on the Nike site, meaning you’re saving £40 to spend on other trainers from this article, obviously. Go on, add some colour to your outfit.

7. Nike Air Max 2090 - White/White (Men’s)

Best Price: £129.95 £77.97

It would be unfair of us to recommend this incredible model only to the bargain hunting women of the universe. Yes, there’s also a men’s version for the exact same price (to remind you, that’s 40% off RRP).

There’s a slight difference with the men's AM2090, in that it’s a white on white colourway here, without the black Swoosh. I mean, it’s a minor detail and any colour on this silhouette looks amazing. So, win-win really.

8. Nike Air Max VaporMax 360 - Green (Women’s)

Best Price: £179.97 £143.97

Now, a pick and a half for those bold folk amongst us. These modern looking Nike Air Max VaporMax 360 are inspired by 2006’s Air Max 360 model, and they’re a statement shoe. That’s for sure. The quirky green really tops the whole look off.

It’s a fairly pricey affair, but you’re not going to get a bigger discount than 19% on such a unique design from Nike. We get that the looks will be Marmite, but the joy of comfort is undeniable from that lush 360 Air bubble.

9. Nike MD Runner 2 - Black (Men’s)

Best Price: £59.95 £42.00

Yeah, yeah. We know it’s not strictly an “Air Max” trainer. The thing is though, it’s a very good trainer from Nike and it’s got a chunky 30% off the RRP. This perfect casual runner looks sharp in black or navy (the other colour available).

If you’re looking to step away from the madness of Air Max Day, the foam cushioning and soft leather of the MD Runner will hug you back to calmness. And they’re only £42 a pair, may as well grab a few?

10. Nike Air Max Fusion - White/Pink (Women’s)

Best Price: £79.95 £41.73

Double whammy with this one. Need a quality training shoe for when the gyms (finally) reopen? You’ve got it with the Nike Air Max Fusion. Need a chunky dad shoe to top off your latest summer outfit? The Fusion will fit that mould too. Just over £40? Insane. 

The AM Fusion does an incredible job of fusing (pardon the pun) retro and modern looks, whilst delivering comfortable performance for training or street. It’s somehow ‘90s, but ‘20s too? Either way, it’s a snip at almost half price.

11. Nike Air Max 95 Kiss My Airs - Black/Volt (Men’s)

Best Price: £154.95

Last but most definitely not least, it’s the third release from Air Max Day 2021: AM95 Kiss My Airs. Both vibrant and classic, this latest design celebrates the innovation of the OG AM95 and blends it with a modern safari print upper. 

The ‘Kiss My Airs’ tag is a feature on all the AMD 2021 releases, and it’s pretty much what each shoe stands for: dominating the streets without a second thought for anyone’s opinion! As Nike famously say, just do it.

12. Nike React Art3mis - Black/White (Women’s)

Best Price: £94.95 £56.97

OK, we’ve gone and snuck another non-AM trainer in. Don’t hate us, we’re only trying to help. We simply couldn’t ignore this crazy deal on a perfect hybrid training or lifestyle trainer, in the form of the Nike React Art3mis. Honestly, they’re good for the gym, they’re good for the streets.

React cushioning may not quite be on the same level as Air Max, but you’re going to pick a pair of these up for around £57 (£38 off RRP). They are extremely smart and comfortable, and with those things in mind, it’s not a deal to be sniffed at.

Top Footy Deals will be back every two weeks, so we’ll soon be picking out even more awesome stuff to get your hands on. Since the best deals sell so fast, sign up to our newsletter to find out about them before anyone else!

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